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SnC 150 – Wed 31 Dec 2008

Another grey and cold day in the UK with frost hanging around all day and the prospect of freezing fog overnight. At least the weather can only get better.The music will, I hope prove cheering with a slightly longer show this week including a track from my  "Find of the year 2008" – Luthea Salom (right).Hesitations and Cliches – Verona Red (Chicago, IL, USA)Chris, Mike, Tony, TazDate: 2 Jan 09Venue: Martyrs’Address: 3855 North Lincoln, Chicago, IL, 60613, USDetails: Verona Red 9:30Dirty Blue 10:30Cobalt & The Hired Guns 11:30www.myspace.com/veronaredNightmares and appointments – Jenny Gillespie (Chicago, IL, USA) Jenny: vocals, piano, guitarJosh Stewart: cello and bassAlan Ollendorff – pedal steelJohn Knecht: drumsJenny has worked as a waitress, a nanny, a hair model, a bed and breakfast concierge, a poetry teacher, and currently, a children’s literature editor. But music has always remained her north star. Born in central Illinois, she has lived in Virginia, Rhode Island, Paris, and Austin, Texas, and currently calls Chicago home, where she performs with her band and soaks up the seasons of a vibrant city.In 2008 she recorded Light Year, her first full-length album, funded mostly by donations by fans, at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio with additional production by Darwin Smith at Austin’s Cacophony Recordings. Anticipate a West Coast tour in spring 2009. The album which will be available tomorrow Jan. 1 on iTunes and CDbaby.UPDATE: "Hi Peter. Thanks so much for featuring Nightmares on your great show.
Unfortunately the CD won’t be available for sale until January 15 due
to some complications with the art work (missing font files! ahhh!) If
you want to note that on your show notes, that would be great."Consider it done Jenny! Those font files are elusive little chaps – hope you manage to round them up. Perhaps if any anyone spots them – probably looking a bit lost and hungry by now, they could just let us know where they are and we’ll get the font warden to bring them in. ;)www.myspace.com/jennygillespieGorgeous Behaviour – Marching Band (Linköping, Sweden)Formerly known as Second Language, Erik Sunbring and Jacob Lind realized their musical connection while attending college. Together, they began to play around with an array of more eccentric musical instruments such as xylophone, marimba, banjo, vibraphone and unique vocal harmonies. The result of this experimentation is found within their eclectic 12-track album. Their critically acclaimed debut album Spark Large features an assortment of instrumentation that delivers atmospheric folk and Indie-Pop.They have a gig at Luminaire in The King’s Head in Kilburn, London on 8th Jan.http://marchingband.se/www.myspace.com/marchingbandMarching Band "For Your Love" (mp3) from "Spark Large" (U & L Records, Inc.) Buy at Rhapsody More On This AlbumUtopie – San’jyla (Vannes, France)From their first album Premier Pas, which is "le fruit d’un travail commencé sur scène et dans les caf’conç du grand Ouest.”Là où l’envie de partager des bonnes vibrations sont plus fortes que tout.Le groupe est composé de :- D’une section rythmique (batterie – basse – percussions – guitares – claviers)- D’une section de soufflants (flûte traversière – sax ténor – sax alto)- De chants (2 leads, 1 choeur).www.sanjyla.comSomething’s Wrong – Neal Fox (Florida, USA)Something’s Wrong, is a kind of primer for the song I’m not going to play this week called "Fuck the Fed". Really you do have to see the video. Follow the link to "stuff" and check out Neal’s other work while you’re there. Such a talent.www.wireduck.comUpon seeing Simone – Stewart Francke (Detroit, USA)With hard work, great songwriting and soulful singing, Stewart Francke has found true indie success in today’s rough & tumble music business. He’s made ten highly praised CDs, the most recent being Stewart Francke Alive And Unplugged at The Ark, to be released in on January 20, 2009 through Blue Boundary Records and Burnside Distribution. His previous CD, Motor City Serenade, was recorded with the legendary Motown session band the Funk Brothers. Stewart has sold 50,000 records-all without a major label and its promotional muscle.Building his devoted audience one person at a time over the years, Stewart is now known as one of the most exciting and beloved live performers around, playing his own headlining shows as well as support touring with the likes of Sheryl Crow, Warren Zevon, Steve Earle, Chris Isaak, Robert Cray, Shawn Colvin, Hall & Oates, Michael McDonald, Stevie Winwood, Eddie Money, Foreigner, Chicago, & many others.Now performing with his own Detroit Soul band, Francke"s show is exciting, smart, humorous, and loaded with a warm, soulful vibe that makes every night pure magic.www.stewartfrancke.com/www.myspace.com/stewartfranckemusicMurray’s Wives – Ruth Theodore (London, UK)Another track from Worm Food, Ruth Theodore’s fine debut album. 13 tracks of beautifully twisted, political and personal mayhem. Her style of delivery makes you really listen and the effort is well worthwhile. You can get the album as MP3 from Jamendo but do yourself a favour and go to her site and get it in gleaming CD quality for just £9.99www.ruththeodore.comwww.jamendo.com/en/album/17052When I’m dead write me a song – Pie Boys Flat (Queens, New York, USA)From their album Uproot the Island.Pie Boys Flat hit the NYC music scene in 2003 with their unique blend of Reggae, Blues, and Funk. Their writing shows influences ranging from Bob Marley to Jack Johnson to Sublime to Paul Simon and has melded into a form of ethnic Rhythm and Blues that sits firmly in the pocket of a style all its own. Laced with soaring three-part harmonies, their music is the manifestation of a many year friendship and collective musical intuition. Patrick Hambrick (Guitar/Vocals), Fitz Harris (Percussion/Vocals), and Jason Liles (Bass/Vocals) met in the late 1990’s at Shenandoah Conservatory in Virginia, where the trio formed a bond that is now apparent in both their writing and performing.www.pieboysflat.commyspace.com/pieboysflatAccidents – Luthea Salom (New York, NY, USA) From Luthea Salom’s fine new bittersweet album Sunbeam Surrounded By Winter produced between NY and Skopje, (Macedonia) by Malcolm Burn and Luthea herself. I think that if pushed to make a choice I’d say that Luthea is my find of the year 2008. Then the struggle is to narrow the choices to a single track.On the face of it, just another girl with a guitar, but there is something else which I find utterly entrancing about the music from Luthea who is part Spanish and part Canadian.www.lutheasalom.comwww.myspace.com/lutheasalomsongsThanks to all the artists, labels and enlightened managers who have seen the benefit in making their music available for me to include in the show over the past year. Your trust in the new way of working is appreciated.

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