SnC 144 – Wed 19 Nov 2008


In London again yesterday and after a particularly stuffy-roomed meeting near the Houses of Parliament with a few rather difficult people, a lovely walk up St James’ Park and through Horseguards Parade (flags fluttering in the winter sun reflecting off ancient windows) up Charing Cross Road and through Soho to meet Jessie and pass the decorations in Carnaby Street (right). It really is another world. Look carefully and you’ll see that the snowman’s anus is fitted with a loudspeaker. Fortunately these were not active at the time!It seems to be the season of missed gigs, I’m going to have to get my priorities sorted out.Get on with it – Val Emmich (New Jersey, USA)I played Hurts more later on SnC 141. Since then Val has joined the cast of Ugly Betty, as a recurring character. Val is playing Jesse, Betty’s love interst and a musician (no type casting there then). Ugly Betty is screening on ABC in the States. – Manze Dayila and the Nago Nation (St Marc. Haiti)That song is taken from her album Solé. You may have already come across her music.Haitian New Yorker, Manze Dayila, was inspired to write "CHANGE (The Barack Obama Song)" after being invited to perform at an Obamarama rally in her Brooklyn, NY neighborhood. Inspiration for an anthem stating "Barack Obama is my president," struck one morning in the shower and the rest is now history-in-the-making on YouTube, Myspace & Facebook.This video is available for viewing and the MP3 single is available for free download on her – Afterthem (East Brunswick, NJ, USA) []Afterthem describes their sometimes polished…sometimes raw music as "Avant Garage Funk"…Keyboardist and alleged vocalist Dave George sites Frank Zappa as one of his musical heroes….Lead vocals are done mostly by Joy Epting but they also have featured guest singers Laurel Barclay (of New York rockers "Daddy") and Liz Matta…who also plays sax but neither are on this track – I think.Dave says you should hurry and buy their music while it is still inexpensive because even as you read this they will be attending conferences and seminars so they can take their music to the "next level"Windy Jones…Bass…D.George…Keyboards… Joe Positive…Guitars…Richard Johnson…Bass Tomar DeFresco…VocalsGiraffe is taken from their new CD Time Is Fun When You’re Having Answer – Josh Charles (Brooklyn, New York)"Since I was a kid, I’ve played the gamut — the worst dive bars with piano keys so jagged that I cut up my fingers every night, some amazing concert halls, outdoor festivals, great clubs and even floating theaters at sea. My mentor/teacher and friend is Dr. John and I can say that I am blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from a master."Josh has just released his debut Josh Charles EP which features members of Dr. John’s band, his touring band, and was recorded in New Orleans and New really interesting set of influences here.Munya – Yaya Ouedraogo (Shimotsuruma, Kanagawa, Japan)From his album Clay Bora.Yaya Ouedraogo, 22, musician from African street is singing the message of peace with African traditional music. Yaya, for long time, has not known his age. But he never thinks it really matters. Once he was asked by his friends when his birthday is, and he answered ‘Everyday’. He says that he thanks everyday for that fact that his life is still continuing, and he wants to celebrate for that fact.He is a survivor: survived through African poverty with his luck and his strong will, When he was in his mother’s womb, his mother used ‘African medicine’ to cease his life, but he survived. When he was born, he was left in the street of Burkina Faso. of the Blues – Alexandria Quartet (London, Bergen and Sømna, Norway)I played this track in an "extra” mini-show that I slipped in last weekend to let you know about the very first Get Wanted night that I wanted to get to but was totally unable to make. I thought the sound here was really interesting – some great vocal work. My thanks to Øystein for getting the track to me so quickly.Based in Bergen, Norway’s main student city and the country’s unofficial pop epicentre, the Quartet have been holed up in studios and rehearsal rooms for the last 18 months polishing their album.Martin Skålnes – vox, git, keysØystein Braut – guitarsKim Åge Furuhaug – drumsChris Holm – basswww.thealexandriaquartet.comThis – Tryad (USA, France, etc)I’ve played a couple of tracks by Tryad in the past couple of weeks and I’ve been in touch with band-member Vavrek who tells me that Jamendo have flown him over from the States to perform a show with a live band on Wednesday of next week, 26th November. I have been trying very hard to get to get there but it just hasn’t worked out, yet. I’m committed to a meeting in Birmingham in the English midlands in the afternoon and I just don’t think I can get to Paris in time for the show nor the 6pm press conference. SO frustrating. If you can, it starts at 7pm and is at Glaz Art on Avenue Porte de Villette, Paris 19e quite near the Periferique. The show features three artists, the Parisian rockers Hype, Drunksouls from Aix-en-Provence (France) and Tryad. Of course all three are on Jamendo. nous dans les bois – Drunksouls (Aix-en-Provence, France)A strange team composed by a former dictator, a pedalo world champion(the famous Brazilian star Borgelao), a vicious missionaire, an Eric Clapton sosie and a couple of Chuck Norris fan twins. Don’t be scared by their troubled individual path, just listen to the music they perform together and take a look at the rather fun video at Galway Fiddler – Linda Welby (Galway, Ireland)A native of Loughrea, and now living in Roscahill, Co. Galway, Linda Welby has a very defined vision of where she is going and what is important to her in life. As a composer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist and singer, music has always been at the forefront for Linda. "I love music and have a great interest in people with stories to tell of the older days of singing and music". Brought up in a very musical household with sessions on a regular basis, local musicians would gather for an all-night song and dance affair."The Galway Fiddler is an interesting song as for me it represents the real talent that can be found on the side of the street that isn’t always showcased in the music industry".Other songs on the album A story to tell are more on the country side of Irish but there is a really interesting influence from the like of Pat Boone and other 1950s artists getting in there in a was that really hasn’t been heard for a long time. Perhaps now is the right time. Have a listen with fresh ears on her CD baby page where you can also get the album.www.lindawelby.com






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