SnC 179 – Wed 05 August 2009


A selection of tuneful ditties to delight again this week with tracks from Brooklyn (no surprise there then), Brighton, London, Detroit, Israel, Atlanta, Pennsylvania and The Netherlands.Summer came back today after a month’s break so the apples in the orchard are almost ready for picking, before the wasps get them or passers by stroll in to help themselves. I was thinking of suggesting a "Pick-your-own" system this year, in which they do indeed pick their own, not ours! Harrumph :)Hello, hello – Selectah Zaragu, with the B.i.m.b family (Brooklyn, NY, USA)Selectah Zaragu is a one of the top new producers from France. Born in the Ivory coast, growing up in France and the uk Zaragu spent all of his life indulging in the sounds of reggae music. Coming to America he hooked up with his fellow B.i.m.b family members, C-Tons, Dot Henny, Michael K, and Akini Blake. Air music group has brought these guys together to create an album that is unique and musically stimulating. The first single , HELLO HELLO, is the introduction to the core members of the B.i.m.b family. The album "enter the B.i.m.b" is due in store august of the trial of Joel Tenenbaum who admitted sharing 30 songs on a variety of file sharing sites: $675,000 in damages which works out to about $22,500 per song. Even iTunes isn’t that expensive. Actually, the jury decided on the $22,500 which was at the lower end of the range available to them for "willful" file sharing under the DMCA act of 1999 which runs from a painful $7050 per song to an eye-watering $150,000 per song.What do you think about the verdict? Should it be OK to file-share, given that it is against the law, what should the sanctions be.Let me (and everyone else) know what you think on the SnC shownotes page. Use the comments link at the bottom of each show.Everything’s Good – Phoenix Williams (Brighton, UK)Born in Blackpool, Lancs, Phoenix was born in to music inspired by her grandfather, pianist and composer, Harry Williams who played with various musicians on the Blackpool entertainment club circuit in the 1940-60s. At the age of 3, Phoenix was given her first guitar and by the age of 10 was encouraged by the familys’ organ teacher, Bill Pinnock, to begin organ lessons as he said she "had a natural ear for sound" By the age of 19, Phoenix took the guitar seriously and decided that she would focus her life to learning everything she could about songwriting and music composition.Phoenix Williams’ first solo acoustic gigs were in Blackpool at West Coast Rock Cafe, The Broadwalk and The Galleon. To be closer to the real music scene in London, Phoenix was drawn from one seaside to another, Brighton. This proved to being a brave step closer to her real uncovering and establishment of working with music industry professionals.From her album Wait and See on Arkade Records where you can download that track free. you’re there take a listen to more of her music – it really is Tipé – Amakonda (London, UK)Described as rap hiphop guineen, this song is telling about people gossiping on someone just because of his "gangster" appearance. They are keen to attempt a destruction of his relationship with his wife.Recommended by Jose Konda whose own music (Kimbala) is on SNC – Deastro (Detroit, MI, USA)When Randolph Chabot first began recording his own albums at age 12, he discovered a means of living out his fantasies. Using whatever instrument he could find, Chabot began constructing hyper-emotional dream worlds—teenage symphonies peopled by superheroes, aliens, lost souls, and star-crossed lovers. He’s been zipping through the clouds ever since, streaking the skies as his superhuman alter-ego, Deastro.
 The 22-year-old pop prodigy records in the basement of his parents’ house. He’s self-released more than three albums’ worth of songs, drawn all his own album covers, and played countless ecstatic, synth-driven live shows in Detroit’s network of DIY venues. Chabot’s demos eventually found their way to digital-download site eMusic, which released Keeper’s, an exclusive "greatest hits" package that quickly became one of the site’s best-sellers. After Deastro’s elegantly lurching instrumental Light Powered appeared on Ghostly Swim (Ghostly’s collaboration with Adult Swim), it was clear that Chabot had found a home for his joyful electronic pop, and Ghostly had found a kindred spirit in Deastro. The Moondragger album adds a full band to the mix.

Deastro "Parallelogram" (mp3) from "Moondagger" (Ghostly International) Buy at iTunes Music Store Stream from Rhapsody More On This Album

That’s the way it is – Alex Bershadsky (Netanya, Israel)Alex was born in Latvia, but moved to Israel at the age of two with his family. Once his music career took off, he became immersed with the country’s top musicians. Undoubtedly, this exposure to master musicians had a tremendous effect on Bershadsky’s development as a performer and composer. the Daisies – festival in Darling, S. Africahttp://rockingthedaisies.comGoodbye – Alexis Vear (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)In 2004 Alexis released her debut album, Never Give Up, an acoustic record full of heart and soulAlexis was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. After relocating several times, In 2005 Alexis moved from Greensboro, North Carolina…. to Atlanta, Georgia….. where she has enjoyed a vibrant and supportive music scene. In late 2006 she began working with local Producer Geoff MelkonianHer newest release Let It Go is a very strong album that you can get from CD Baby, iTunes and all your metal requisites:Kimi at www.themetaldeli.comRowley at  Orange Everwood – Jimmy Mancus (Springbrook, Pennsylvania, USA) Mancus’s soon-to-be-released new album Move Down, is a testament to his mantra of doing things his own way.  The album’s 14 tracks consist of a diverse blend of styles, including acoustic, indie, funk, hip-hop, rock, and surf.  In addition to Jimmy’s own unique acoustic style and guitar riffs, the album features RasMG/"Field" Marshall Goodman, DJ for the multi-platinum selling band SUBLIME and the Long Beach Dub All-Stars, on the turntables…Clyde Rosencrance, the album’s producer, on electric guitar…Lenny Mecca on bass…Eli Hludzik on drums…and Matthew Nakoa on’ll be meeting up with Codger next week for a brewery tour at Adnams in Southwold – that’ll piss Rowley right off. I’m sure there will be some Twitter pictures emanating from Codger or me or both of us! You can follow Codge @petecogle and I’m on as @suffolkandcool Look out for response tweets from Rowley too.Heron – Cochon Bleu (Groningen, Netherlands)Fifteen years of playing together, hundreds of gigs and five well-received CDs have made Cochon Bleu into what it is today: one of Holland’s most sparkling bands. Accordion, guitars and mandolin are cast in the leading roles, backed by a sturdily knocking rhythm section. They started out playing pure cajun music, but in the course of time lots of other influences crept in.Two things remained, though: French lyrics and an overdose of






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