SnC 130 – Wed 13 Aug 2008


Serious clouds around the barn this afternoon. The summer seems to be a write-off. We had half an inch of rain in a single shower this morning. Still, so much great, great music for you – all in just one rather longer show.Daisies – Sick of Sarah (California, USA)Sick of Sarah began in Minneapolis, MN in April 2005 as an all-female band with catchy hooks, unique lyrics, and thoughtful, well-crafted music. The band displays talent, passion, and an ever-present sense of humor that shapes many of their listener? You are very welcome indeed. The show is about giving your ears a taste of something a bit different. Most of which will be entirely new to you. It is also about challenging a few of the preconceptions that we all carry around with us.Visions – Jack Jezzro (Memphis)DIVERSITY best describes the artistry of guitarist, bassist, and producer Jack Jezzro. His numerous recordings and productions have sold well into the millions, all while continuing to be a highly regarded studio musician and performer with an extensive resume. However, even more than that, Jezzro has a style and taste that are all his own—qualities that are a breath of fresh air to the music of today and qualities that breathe new life into the music of yesterday.His remarkable skill at simultaneously fingering melody and chord changes came naturally to him as a young listener. "I had a stack of Chet Atkins records, and that’s how I learned to play," Jezzro reports. "As a kid, I"d want to play all the parts. I’d listen to a tune by James Taylor, The Doobie Brothers, Simon & Garfunkel, or whomever. I"d play the bass part, the piano, the vocal—and I’d want to do it all right there on the guitar." to welcome Codger back to the land of the living after what sounds like a really refreshing cruise. Good to have you back on good form. Recordings with wind noise is nothing new is it?   Message from Colin Gazeley at the Ourobouros podcast: "As you may know, The Chiala L’s is one of my all time favourite podsafe bands. They’ve just managed to record some new demos." Thanks Colin, a good one.Supergroupie – The Chiara L’s (Leeds, UK )Chiara Lucchini – Lead Vocals & Guitar. Jonny Lee Hart- Lead Guitar & Backng Vocals. Tim Oldfield- Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals. Dan Stretton-Drums & Backing Vocals. Emma Quick – Synths & Extras.After only a short stint on the Leeds scene playing tight and engaging sets at all of the city’s top indie venues (Brudenell, Faversham, Cockpit et al), The L’s have amassed a devout following. Recent dates have seen them venture to the country’s capital to be once again brilliantly received at The Buffalo Bar, The Dublin Castle and The Old Blue Last. Their relentless touring schedule has not gone unnoticed and along with earning them significant column inches in the international Indie Press, covetable support slots with Shy Child, The Organ, The Whip,Operator Please, Ipso Facto and Vincent Vincent and the Longer I Run – Peter Bradley Adams (Nashville via Los Angeles via Alabama, USA)Peter Bradley Adams was formerly one half of the duo "eastmountainsouth" signed by Robbie Robertson to Dreamworks Records in 2002. He has just released his second solo record, "Leavetaking", on Sarathan Records. Peter Bradley Adams – pianoLes Price – tenor and acoustic guitarsJames Digirolamp – accordionIan Fitchuck – drumsJeff Irwin – bassKatie Herzig – vocalsRecorded by Jason Lehning at Alex the Great, Nashville, TN20 Aug Eddie"s Attic, Decatur, Georgia21 Aug Workplay Theater, Birmingham, Alabama23 Aug Evening Muse, Charlotte, North Carolina25 Aug XM Radio – Live taping for The Loft, Washington, Washington DC25 Aug Iota,     Arlington, Virginia26 Aug Gravity Lounge, Charlottesville, Virginia27 Aug Coffee East     Easton, Maryland28 Aug Rockwood Music Hall, New York City, New York29 Aug Lucky Star Lounge, Front Royal, Virginiaand thus to France for a few gigs in and around Paris details on Peter’s – I’m planning to be in Austin, Texas (yeah, I know I said Atlanta on the show!)  for the music festival in March and hoping to set up a few interviews and low key sessions. Don’t know where to stay, any hints, tips and suggestions gratefully received. You can email me through the website www.suffolkandcool.comJ’ai bu mon café – Passe-Fil  (Tannay – Switzerland)Voice, Guitar, Sampler and PianoMes goûts: Génésis, Ange, Brassens, Brel, le rock symphonique et les chanteurs à textsFrom the album Plages Folles (Jamendo) of which he says:"It is full of songs recorded between 1980 and 1996, worked over again and mp3ized at the request of my daughters who found my old cassettes. Intended to be shared with my friends."Now we are all friends Part – North American Royalty (Tennessee, USA)We play music because we love it not because it’s cool to be in a band. We formed around our singer Elise Berkes and her unique writing style. The music is a collaborative effort from the groups members attempting to give our listeners an experience that is full of depth and submissionsNew feature on the SnC Site – an experiment really – there is a box for music submissions, audio comments and station IDs. Submit your music from the front page at – Smitt  E Smitty (Massachusetts, USA)Smitt E. Smitty is me. Born and raised in Detroit. Moved to Boston in 1985. I’ve been playing drums since grammar school. Never took a lesson, just knew what to do the first time I sat down behind a the center – Kati Mac (New York, USA) ArielNYC singer-songwriter, Kati Mac is a successful indie-artist and the best-kept secret you’ve never heard of! Her accomplishments are impressive beyond measure. She"s worked with legendary artists such as Meat Loaf, Nona Hendryx, Sting, Dr. John. She has produced 4 of her own successful CDs. She has achieved #1 and top 10 positions on various non-commercial radio stations across the U.S. Her music has been has been prominently featured on daytime television and has garnered several Daytime Emmy Award nominations. But at the heart of all that, is an artist courageous enough to tap into the depths of her emotions, both beautiful and difficult, in order to create music that resonates for herself and others. Her latest CD, Poseidon’s Son, is the most fully realized expression of her talent to date – a collection of songs sure to impact all who hear off your radio – beNuts (Bavaria, Germany)For many years this is Bavaria’s best known Ska Band! you’d like to comment on the show – one way is to click on the Comments link just below here and slightly to the right! Yes, that’s it. I’d really like to hear from you – tell me where you are too.






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