SnC 164 – Wed 22 Apr 2009


Remix is a bit of a theme this week, with a couple of very interesting initiatives encouraging you to have a crack at "the dark art".After a false start to the Kerplunk (our own form of free-style Pétanque) season at the Three Horseshoes pub in Charsfield last week, we are hoping for less rain tomorrow evening. Our rules are few and far between with insults freely traded, a few good beers consumed and absolutely no scores kept; it is purely for laughs. At some stage we may even stream the proceedings live. Now there’s a frightening thought.Bontemps Roulez – Brother Joscephus and the Love Revival Revolution Orchestra (NY, NY, USA)Brother Joscephus and the Love Revival Revolution Orchestra are an 11-piece explosion of love and righteousness specializing in Groovy New Orleans-inspired Roots Rock/Soul with a Gospel feel but without the religious overtone – kind of secular gospel! If you want to hear more, I first played BroJo on SnC 160 around a month ago and George Smyth featured Bro Jo on the Eclectic Mix podcast last week at Fontana has been in touch this week and turned me on to a remarkable new(ish) talent."I’ve recently been tuning into one of the most amazing things going on in the world of music. If you don’t know about him yet, 28 year old Venezuelan phenom Gustavo Dudamel is an electrifying force."This flamboyant, passionate and young, Venezuelan conductor is one of the biggest stars in classical music. Bob Simon’s CBS report here or at:

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Home – Kira Fontana (LA, CA, USA)On her debut album, The Inner Revolution, songstress Kira Fontana triumphs in embracing an emotional rawness without fear, while also exploring a soul-searching mysticism that’s undaunted in recognizing life’s ever-changing moves. Like Sinéad O’Connor and Tori Amos before her, the San Francisco Bay Area-born artist approaches such a task with unshakable power.Another of the tracks from Inner revolution has a video on YouTube: World projectI’ve been quite intrigued by a project set up by Real World called Real World Remixed which takes home mixing a stage further. As the site describes the process:"Download our ‘sample packs’ – multi-track recordings. Use the ‘sample packs’ to create remixes of the original tracks using whichever software, technology and techniques you want, but please don’t infringe anyone’s copyright. Upload your mix back to this site and join the community in voting, commenting and discussion in the forum."Samples from Games without frontiers – Peter Gabriel. My favourite remix .. so far, Deaconesque’s "Tumbledown to the piccolo snare" remix. You can hear the whole remixed track here.

There are currently 14 packs of materials to download and remix. The latest pack is a collaboration between Real World Records and World Sessions of Setal by Daby Touré. There are some mouth-watering sounds …Check it out for yourself at:http://realworldremixed.comWhat Walks Outside My Window? – Christopher Rees (Llanelli, UK) Title track from his fourth album.San Francisco may sound an unlikely place for a young guitarist, singer and songwriter from Llanelli (South Wales) to start his musical career but that’s where the story begins for Christopher Rees.In 1994, after playing guitar and developing his song writing skills during his time at Cardiff University he packed his bags and like his hero John Cale bought a plane ticket to New York.Katy Rowe adds her irresistible violin to the frenzied bluegrass of Kicked Out By Love and drummer Dan Tilbury (The Snakes, Redlands Palomino Company) provides inspired drumming throughout. Rees stretches himself to take care of all other instrumentation including guitars, banjo, mandolin, lap steel, church organ, piano, bass, choral backing voices and chapel shaking, foot stamping, hand clapping percussion!The track is from IODA so there’s a free download  here.

Christopher Rees "What Walks Outside My Window?" (mp3) from "What Walks Outside My Window?" (Red Eye Music) Buy at Rhapsody Buy at iTunes Music Store More On This with Clare Veniot this past few days – 46Bliss. They have been running a remix project in the form of a competition for others to remix their music. In fact they made a bunch of tracks available and had a fantastic response from remixers around the world, the best of which are released on two albums Remix me away: volumes 1 and 2. They are available from CD baby and iTunes. I played 8 o’clock train a few weeks ago on SnC161. That was a remix by PKP Express of a track on the 46-Bliss album Wish me away. I realised that I’d only heard remixes, so Clare very kindly offered to sent the two original CDs over from Brooklyn. Great listening they are too. The barn has been resonating to them since they arrived on Monday morning. The way you are – 46 Bliss (Brooklyn, NY)Take a look at while you can to discover the winning remixes. Dave at The Bugcast (’m having a serious problem with my some of my shows not playing back on the iPod Touch/iPhone.  It’s intermittent and inconsistent.Apparently shows that don’t play on the iP* do play back successfully on iTunes itself.Any problems with SnC playing on anything? If so, please let me know, peter@suffolkandcool.comBadness Outta Style – Peter Runks (Nassau, Bahama)Tawanto Saunders A.k.A "Peter Runks" was born on November 12th 1977 on New Providence island (Nassau) Bahamas. Peter Runks grew up in the ghetto and faced all of the struggles and pressures that ensued.Peter Runks pursued his talent for singing and recorded his first album titled "Divine Vessel" in September of 1998 with Bahamian producer Dillon McKenzie at Commonwealth Recording Studio in Nassau,Bahamas.This endeavour led to an American state to state tour with L.G.Wise and D.C.P in the year 2000.In July of 2001, Peter Runks made a musical pilgrimage to the birthplace of reggae music, Jamaica, to record the first set of singles for his Sophomore album entitled "Let Loose The Prophets". While there he recorded at Anchor Recording Studio with producer Rudy Valentino and worked with noted producer and sax player Dean Frazier.He recorded his debut single "Save Your Soul" on the "Copy Cat" riddim produced by Ray Ambrister for Buff Boo Records.In July of 2008, Peter Runks recorded his second single titled "Badness Outta Style" on the "Promise" riddim also produced by Ray Armbrister for Buff Boo Records.Peter Runks is the Vessel of Divinity, Ordained by the Trinity, Preaching Lyrically and Substantially, Righteousness with Integrity, Which shall Subdue the Wickedness of Humanity, who pervert Justice with Wrong Concepts and Profanity. He’s just a Subsidiary, Shedding Light and Truth where there is Fallacy, Bestowing Strength to the Weak and Weary, Giving Thanks to the King of Glory, Jesus Christ His Majesty…Bless. The Divine Vessel just Manifest. reviews and ratingsI think it’s time to spread the word about Suffolk ‘n’ Cool. It would really help if you would take a couple of minutes to rate and review the show in iTunes. You’ll be able to access your home "My store". I think you just need to follow this link. If not, log in to iTunes, search for suffolkandcool, click on the SnC logo and then you’ll be able to "Rate this podcast" and "Write a review". If you want to leave a rating or review on another store that would be great. It is a little more complicated but not too bad a process. If you go to the iTunes front page, right at the bottom you can switch to another store (e.g. UK, USA, Australia, France, wherever), find the show, drop the rating and review in and return to the front page to go back to your home store. Thanks, eversomuch, that’s really appreciated.The Optimist – Stan Harrison (NY, NY)Stan Harrison has recorded and toured with some of the most outstanding people in the music business, including David Bowie, Radiohead, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Serge Gainsbourg, Duran Duran, Talking Heads and many others. Now, he is stepping out as a solo artist with a CD containing 10 of his original instrumental and vocal compostions, accompanied by artists such as Philip Bailey and Phoebe posted a comment on the shownotes (you can comment too by clicking on teh comment link at the end of each show’s notes) to suggest that in playing the polka track last week I’d turned the weirdness up to 11. Taquito Militar – Orquesta Típica Argentina (Argentina)From the album Tangos Famosos (Instrumentales y Cantados) Vol. 1
Orquesta TÖpica Argentina "Taquito Militar" (mp3) from "Tangos Famosos (Instrumentales y Cantados) Vol. 1" (Modiner) Buy at Rhapsody More On This Album






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