SnC 134 – Wed 10 Sep 2008


Back from a flying visit to Ibiza, where my creaking old bones were taken out to Pacha well past their bedtime (we didn’t leave to GO there until about 1am). My what a classy joint. We were on the guest list (of course) but a bottle of beer and a gin and tonic cost 27 euros (about £22 or $38). However the whole experience was well worth every euro cent. Utterly amazing. There’s a bit of recording from the club later in the show. A Mile Above a Small Town – Christian Brown (Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA)Born in isolation on the frozen arctic plains of Fairbanks, Alaska in Dec. 1985, Christian Brown had difficulty adhering to the stern social structure of a small Midwestern college town when his family relocated to Cedar Falls, IA in 1992. Aside from a few very close friends, Christian mostly kept to himself, wasting his days developing creative pass-times, and marveling at Midwestern technologies such as TV and from Ibiza – what a great time, if a load too short a time. Great to see Jessie and to meet some of her friends in the amazingly close community of "the workers" who make sure that the whole club and music scene on the island keep working.Fantastically hot and bright after the grey "summer" we’ve suffered here in the UK. I realise now that I could have done with a week instead of a couple of days.Clair de Lune – K-valeoun (Lambesc, France)From the Paris: 1989 album on JamendoGroupe touche-a-tout, groupe… mais tout seul ! Entierement fait a l’ordi, je me revendique des influence electro, dance et techno avec un petit faible pour la House des années 80-90.Ecoutez et donnez votre avisNo website that I could see so check the music – Bañeros (Buenos Aires, Argentina)Ten musicians (although they look more like 30 in the photo on Jamendo) took the stage to deliver a powerful combo of songs that cover different rhythmic horizons, characterized by constant fusion between a multitude of styles: ska, reggae, rock, rumba, cumbia, tango and others. The identity of the banda is reflected in climates and passages that generate not only the touch of the various instruments, but also in the imposing and original staging that frame the show at a unique moment. The track Delirar is taken from their album Menos De Lo we there yet – East of Ealing (probably W London, UK)Welcome on board the Blackship ! You are now journeying with the roots-rock crew that are EAST OF EALING. Enter the mosh pit with like minded punks , grannies, grockles and gobshites for a world trip of musical mayhem! Catch these pirates of the 21st century, they are bound for Hell or Glory…….. well, since Codger has already played them I think we can make a fair guess – see what you think.Live shows coming up on Friday at Filty’s, Twickenham and on 25th at Staines Riverside for musicians too: Making a song or two available to podcasters is a very cool way to get your music heard by hundreds of music lovers. Simply pick the Creative Commons (CC) license that best suits your needs. With a Creative Commons license, you keep your copyright but allow people to copy and distribute your work provided they give you credit — and only on the conditions you specify.You keep control of your intellectual property while granting podcasters limited use for free. You get exposure and podcasters get content for their programs. They will drive traffic to your website or the online store of your choice.www.musicpodcasting.orgSong 7 – Trolley (Halifax, UK)From the album Very Plath.The album description reads:So, this would be the 3rd of the 3 Trolley albums.  This is the one where it all came together quite nicely, and is still one I’m rather proud of.  (Despite it’s rather sketchy opener "Affluenza" – Why do I never manage to do satisfactory opening tracks?  Too much enthusiasm to get going, perhaps).My personal faves on "Very Plath" are "Holy Mother Hindlay" which is built on a simple ominous loop which builds and builds throughout the main body of the song, before switching tack and coming to quite an anthemic close). "Song 7" which has a slightly caribean feel to it but manages to take a trip through about another 5 genres before it finishes, without sounding too forced or pretentious, and "Sisters At The Wheel", an industrial dance affair with a huge heart and sing song chorus."Very Plath" as a whole does what "Pedigree Joey" did in its finer moments and manages to condense them into more manageable 4 minute chunks – Without the schizophrenia, but with all the adventure left intact.  It took me a long time to do this one, but I enjoyed every minute." house music – so what’s it all about then? I went to see what I could find out with the aid of Jessie Clitheroe and Sarah Malloy my two guides to the delights of Pacha and El Divino. Ok so maybe it was just because I saw Roger Sanchez working but the energy of the man is just amazing – a seven hour set!Mashitup (Shir Khan Remix) – The Young Punx (London, UK)Also recently back from filming in Ibiza for a show on Flaunt TV.It’s all gone Pete Tong (from the Young Punx blog at"Contrary to popular belief when the above phrase is used, it hasn’t actually gone horribly wrong and we haven’t been invaded by the coke badgers either. It’s good news. No, it’s great news… Tracking us down through the power of good-taste (and great PR), Pete Tong will be playing [played] the Shir Kahn remix of ‘Mash It Up’ on his Fast Trax show this week (Friday 5th)."






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