SnC 142 – Wed 5 Nov 2008


Bonfire night in the UK and my ignorance was evident in the show. At the last possible moment – just as I was finishing the shownotes Our Graham (It’s a Frog’s Life Acoustic Podcast) Holland sent a note through to say that his new show is up … along with a bit of info:"Here in the UK we celebrate the anniversary in 1605 when Guy Fawkes and his co-conspiritors failed to blow up King James I during the Stare Opening of the Houses of Parliament. Read more about it at" Thanks Graham!Dark and dank here in Suffolk this week so here’s a reminder (right) of Ibiza a couple of months ago. We want our summer back!  Blame it on me – The New Duncan Imperials (Chicago, IL, USA) I know it’s only a few weeks since I played High School Soul by the New Duncam Imperials who have been giving Chicago and all points elsewhere a good time for the past 20 years. They have a new album in nearly eight years titled End Of Phase One. Bristling with the kind of straight-ahead-yet-twisted songs that characterize their best work, this album reveals a band that is tough, vital, and still poking rock in the ribs. It’s on Pravda relatively laid back and in places almost chilled SnC this week. It is probably geared to what I feel I desperately need – chill, relax and get away from the computers. Saturday looks the best bet for that – meeting up with Nicky who I last saw when we were around 11 years old. Recognition could be a bit of a problem so we are meeting on a huge windswept a beach in North Norfolk where we will probably be the only two idiots foolhardy enough to brave the elements! Riley B. King – Robben Ford (California, USA)Echos of James Taylor? From the album Truth Robben Ford is one of the premiere electric guitarists today, particularly known for his blues playing as well as his ability to be comfortable in a variety of musical contexts. A four-time Grammy nominee, he has played with artists as diverse as Joni Mitchell, Miles Davis, Bonnie Raitt and more.Robben Ford will present a master class on guitar and music theory for beginning and intermediate level musicians on Saturday Jan 24th, 2009. The class will focus on the basic building blocks of music theory, chord progressions, the use of voicings, listening and improvisation. There will be an emphasis on the importance of the blues in building a strong musical foundation.www.robbenford.comSilver – Conductive Alliance (Illinois, USA)Conductive Alliance formed in 2007, when long time friends began composing music on acoustic instruments that evolved into short, powerful arrangements. Electronics, traditional ethnic instruments, and even children’s toys are used in inventive song-writing. saw School of Seven Bells last week at The Social in London.The sort of venue that I quite like – for sweaty rock. The beer was OK, the floor sticky and probably the most vandal proof furniture which was all built into the floors, being cast concrete blocks to sit on and put glasses on. A small venue but that’s fine for showcasing a band. It did have probably the smallest stage I"ve seen in a few years though. Indeed the first band up, Daniel Land and the Modern Painters had their drummer and kit set off to the side of the stage.So far so good but oh dear, the sound was just awful. It did no justice at all to the School of Seven Bells whose singers Alejandra and Claudia Deheza might have saved the air fair and had an early night. I know they were there, they were only a few feet away from me but I heard almost nothing of them. Their keyboard and guitar work complemented Ben Curtis who was playing some very interesting stuff and constructed some remarkable layered sound with half a stage of pedals. There were real problems with the PA, although I don’t envy the guy on the desk which is behind the stage (perhaps more of  DJ booth) and mixing seems to be done through headphones and occasional attempts to get in front of the stage to take a listen. I"m afraid I was so disappointed that my companion and I left after four numbers. Not that the band were bad. Indeed it was evident that they were as good and perhaps more interesting than I’d expected the frustration of not being able to hear them was almost worse than not hearing them at all. Not a good call by whoever booked them in at that venue if it was for the purpose of showcasing – although, come to think of it anyone with an ear would have recognised the talent despite the sound.Connjur – The School of Seven Bells (Brooklyn, NY)From their excellent album Alpinisms on Ghostly International.
School of Seven Bells “Connjur” (mp3) from “Alpinisms” (Ghostly International) Buy at Rhapsody More On This Album for top cat – Cagey House (Maryland, USA) PMN and JamendoCagey House has been releasing free podsafe music since 2005–through Umor-rex, Nishi, and Jamendo."There’s a new Cagey House album on Jamendo. [but I coundn"t find it] It’s called Earth Covered A-Frame. Most of the tracks have been up here before. Lots of them have computer-generated vocals. It’s pretty nice, if I do say so myself.” player problems continue. On the Day I Found My Hands – The Brilliant Mistakes (Brooklyn, NY) ArielFrom their album Distant Drumming.The Brilliant Mistakes are a New York City-based band who specialize in melodic roots rock brimming with smart songcraft, vintage pop sounds and lush harmonies. Fronted by two songwriters, Alan Walker and Erik Philbrook, they draw you in with infectious melodies and seductive rock flourishes, then beguile with unexpected sonic twists, insightful lyrics and provocative themes, best exemplified by such envelope-pushing kindred spirits as Wilco, My Morning Jacket and Spoon.Album sales via the band’s far can I push you? – Deni Bonnet (New York, USA)Yes, I know I only played Deni’s track Too much fun a few weeks ago (actually it was on 129 on 6 August) but I wanted you to hear another tune from this very New York artist.Both are on Last Girl On Earth, Deni’s first, new, full-length album since the 2002 release of the critically-acclaimed CD, Bigger Is Always Better, and it features a collection of new originals, an unexpected re-working of a classic 80"s song and two bonus tracks of alternate versions of two of the songs on the’s taking a break so, sadly no new PC Podcast and no Dub Zone for a few weeks. I do find myself listi-ening to old Dub zones whilst I’m working the absence of words is ideal. Thanks for them Pete.Struttin’ – Tryad (everywhere)t r y ^ d is one of the world’s first ‘virtual bands’. formed across the oceans and spawned by the combination of opsound and creative commons, a growing international number of t r y ^ d members collaborate online, building a body of ‘open source music’ which can be freely shared, copied and remixed






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