SnC 154 – Wed 28 Jan 2008


A "roit ol’ mix" of music this week. You’ll appreciate that despite the name of the show, most of the music I play comes from pretty much everywhere else in the world. This week is unique in that two tracks have connections with Suffolk. ’til the wheels fall off – That was Something (Michigan, USA) That Was Something wants to make music that after all the trends, clothing and styles are over, still stands tall with an original pop sound that is still easy for people to familiarize themselves with. Their new EP, Down, But Not Out, produced by Rob Freeman (Hit The Lights, Cobra Starship)Some gigs, with The Somophore Attempt and Go Crash Audio, coming up:1 Mar The Mint Los Angeles, California3 Mar The Unity Center, Roswell, New Mexico5 Mar Jack’s Patio Bar, San Antonio, Texas6 Mar The Max, Dallas, Texas9 Mar Jerry"s Bait Shop, Kansas City, I was a seed – Charlotte Greig (Cardiff, Wales)It’s strange the way that music finds our ears. I was doing some work on a project here in the village and I found that the local school (for 5-11 year olds) was mentioned in an singer’s bio. "I first learned traditional songs as a child at a village school in Charsfield, Suffolk (Ronald Blythe later wrote about the village in his book Akenfield) If I Was A Seed was recorded during the Down In The Valley sessions, but only previously released on a Bucketful Of Brains sampler. However, she has five albums as well available from her site along with a couple of free Hase – Project Mahlen Goscht (Cottbus, Germany)From the album #3 Doktorium [The ElektroBaer Sessions] at the Shoes at the weekend – assorted accordions, banjos and hammer dulcimers gathered at the Three Horseshoes in Charsfield for some fine traditional Suffolk music and a few pints of equally fine Victoria Bitter on a very cold and frosty night. Not much singing this session but some great tunes, generally played in sets of three, as you"ll hear.The regular music night is held on the second Friday of every month and it is completely free. If you want to know what’s happening and about the beers you can register for Ale Mail the weekly beer oriented newsletter from Martin and Emma. Just drop a message to me and I’ll pass your address on.An image of you – The Chatham Singers (UK) The Chatham Singers is the latest outlet for Billy Childish’s blues work. Their first album was released in 2006 and although Billy had been playing and recording blues for over a quarter of a century, this is the first LP has made in this genre in for many years. As well as featuring great tunes, Heavens Journey also served as a showcase for many new poems that have been recorded by this legendary painter, writer and musician.Julie is American by birth and her father’s family are free Blacks and Winyah Indians from North Carolina. The Chatham Singers are: – Billy Childish – Vox / Guitar Nurse Julie – Vox / Bass Wolf Howard – Drums and & ‘Bludy" Jim on Harp On the new album they are joined by guests James Taylor (The Prisoners /James Taylor Quartet) on piano and Hammond, Graham Coxon (Blur) on occasional to being here – Rendezvous Park  (Helsinki, Finland) Jamendo rec by Organic DispairRendezvous Park started in January 2008 when Kai Kousa and Mikael Nousiainen decided to put together little demos and improvised tracks they had been recording on the side of their other band project. It was felt that these tracks wouldn’t fit into the massive blues-rock soundscape of the other project, so they decided to have another band just for these songs. What started as a simple side project has now evolved into something more serious.Musically they draw influences from French minimalism, post-rock, movie soundtracks and diverse collection of artists.They write, perform, mix and produce all their material.Rendezvous Park is:Mikael Nousiainen – piano, glockenspiel, percussions, drums programming, recording and mixingKai Kousa – electric guitar, acoustic guitar, electric bass, music videos and graphic designhttp://rendezvouspark.wordpress.comFor your love – Marching Band (Linköping, Sweden)Formerly known as Second Language, Erik Sunbring and Jacob Lind realized their musical connection while attending college. Together, they began to play around with an array of more eccentric musical instruments such as xylophone, marimba, banjo, vibraphone and unique vocal harmonies. The result of this experimentation is found within their eclectic 12-track album.Their critically acclaimed debut album Spark Large features an assortment of instrumentation that delivers atmospheric folk and Indie-Pop.
Marching Band "For Your Love" (mp3) from "Spark Large" (U & L Records, Inc.) Buy at Rhapsody More On This AlbumMilitante – Carlos de Nicaragua (France, Barcelona)Carlos Wiltshire, alias Carlos de Nicaragua, was born in Bluefields, on the Nicaraguan Atlantic coast. His name is not only in reference to his country of birth but mostly in reference to the legendary Indian chief Nicaraocai, philosopher, ferocious warrior and fighter. Carlos de Nicaragua was one of the precursors of the sound system concept in Paris.In Paris, latinos, french and africans dance during the concerts under the blazing fire of a Nicaraguayan named Carlos and his band "Familia", pioneers of the salsa reggae style. His admiration for the reggae prophets Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Burning Spear […] pushed him to dedicate himself to this music, reinventing it and mixing it with the tumbao of dancing rhythms from the Bronx and other great salsa capitals.Carlos is about to launch into a tour as he explained:yes I SuffolkHappy New year…Jah Bless.What a gwaan I & I music a rule.I will be in Germany on tour fi the release of I new albumMILITANTE .2O/2/2009 TO 28/2/2009Soon.BLESSINGS.CARLOS DE NICARAGUAThere is a video that you just have to see at:






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