SnC 162 – Wed 08 Apr 2009


Recovery from Podcrawl is progressing as quickly as can be expected. The day started wonderfully well for Jeremy G and I at the very welcoming Market Coffee House near Spitalfields Market in London. Apparently a former market pub (from when Spitalfields was a proper market with pubs all around to quench the thirst of market porters, often from very early in the mornings) it is now meeting the urgent needs of caffeine starved podcasters. You’ll find it at: I was driving it was a day of light drinking but it was still a blast and very tiring.She blows my socks off – Too Slim and the Taildraggers (USA) On Burnside Records. No more info than that. Download it via this link.

Too Slim And The Taildraggers "She Blows My Socks Off" (mp3) from "Wanted: Live" (Burnside Records) Stream from Rhapsody Buy at Rhapsody More On This AlbumHieroglyphe – Spleen (Argenteuil, France) From the album Les algorythmes de venus on Jamendo (2006)+The Job – SpleenFrom the album For the great dj also on Jamendo – released a couple of months ago.The Spleen project started in 2002 and is still going strong. tells me that Get Wanted has line-ups prepared for the spring summer period including performances form Pharaohs, The Gadsdens, Royal Treatment Plant, The Worldonfire, The First, Haunted by Humans, and Fighting Fiction. Just £7 on the door or a laughable £5 in Fashioned – Mathematics (Somerset, UK)3 piece band from Somerset (that’s near Bath, where Colin Gazely is baased). They’ve had interest from major labels such as Mercurty Records and have recently played on Radio 1. They are playing the Get Wanted gig at Mother Bar in London"s fashionable Shoreditch tomorrow night 9 April. 8 Apr 2009 [SKIVING SCHOLAR] Plymouth w/ Swim Team9 Apr 2009 [333 MOTHERBAR] Shoreditch, London w/ wehaveagetaway13 Apr 2009 [CLUB ELUSIVE] Ashford, Kent w/ Nick Harrison + Lights Go Blue Scenester Ma Ma – The Danforths (St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN, USA) From the album Amphibian on Modern Record Label "The Danforths are not only a high-five between three incredible musicians, but also an ethereal holy trinity that is the one real Chris Danforth. Pluralizing his name and using it as the nom de plume for his projects alludes to the kind of musical schizophrenia from which Danforth suffers. His head is filled with so many sounds, structures and ideas that he is forced to allow each voice to have its turn at the helm. The Danforth hone perfectly amalgamated quirk-pop to a more mature conclusion. Combining found sounds, field recordings, synth and guitar-led songs, they craft lo-fi psych pop that Ink 19 called "an orchestral, angular, epic take on panoramic sunshine music like some long-lost Elephant 6 track calling in from the twilight zone."

The Danforths "Scenester Ma Ma" (mp3) from "Amphibian" (Modern Radio Record Label) Buy at Modern Radio Buy at iTunes Music Store More On This AlbumPodcrawl 3 (London) – the site will gradually be supplemented with pictures and recordings. of clouds and rain – Secret Archives of the Vatican (UK)From the Babylon Halt album which is available from brokendrumrecords.comDie to live (original remix) – Luthea Salom (NY, NY)From Sunbeam Surrounded By WinterTour dates in Europe:Tue, April 14 – 19:00 – eppingen, baden-württembergThu, April 16 – 20:00 – kassel, germanySat, April 18 – 20:00 – hamburg, germanySun, April 19 19:00 – berlin, germanyMon, April 20 – 21:30 – frankfurt, germanyTue, April 21 – 20:00 – tier, germanyWed, April 22 – 20:00 – mc muller’s irish-american pub, linnich-kofferenThu, April 23 – 20:00 – bochum, germanySat, April 25 – 21:30 – munich, germanyThen to Spain in June details from her site Collector – Blessed House (UK) From the Holy Residents EP.Blessed House are 2 mc’s (Guest House and Bibs) representing Leeds, UK. They’ve been rapping for about 5 years and doing live shows for about 3 years. They have played in Leeds, Cambridge, Buxton, Huddersfield… Blessed House have worked with numerous producers but their main producers are Organised Mess. Organised Mess is a collective of UK Hiphop producers based in Leeds and Oxfordshire. Members include Potentc, Grndyzr, Melon and Stature.BudaBeats netlabel has some interesting music’ Home – Memphis Nights (Australia) Music SubmitFrom the excellent 14 track sampler album spanning the choice works of the previous releases and most popular tracks "Tales from Tin Alley".Australian artist – with the American Name. Old School Funk/Rock and Blues – Meets new School Sounds. The result…..Memphis Nights.I started off in the city of Melbourne, Australia, and fled to the country for "The peaceful life". The deal was to hibernate for a decade or so, and it was there in my little van in the High Country that I wrote and recorded on cheap audio cassettes.About 350 songs later the quiet life went loud.Emerging to put together a 4 piece swamp/rock band: "The Swamp Cats", we played for 5 years in just about every backwater bar, party and major festival that was going at the time, and its was during this time I was given the name of Memphis Nights because of the American influences and style of music. Having such a large number of originals and having played the regional circuit for so long I soon out grew the scene and needed bigger and better things.At the end of 2003 some guy in a suit convinced me to head back to the city, having to leave the band. So, as a soloist with my Bass guitar and my own recordings, I played with a variety of musicians and played at all levels and classes of venues achieving minor successes, while pursuing a market for the recordings.The market in Australia is a strange one….in 2008 I made my voyage to Europe. Armed now with 5 finished albums and a new hunger to re-invent and re-launch again. Working with new musicians and a fresh look, I record and and plays live with a new band while looking to market the music to Europe, Asia, America and beyond.With a blues voice, working with drum and bass techno samples, I’m half country – half city. A guy who had to escape the small alpine Australian country van for Europe…






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