SnC 176 – Wed 15 July 2009


I’ve been out taking a couple of pics this afternoon for the village produce
show. This one used just a touch of HRD (high Dynamic Range) processing. The gulls all seemed to be flying around that particular building – for at least an hour. I hope no-one was trying to record a podcast!Johnny Wise – Modern Caveman (Sweden)Johan Sandqvist, Lyrisc & GuitarOla Pettersson, Bass GuitarJakob Herrmann, DrumsMikael Magnusson, Guitar Title track for the album Johnnywise which is released on Dead Frog Records. The band has been touring extensively around Sweden during the spring. Live material filmed at Bryggeriet Rock ´n Roll Bar in Motal is on their website and on YouTube.The video for the single Johnny Wise: more information: www.moderncaveman.comThat Jeremy Gugenheim was round here this morning and called me a "nit wit" – what’s your favourite retro mild insult?A grand selection of tunes from around the world but with a bit of a tendency to mainland Europe this week. Do tell me if this is getting all too weird.Latitude festival this weekend at Henham Hall, just up the road from the barn (well, about 20 miles). I was hoping that one or two bands that have been on the show would be playing and willing to drop in for a Session at the Barn but alas not this year as far as I could see. DISKO CIRKÚS – DVA (Hredec Kralove, Czech Republic)Circus, cabaret, beatbox, tango, popsongs, acoustic electro and electro acoustic in two layers cover. Human voices and acoustic instruments in loops. Lyrics in universal languages. Folklore of non exist nations. Somewhere between north and south, where Dva means last weekend of July sees the gloriously named Hachfest. This year featuring Ade Edmondson’s band The Bad Shepherds doing vaguely folky rocky versions of punk versions of songs. A little confusing but it could be interesting. Much more my scale of festival and at £10 per day a more sensible price too. Each to their own. Please note that the spelling is like this not as I think I said in the show. Doh! to Society – Del Marquis and Embryoroom (Brooklyn, NY, USA)Yes, I played Del last week too. This is just so good. exciting things in London and a return to Norwich. Launch event at The Pigalle Club in Piccadilly, London tonight headlined by Lucie Silvas. Then on Friday The Winelight returns to Norwich – the same venue but now under new management and it sounds pretty damned good. We’ll be going Hlava – Annabelle Chvostek (Montreal, Canada)When Annabelle Chvostek joined the Wailin’ Jennys in 2004, the rest of the world found out what a grassroots network of Canadian roots fans had known for several years: that Chvostek is a formidable songwriter, a versatile multi-instrumentalist, and a fearless and innovative artist whose beguiling left-of-centre compositions straddle the divide between mainstream roots and acoustic indie from Kimo’s a shame – Boo Boo Davis (St Louis, USA)Boo Boo Davis is the REAL DEAL. He is coming from the same area, period and tradition as most of the blues greats but there is one huge difference – Boo Boo is still alive and kicking, writing and singing his music .. raw first-hand experience blues directly from the Delta.July 15  –  Jazz à Juan –  Antibes  –  FranceJuly 16  –  Rattlesnake Saloon –  Munchen  –  GermanyJuly 18  –  Big Rivers @ Bibelot –  Dordrecht  –  HollandJuly 19  –  BLUES PEER –  Peer  –  BelgiumJuly 25  –  Au Pre du Blues –  Althen des Paluds   –  FranceJuly 26  –  Brielle Blues –  Brielle  –  HollandJuly 30  –  Glander’s Alte Kornbrennerei –  Verden  –  GermanyJuly 31  –  Blues Oan Daa Stoazze –  Hamme  –  BelgiumAugust 1  –  Tyykiblues –  Forssa  –  FinlandAugust 8  –  Blues City Deli –  St Louis MO  – be met – Vagabond Opera (Portland Oregon)If you heard Vagabond Opera a couple of weeks ago you may be interested to know that they have extended their west coast tour with dates coming up in Bellingham and Seattle, WA, 2 dates in their hometown of Portland, OR (one with The Wanderlust Circus at the Bossa Nova Ballroom plus CA dates at Los Gatos, LA and San Rafael with a return to WA for a concert in the park at Kenmore. Dates on their site Vaar – Monika Jalili (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA)Monika Jalili brings to life the rich history of Iranian culture through its music and poetry. Her entrancing selection of songs spans time and place; traditional Persian folk favorites stand alongside love songs from the 1940s to 1970s, a time of great cultural change in Iran. The songs are performed in their original languages of Persian, Azeri, and various dialects. Using traditional and non-traditional instruments, her ensemble musicians combine their influences to present original interpretations of this music.Since a serendipitous introduction in 2003, Monika Jalili has worked tirelessly to revive the touching works of these Iranian artists, some of whom are no longer with us, and most of whom have lived the past 30 years into their old age unable to express themselves as they once could. It is their songs that Monika sings with passion, appreciation, care and Boogie – Diablo Swing Orchestra (Stockholm, Sweden)From their album The Butcher’s Ballroom which was on Jamendo but deosn’t seem to be anymore.The Diablo Swing Orchestra dates back to 1501 in Sweden, where history tells the tale of an orchestra that played like no other. With music so seductive and divine that the ensemble overwhelmed audiences all over the country, and people from all social classes took them to their hearts. Their performances rapidly earned a reputation of being feral and vigorous and gained the orchestra a devoted crowd that followed them around.Stockholm 2003 decedents found each other.Unfortunately all of the original scores were confiscated and burned by the church back in 1503. So music-wise the new orchestra were left with no directions on what to play. After some meticulous discussions it was agreed upon that the music should be like a modern version of the old orchestra. Annlouice was chosen to front the band, her angelic yet powerful operatic voice was perfect to bring a bombastic feeling to the music. Pontus dance-influences and programming skills came in handy since the orchestra wanted the arrangements to sound a bit more futuristic. He shares guitar duties with Daniel who also is the main composer in the band. Andy brought some groove to the mix adding powerful slapping and funk-oriented bass licks, while Andreas’s energetic drumming made sure the songs are driven and pulsating. Together with Anders, he lays the solid swinging foundation of the band. Johannes’s theoretical knowledge and stunning technique combined with an emotive cello-playing style made him essential to the bands sound. 

Together they answer to the name of Diablo Swing Orchestra and are determined to honour the legacy of their ancestors.






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