SnC 157 – Wed 18 Feb 2009


What a relief to be getting back into some interesting music again. Most of the week having been spent catching up with mundane admin stuff, VAT (tax) returns included.Really very cold over the weekend when Roy and Gwyneth came to visit – but we had a good time anyway, despite the fact that there is no central heating in the house. Then on Monday suddenly spring arrived to the extent that I was able to put the roof down on the car and still be comfortably warm. There is hope folks.The Boys are Alright – The Dots (Dresden and Berlin, Germany)"THE DOTS play rock music with unusual boldness" according to Babel Fish and who am I to argue, except that the English version of their site suggests that "THE DOTS play British indie-rock". From the 2007 album Fashion For The Dressed And Naked, available on Jamendo, as is the 2008 5-track EP Fake modern love songs. It was recommended by Organic Despair through Jamendo.Art Hustle – Vocals, PercussionC.Blitzschutz – Bass, VocalsMKO Swillus – Organ, VocalsDr.Valentine – Guitar, VocalsNils A. Antiknock – Drums and about love – AnnieMac (Ashland, Oregon, USA)AnnieMac’s original music is a tasty mix of R&B riffs, soul grooves, with a rock ‘n’ roll edge. Their vibe is reminiscent of earlier eras, but with a sound all their own.Since starting AnnieMac in January of 2006, Joe Diehl and Annie McIntyre have brought the band from playing in McIntyre"s living room to being heard in Starbuck’s all across the world with their new CD, Ignition. McIntyre and Diehl rediscovered each other years after the musicians, who had played together in one of McIntyre’s former Bay Area bands, had moved separately to the beautiful southern Oregon town of Ashland.From the album Ignition which is available at CD Baby, Amazon and m’ont tous dit… – Outred’encre (Serignan, France)From the album Le Refus. A posthumous album for dOutred’encre after the release of which singer and comnposer Alexis Guerin quit the band. And I guess that"s about the end of the story. The album was recommended by Organic Despair – from whom I’ve had a few good want to know you – Jean Synodinos (Austin, Texas, USA)From the album Lucky. It has been a while since I played anything by Jean. I was hoping to meet up with her at SXSW this year but I’ve decided not to go, I’ve just not been able to fit that in with all sorts of other commitments. May try to get over for NXNE (Toronto) in mid-June. If you know anything about NXNE, give me a shout I’ll be very pleased to hear from you.Third Coast Music says: "Synodinos is amazing… she has excellent moves as a songwriter and is an accomplished acoustic guitarist, but her big gun is the marvel that is her voice." There is a nifty video on her Busdriver – CSW Studio (Madrid, Spain)Gael22 recommended an EP by the C.S.W Studio a.k.a. "The Bobby Experience" – an open-minded Ambient/Experimental/Progressive project. They are open to all kind of collaboration.From Les Fonds De Tiroirs (2008), is one of five albums on Jamendo played Pauline’s Taylor’s track Hackney Crystal on SnC a couple of weeks ago and I submitted it to the Association of Music Podcasting weekly update show AMPed. It is included in AMPed 166 presented by Daniel Johnson Jr. of "Journey inside my mind” podcast out of Cincinnati, Ohio, who seemed to have a bit of fun with this show’s name. from AMPed 166There is a link to JIMM and all the other AMP member podcasts on the Network links page on the SnC site.Solo Flying Mystery Man – Pauline Taylor (London, UK) From the album A Simple of Power – Secret Archives of the Vatican (UK)Codger played a couple of track recently which reminded me how good they are. "We mix drum’n’bass, breakbeats, dub, dubstep and triphop with flavours of Indian, Persian, Turkish and Arabian traditional music and more, Recently we’ve been exploring some Moroccan influences and we did a couple of small gigs in Morocco last summer."From the album Babylon Halt available an mp3 download from any number of sales sites including: iTune, Amazon, Rhapsody and eMusic. Full list on the SAV is now on Twitter Sound – The Pimps Of Joytime (Brooklyn. New York, USA)Played a track from the Pimps a while back – high time for another.The genre-defying Pimps of Joytime pay homage to funk, afrobeat, latin and hip hop, combining loops and live playing in a way that is seamless and infectious. The joyful noise you’ll hear is a heady musical gumbo sure to get you moving. Their eclectic debut album High Steppin’ is available now on Wonderwheel






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