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SnC 136 – Wed 24 Sep 2008

A new track from an old friend this week, plus some tunes from the rcrdlbl.com collection mixed up with the best of new independent music wherever it comes from. Suffolk and Savannah seem to be suffering the onset of autumn. Jessie took great delight in the first decent rain for months in her part of the Mediterranean. The aftermath left a great shading to the usually blue and gold sea at sunset last night. Savannah is the club/bar where she has been working since May and is right here in the picture from the Ibiza sunset cam (right). Try here for live pics.One Rock – Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA)Jimmie Bratcher has been providing the signature tune for Suffolk ‘n’ Cool for almost three years now so he should need little introduction but it has been a while since he had any new tunes available. In fact, the previous tunes went up onto the PMN in November 2006. He also has a new album out to follow up on the very successful Red. This one is descriptively called The Electric Rev.www.jimmiebratcher.com/Discovered rcrd lbl thanks to Pete Cogle. Quite a resource with loads of tracks available for streaming and many for download. The usual ethics apply, Creative Commons and by all means point to the site from your blog, website, MySpace or whatever. Getting traffic to the site helps support it.www.rcrdlbl.comThe Miner – Bell (Brooklyn, NY)Olga Bell is a Russian-born, Alaska bred, conservatory trained Brooklynite and, on the 2008 EP she is joined by Jason Nazary, Grey McMurray, Mike Chiavaro, Gunnar Olsen and Ryan FerreiraFind out a little more for yourself at her MySpace.www.myspace.com/whoisbellGrapevine – The Bedford, Norwich (Oct 15th line-up) Ana Silvera, Azadeh and Mark Fawscett bookings at 01603 666869.www.myspace.com/grapevine4musicA touch of Gotan project feel in hereBleez – Magdam (Ile-de-France, France)From the Jamendo album Escuchar"I have a rather simple objective: I count on my listeners to help itself with the realization of the album of MAGDAM! by making some gifts. They can listen to the compositions of the group besides on MySpace by typing magdam."www.myspace.com/magdamlegroupeHeal the World – Pato Banton (California, USA)From the album Destination ParadiseWith a Grammy nomination to his credit and international chart topping collaborations with the likes of Sting and UB40, Pato has put his mark on the world with the release of Destination Paradise. Undoubtedly his best recording, DP features 12 originals that move the body and inspire the mind.www.patobanton.com/East of Ealing "Peter, thanks a billion for playing our song "Are we there yet ?" Listened to the rest of your show, and enjoyed it massively ! Looking at your name, were you ever related to the Suffolkn’good festival that used to happen up your way ?Its only that we want to play as many festivals /beer fests/wine tasting etc etc as poss next year….if you hear of any that might suit our punk pirate music ….let us know !    Stephanie Graffitti (for E.O.E)www.eastofealing.co.ukwww.myspace.com/eastofealingBonus – Jayme Gutierrez (Jaén, Spain)Another track from the solidly excellent album Wompychew. I played Cats and Rats back in April. You can hear four other tracks at his MySpace.www.myspace.com/jaymegutierrezI’m becoming interested in the way that remixes take a song and transform it. Example:This Truth – Lovespirals (California, USA)Lovespirals blend Rock, Jazz, Blues, Soul, Folk and Electronica to create a dreamy, sensual vibe featuring the smooth, soulful guitar & Rhodes piano of Ryan Lum and the seductive vocals & romantic lyrics of Anji Bee. www.lovespirals.com/www.thechillcast.com/This Truth – Grooveblaster Mix (N. Carolina, USA)The Grooveblaster is living proof that the end justifies the means. Whether it’s going head-to-head on the ones and twos with collaborators, riding the pause button on an old analog 4-track to create a fly loop with the human factor, or keying in the ill echo chamber chill, the Grooveblaster makes ‘tricknology’ work.www.thegrooveblaster.comMany remixes available at http://www.lovespirals.com/podsaferemixClick on the comments link at the end of these notes for news direct from Anji.Easy Street – Sean Bones (New York, USA)Sorry, I can’t find any more. You can download that track for yourself at www.rcrdlbl.com/artists/Sean_Bones/musicwww.myspace.com/seanbonesI played Play Bomb from Izzie Voodoo in last week’s show and it has been in my head all week. (It seems Colin Gazeley at the Ourobouros podcast has the same problem.) I had a note of thanks from Izzie and reminder that she has her own show which I’m now subscribed to and I hope you’ll be able to join me in enjoying at www.voodooquotashow.co.ukNote from Kimo Watanabe with a link to a video on his site:"What better way to close out the week than with a classic reggae track. I just posted my version of No Woman No Cry and hope you enjoy it."www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOXMjl7eXpoA final track from rcrdlbl.com which I know Codger has played in PCPodcast over at http://pcpodcast.blogsome.com/Dance, Dance, Dance – Lykke Li (Stockholm, Sweden)Say hello to your new favorite Swedish songstress. Her name is Lykke Li, she is twenty-two years old, and her debut four-song EP, Little Bit, out on her own label LL Recordings.Recorded in Lykke Li’s hometown of Stockholm and New York City, and produced by Bjorn Yttling of Peter, Bjorn and John, the songs on Little Bit are a reflection of Lykke Li’s globe-trotting upbringing, marrying sounds that are diverse and worldly. Again you can download the track from her page on rcrd lblwww.lykkeli.com/www.rcrdlbl.com/artists/Lykke_Li/music

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