SnC 169 – Wed 27 May 2009


A mixed bag of styles this week from New York, New Jersey, Berlin, Jamaica, Colombia, France and Leicester, here in the UK. I experimented with a video tweet from Tweetie at the end of the show. You may well find it at: if you really want to. I don’t know how long it will be there though.Remington Steele – ist (Leicester, UK)From the album Toothpick Bridge. I know I should know more but I’ve had this track haunting my desktop for weeks and I’ve forgotten how it got to me but perhaps the fact that I’m following @kerntonist on Twitter says something! Doh.The band are:Kenton Hall – Guitars, Hammond, Vocals;John McCourt – Bass, Vocals, Mandolin, Ukulele;Flash – Drums, Percussion, Loops;Brett Richardson – Guitars, Bassoon, Vocals and String Arrangements. Nice that their MySpace credits the musicians on the Toothpick Bridge album:You’ll find the band at is a 30 minute interview with my former boss at Island Records, Chris Blackwell on BBC Radio 4 – available as listen again for a few more days only at go to and search for Front Row for 25 May 09.Island Records is celebrating 50 years since CB founded it. He sold his share a few years ago but we’ve a track from his current venture Palm Pictures later in this show.When I Am A Horse Again – Jessie Murphy – In The Woods (NY, NY, USA)The band consists of Marcia Webb (flute, pan pipes, and clarinet, Wurlitzer electric piano, and vocals), Amy Corso (horn, flute, vocals, percussion), and Jessie Murphy (lead vocals, acoustic guitar). All three are accomplished musicians in their own right but together they create a unique brand of soulful songs. There’s an infectious joy in Jessie Murphy In The Woods’ new album, Eight Belles, that sweeps the listener in its wake. By turns ethereal, mystical, spiritual and haunting, the New York City based trio plays with a sense of wonder and discovery that makes them one of 2009’s singular new acts to – Leermond (Berlin, Germany)From the album Castanea – the first Leermond album since a long period of musical abstinence.Four pieces of electronic music anywhere between cheerfully and melancholic, Schiller and Röyksopp, ambient and dancefloor, avantgarde and pop.Actually it’s an E.P. but it’s an important milestone on the way to a whole album in the future. Massasanna (feat. Monty Alexander) – Ernie Ranglin (Jamaica) Ernest "Pops" Ranglin is an internationally known jazz guitarist from Jamaica. He is a huge influential figure in Jamaican Music history and the father of Jamaican jazz guitar.Recently he was awarded the Order of Distinction by the Jamaican government in recognition of his unique contribution to the islands musical history. This once in a lifetime live in the studio event was put together to commemorate his achievements and features an all star line up of guest musicians including Monty Alexander, Phil Chen, Richard Bailey, Alana Davis, Jeff Lorber, Laurence Juber, Robbie Krieger (Doors), Elliott Easton (Cars), Adrian Young (No Doubt), Elan Atias and others.

Ernie Ranglin "Satta Massaganna (feat.Monty Alexander)" (mp3) from "Order of Distinction" (Milk River Music) Buy at iTunes Music Store More On This Album

Erk’s roadtrip around the states – updates on Twitter where he is erkpod Do it out of love – Chrissy Coughlin (NY, NY, USA)Played Big Log a few weeks ago. From her Look Ahead album.Chrissy’s seasoned voice coupled with her warm personality are an unstoppable combination.2008 was been a good year for this New York City based singer-songwriter. The winter was full of excitement moving to and ‘officially’ becoming a ‘New Yorker’, the spring delight of releasing her new CD, Look Ahead, and the summer and fall have been chock full of performances to support her new release.Chrissy was interviewed by my AMP colleague Erk on ERK Pod show 198 find it at Wanted have a job going with a great advert on their blog which you’ll find linked from their main MySpace at: let me down – Ramblin’ Dawgs (E. Brunswick, NJ, USA)From the album Rockin BluesThe Ramblin Dawgs are an energetic rock driven modern blues powerhouse. If Celine Dion is not your style and you prefer powerful guitar driven rock and blues, their CD should be in your music catalogue.The Ramblin Dawgs formed in late 2007, making waves throughout their local New York / New Jersey communities with energetic rock driven modern blues performances. Driven by Carlos "C-Dawg” DC’s soulful vocals and tasteful guitar playing, Raul DC"s thunderous drumming, Rick Frank’s screaming Hammond organ, and Jonas Landau"s rock solid grooves on bass, the buzz continued in 2008 as the band performed Paloma (12" mix) – Sidestepper (Bogota, Colombia)Usually there are just two places you can go to hear a five-hour, slammin’ DJ set of Afro-Colombian electronic-meets-roots dance music: Bogota and London. And in both cases the outfit behind the sound system is Sidestepper. Though they"ve made waves worldwide with past recordings, The Buena Vibra Sound System is the first album to capture the vibe of their dance club lineup in all its variety.It may be hard to imagine that a British DJ/musician could get so immersed in the politics of race in a South American country, but that is exactly what happened to Sidestepper founder Richard Blair. It all started when Blair stumbled across a recording session of Afro-Colombian matriarch Totó La Momposina while he was working as an engineer at Peter Gabriel’s Real World studios. "It sounded like Jamaican music, but deeper and more mystical," says Blair. "There were African drums, but not really. The whole thing took my head off."A previously unreleased track from The Buena Vibra Sound System album on the Palm Pictures

Sidestepper "La Paloma" (mp3) from "The Buena Vibra Sound System" (Palm Pictures) Buy at Rhapsody More On This AlbumLuna luna – Les Inédits Tziganes (France)Quand la musique tzigane et le rock se rencontrent, Les Inédits Tziganes s’en amusent. Ils vous invitent à un diaporama sonore festif et énergique qui vous mènera au coeur des Balkans, guidés par la voix d’une chanteuse d’exception qui vous contera dans leurs langues d’origines les histoires passées de ces peuples lointains. Entre tradition et modernité, ces six trublions ont fait le choix du métissage, ouvrant les frontiéres tour à tour avec douceur grâe à la flùte, au hautbois, à l’accordéon, parfois avec violence par la distorsion de la guitare électrique et les pulsions du duo basse – batterie mais toujours dans un esprit empreint de fêtes populaires.On Jamendo






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