SnC 194 – Wed 18 November 2009


A mix of music from around the world again with something to delight even the most jaded ear. The combination of Apache attack helicopters circling the barn and the wind trying to blow clean through it made recording “interesting” tonight. Ah well, I suppose the Army Air Corps have to practice somewhere and the wind is nowhere near as bad as they seem to be having it in the north tonight.Movember ‘tash is coming on, slowly!Sushi bar – Izzie Voodoo (Sheffield, UK)It’s not often that I get to play tracks by fellow podcasters. One such is Izzie Voodoo.Izzie created controversy when her track Sound won a runner up award at the 2007 Song Of The Year Award.  As a result of a protest by the owners that it had only originally been a runner up, Control Freak from her new EP went on to win an award at Song of the Year this year before it was even out of the studio.   Since then, Izzie has had features in local newspapers as well as airplay on BBC Radio Sheffield plus a number of other radio stations across the UK.  Dates have recently been confirmed in the South Yorkshire region details of which can be found on her website. Izzie is a member of AMP. Her VQS New Music show is at and the podcast  page on iTunes is here  izzievoodoo.comOpen Hand – David Wilcox (Asheville, NC, USA)Title track from his album.I played another track, Modern World a couple of weeks ago which prompted Kimo into action.David Wilcox’s Open Hand was recorded in 7 days from start to finish in December 2008 on 2 inch 16 track analog tape. No computer tricks were used, all of the songs on this release were recorded live, just 4 human beings playing music together. Very minimal overdubs were used, so most all of what you hear is exactly as it was played together by David and the other musicians live. Dan Phelps produced and played guitar and keyboard, Jon Evans: bass guitar and upright bass, James McAlister: drums and Podcast Awards 2009The awards are under way again and SnC has again been nominated in the UK section. You’ll find the show at this direct link

Yellow shade of blue – Lexi Street (Atlanta, GA, USA)Champagne Promises is the tongue in cheek title for Lexi Street’s long awaited second album. It was in 2002 they released the girl I used to be…. Since then, the band released a few singles, Summer and The Room which enjoyed a stay on satellite’s XM radio. Their second album release, Champagne Promises, makes good on their promise to deliver. If you like Tom Waits, Shiveree, or moody broody music, with some playful attitude thrown in – then we think you’ll like this album! Never Knows – Leftside Wobble EditLeftside Wobble sent a link through to his edit of the Beatles track, Tomorrow never knows. It is on Soundcloud so you can take a listen and download it for yourself at this linkWere were – Gaspipe (LA, CA, USA)From the album Look out … He’s gonna Blow! The music on this c.d. pretty music reflects my musical experiences. I’ve made my living as an RnB sax player having worked with Ike Turner, Taj Mahal and others. Currently working with Bobby Womack for the last 12 years. I’ve also spent some time in the African Drumming community in Los Angeles thus the African influence. Were Were is a good example of the sort of thing I intend to do more of, combining funk and African drumming. – Jim (podcrawl map) starting at 12.Movember Two Hundred – Syntaks (Denmark)From their album Ylajali which was released in the past couple of weeks.Ylajali is the debut full-length from Syntaks, the Danish duo of Jakob Skott and Anna Cecilia.In Ylajali’s beautifully scorched sonic landscape, acres of drones run beneath Cecilia’s wordless sighs; Skott’s beats crunch like autumn leaves while synthesizers swell, flourish, and disappear. Songs either tramp through hazy forests until they fade into the dark (the Boards of Canada-esque “Love Camp 23”), or stack tone upon tone like translucent building blocks, building to forceful, near-operatic crescendos (the epic “She Moves in Colors”). Syntaks’ luminous Ylajali crackles with emotion and imagination, giving form to its creators” vibrant inner Machine Music / extraordinaire instrument de musiqueIf you google “extraordinaire instrument de musique” you will find links to video of an amazing music machine. Which some sources claim is made from tractor and irrigation parts.  In fact it is another superb animation from Animusic which seems to have been doing the rounds and picking up all sorts of nonsense about its origins.The myth is busted by and you’ll find the original at you are into animation, there is another superb piece of work by Lucas Martell. Don’t go to Klasvik – Leif Vollebekk (Montreal)Nevado Records will re-release Vollebekk’s stunning debut album across Canada on January 19th, 2010 on CD and 12 inch vinyl. The young artist has made a name for himself in Canada thanks to his organic and honest live performances.Inland was recorded in Montreal’s Breakglass Studios (Wolf Parade, Patrick Watson, Stars, Unicorns). A true multi-instrumentalist, Vollebekk plays guitar, harmonica, piano and violin on the album.Now signed to rising independent Toronto label, Nevado Records, alongside the countries best (Bahamas, Yukon Blonde, Fox Jaws, and The Paint Movement), the time has come for this modest musician to take a few steps away from humble small-town beginnings, and into the arms of national, and international respect and adoration. Just wait and watch as the subtle beauty of Vollebekk’s music embraces new listeners far and not monnaie – Volfonic feat Tribuman (Montpellier, France)Codger played a track by Volfoniq a week or two ago which reminded me how good the music is. There are some really interesting collaborations too.These tracks and more can be found free at LCL. Do have a poke around and see what else you can






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