SnC 174 – Wed 01 July 2009


Another fine collection of tunes ancient and mostly modern. This week in they’ve come in from Florida, France, California, Utah and Baden-Württemberg, Germany starting with the Canadians this week and a finely crafted hooky pop track just right for the northern hemisphere summer. I’m in Ibiza to visit my daughter Jessie this week some of the buildings in the old part of Ibiza Town (photo) are stunning and beautifully lit.Clever – Whale Tooth (Toronto, Canada)Whale Tooth are Elise LeGrow (vocals), Norman Maschke (guitar/vocals), Alex Denike (guitar/vocals), Michael McCreary (bass/vocals) and Sep Noroozi (drums)  came together in the winter of 2007.A fine live performance on their MySpace illustrates their energy, well-crafted pop songs and attention to detail. Perhaps Elsie’s jazz background lends her vocals an awareness of the musicians around her but together they create a tight, interweaving sound rather than just playing along with each other.A string of dates next week around Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI, playing venues including Babas, Whipper Snapper Gallery and Foggy Goggle! Colin’s heartfelt rant on the kerfuffle about M. Jackson all over the media, on last week’s Ourobouros Podcast #106 I die – Geri X (St Petersburg, Florida) I played 3,000 lines of Defense a couple of weeks ago. This week it is a song that for me has echoes of Peter Gabriel and perhaps a little of the vocal strength of Mel C.  When I die is a song that deserves repeated listens, it is a real grower. You can have it now by clicking on the download link to IODA.

Geri X. "When I Die" (mp3) from "Anthems of a Mended Heart" (24 Hour Service Station) Buy at iTunes Music Store Stream from Rhapsody More On This Bre Ludo – Les Inédits Tziganes (France)The place where Balkan gypsy and rock ‘n’ roll meet. Great music and I just love the babelfish translation from the notes on their page at Jamendo: "Between tradition and modernity, these six troublemakers made the choice of the interbreeding, opening the borders in turn with softness grâe with the flùte, the oboe, l’accordion, sometimes with violence by the distortion of the electric guitar and the impulses of the duet low – battery but always in a spirit impresses popular holidays." OK, it is fast at translating. It is also pretty crap but sometimes deliciously wacky! Blues Oval – AjT (Bordeaux, France)Blues Oval has been on the PMN since October 07 when I last played a track from AjT who describes himself as a French geek, Apple lover, Serial blogger and podcaster living near Bordeaux. His music seems incidental but is rather fine, nevertheless. His site is more about Apple computers than music so just enjoy the Music Network (now renamed as Music Alley from Mevio). I get the feeling that although the PMN was a central part of what Adam Curry (former MTV presenter) and Ron Bloom (record producer) were doing with their startup company Podshow in the early days of podcasting, the focus has shifted almost entirely to the business of being a general popular media corporation. Shame, but perhaps inevitable.Of course I may be quite wrong. If so, let me know by leaving a comment at the bottom of the notes for this show.Profiticus Prolificus-3rd Movement: Dub Interlude – Cirque du Soul (CA)From the EP Nautical Bean Tapes.Cirque du Soul are five members from Ike Turner’s band. Between tours with the Father of Rock & Roll, drummer Bill Ray procured a weekly gig at the soon-to-be famous Nautical Bean Coffee Company located in a picturesque setting at the harbor in Oceanside, Ca. Feeling the need for creative release, the goal was simple – come to the gig with no ideas in your head, no preconceptions of what would transpire. No predetermined arrangements of classic songs; a blank slate if you will. Some interesting 100% improvised tracks were captured.Have a delve around on Billy Ray’s site (hint, check "past bands").www.billraydrums.comOld Love – Kimo Watanabe (Utah, USA)Rootsy. Raw. Soulful. Kimo has been playing the music that he loves at venues all over Utah and Hawai’i since 1999. He has played at numerous festivals and events in and around the Salt Lake Valley, and his music has been heard around the world on various podcasts and independent music shows.Kimo Watanabe is a very old friend of Suffolk’n’Cool who I was delighted to hear from this week. He tells us has a new Roots Reggae getting underway word of which seems to be spreading and some very talented folks want to get involved. The plan was just to recrord an album but it seems that live shows may be a possibility. It was one of Kimo’s earlier reggae tunes (Pauoa Valley) that initially caught my ear. The Ukulele really seems to lend itself to reggae. Perhaps it is the percussive sound and lack of sustain that gives it the bite it needs. Whatever, I love – Schizoid Club (London, UK)I played Mission Man a couple of weeks ago and thought you might like an extra taste of Matt’s fine music. Some lovely sutry vocals towards the end.

Schizoid Club "Outlaw" (mp3) from "Schizoid Club" (Per Capita Records) Buy at Rhapsody More On This

Tribalism – Sapiens fx (Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany)Well, by the time you hear this I’ll be in Ibiza so this is just a little warm up prior to Pacha with Jessie. Guaranteed fun!From the album Tronikum one of seven on webcam shows the sunset over the sea. The canopies on the corner of the street are Savannah within the same row of bars are Mambo and Cafe del Mar. Sun is currently setting at around 1930 GMT in a few days – catch you next week.






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