SnC 163 – Wed 15 Apr 2009


A rather quirky show with some great tunes from around the world.Having said, in the show, that spring had arrived in Suffolk, I’m now frantically trying to get the show uploaded before the current thunderstorm knocks the power out completely. UPS has been working every few minutes so I’ve not lost everything … yet. This week’s picture is one of the very few bits of Marley memorabilia I have, a very used plectrum. How do I know it was his? Because I bought it, a few more and a couple of Fender Twin Reverbs for the band – at Manny’s Music Store in NYC!Rolling Higher – Lucy Bonilla (Bellerose Manor, New York, USA) Lucy has expanded her tour grounds from Canada down the U.S East Coast.She recently completed her third release at The Clubhouse in Rhinebeck, NY, under the expert guidance of producer Jim Weider (The Band, Bob Dylan, Mavis Staples, Los Lobos). She also welcomed the creative writing talents of Dean Batstone, Jerry Lynn Williams (Eric Clapton) and Jim Weider ( to pen various tracks. The title track, Rolling Higher, combines Lucy’s feisty vocals with slick guitar licks that hearken to blues greats of yesteryear. The album also includes a re-recording of the first and only song Lucy ever wrote on piano, "Lonely Goes"    Tomorrow – Kiran Hungin (London, UK)Originally from the north east of England, Kiran Hungin has been playing solo on the London acoustic circuit for a few years. I had the good fortune to see and interview her in Norwich for SnC 040 back in November 2006. (The interview starts at about 15 mins)."i have had the good fortune to work with some amazing musicians, but i had just always craved that feeling of having a musical family; a little crew to join me in the the ups, downs and everything in between. and to be honest, i just want a band behind my tunes.. to add that much needed element of ‘kick-ass ness that i want!”A little over a year ago she took the step of creating a band."i’m so happy with the band. it is honestly the first time i just feel like the music is totally how i envisaged it from the early demos, when i was playing only a piano part, but hearing much more in my head.”You and me  – Kiran and the Nght Owls (London, UK) From the EP The Worry TreeThe production is top notch. Without too much fancy arrangement the integrity of the songs is retained totally intact. The band underpin the songs which, with a less accomplished singer, might be described as a sparse touch. On this album it is as though the band is filling the sound out a little whilst taking a step backwards to allow Kiran’s voice find its full expression without straining. The result is magic – a dreamy quality is there but the songs are direct and heart-felt. UPDATE:Sorry. Yes, there were some gig dates here but it transpires that they were for last year – and all my efforts in trying to pronounce the unpronounceable were in vain! I’ll update with current dates as soon as I hear.The EP will be in the iTunes store in a few weeks but it is much better to buy physical CDs direct from Kiran – besides which, the band gets all the money which helps support the music; good for everyone. Contact Kiran through MySpace or at many miles – Sarah Bear (London)When I asked Sarah for this track she replied: "Wow, how many miles is very old.. i think that was my first bit of production! Josh (AKA Everyday Junglist) has done a blinding new version in Yoda Room. Indeed i showed up and put a vocal on the end." 50 celebrations are coming up next month for the once indie label. Film director Phil Low who also worked at Island was in touch this week to remind me that founder Chris Blackwell received a special honour at the Music Week magazine awards in London a couple of weeks ago being named as "the most influential figure in the last 50 years of the British music industry."He was picked from a shortlist of 20 including Sir George Martin, who signed and produced The Beatles.CB set up Island Records, with £1,000 in 1959. By co-incidence Music Week is also marking its 50th anniversary this year. The label signed pioneering artists including Jimmy Cliff, Traffic, Nick Drake and Roxy Music in the 1960s and ’70s, and, of course, CB discovered future reggae legend Bob Marley in Jamaica in 1972. Bang – Nadine Loren (LA, USA?) Swiss-born singer/songwriter, Nadine Loren attributes her unique style to her upbringing in both Germany and New Zealand. A true artist, Loren combines musical genres, fusing various styles with an obvious European influence. Her highly anticipated debut album, Living in Wonderland launched Thursday, November 13th, 2008.Loren’s songs combine folk, electronic, pop and rock music elements and feature English, French and Italian lyrics that utilize operatic influences to add a quirky theatricality to her melodies.  Two of her songs, Wonderland and Look Me in the Diamonds, were recently picked up for a European compilation entitled ‘Bad Girls Don’t Cry’ also featuring Duffy, Ayo, and Amy Angels – J.S. Marti (Palma de Mallorca, Spain) Recommended by Organic Despair … again. It is on Jamendo so get over there and get it for yourself."This collection of songs was composed at a time that dictated that my music should be direct, without many devices, so I decided to only record it with acoustic guitars and voice there isn’t even any reverb." Blackwell on signing with t’aime je t’aime – Lola Dutronic (Berlin, Germany and Toronto, Canada)A French Pop/Electronica duo, who sing really interesting material in both French & English. Je t’aime je t’aime is from the new 3rd album, LOLA DUTRONIC IN BERLIN recorded over a 3 week period in an abandoned Berlin apartment, and mixed in Toronto. it also features the legendary Mike Garson (of David Bowie’s Aladdin Sane fame) on piano. "We divide our time between Berlin and Toronto. We’ve put out three albums so far: "THE WORLD OF LOLA DUTRONIC", the Grammy Award nominated* "THE LOVE PARADE" and our newest album, "LOLA DUTRONIC IN BERLIN". We’ve also appeared on several compilation albums and repackages in Asia and Europe.Available on iTunes and on at is also a wonderful track Brigitte Bardot on their spotted in an Aldeburgh hotel window on Monday: Locally caught fish served daily on our menusChimer (alternative version) – Trolley (Halifax, United Kingdom) From the Jamendo album A Companion For Joey : PedigREMIXED Please note : This is NOT a new Trolley album. (A new Trolley album is underway, however.)Rather, it is a collection of Remixes, Outtakes and Alternative versions of tracks recorded around the period of "Pedigree Joey" (The 2nd Trolley album).  As its title suggests, it acts as a companion to that album – rather than just being the bits that weren’t good enough to be included in the first place.Whilst this is a fairly madcap and lunatic sounding bunch of tunes, it’s hopefully a blast of high-octane fun to listen to. I do still think it holds together as a surprisingly cohesive whole, despite its unhinged and chaotic sound.  The aural equivalent of dropping acid, then going to an all-night Capsula – Los Hnos. Prado (Mexico)From the album Las Majores Polkas. Download it free using the IODA link below.

Los Hnos. Prado "La Capsula" (mp3) from "Las Mejores Polkas" (Modiner) More On This Album My Happy – Lindsay Katt (NY, NY) She is a new name in the landscape that welcomes female singer-songwriters. Her style however, is entirely her own.Self-taught, in the mountains of Montana, she developed her own unique process, taking chances with her sound and lyrics. The resulting melodies are haunting, uplifting, poignant and quirky.Filling Venues in NYC like "The Cutting Room” and "The Knitting Factory”Lindsay held her CD release party for her debut record Picking Out Boxes at "The Living Room" in NYC in February.(Mastered by Legendary music engineer Greg Calbi)She is so excited to be able to finally share the product of her hard






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