SnC 129 – Wed 06 Aug 2008


Music from Brighton here in the UK, California, Niort in France, Norway, Poland, Philadelphia and New York … I thought, then a very late change to the running order (during the show) made a complete mess of my predictions! Been prepping the show early this week knowing that today was going to be a high pressure day. Still finished after midnight because of a thunderstorm that screwed up internet connection. Never mind, I think the show is worth it.Comfort Zone – Heels Catch Fire (Brighton, UK)Furious new addition to the Brighton Post Hardcore Artrock scene. Forming in the latter part of 2006.Elliot Richards – Vocals and GuitarLaura O’Rourke – Guitar and VocalsMike Hornsby – Bass and VocalsDale Frost – Drums9 Aug Freebutt w/Tellison+Tubelord , Brighton24 Aug Beachdown Festival , Devils Dyke, Moon is Torn – The Simple Things (San Francisco, CA, USA)Paying more attention to the space between the notes than the notes themselves, San Francisco-based trio The Simple Things pursues the art of musical simplicity, with well thought-out arrangements, minimalist instrumentation, and kite-string melodies. Dreamy and raw, ethereal and intense, The Simple Things’ music represents the meeting place of understated virtuosity, sublime songwriting, and guts. Featuring the powerful vocals of Kaitlin McGaw, melodic bass by Raymond Ruiz, and virtuosity on the piano from Michael Gallant. The Simple Things invite you to close your eyes, visualize the images, and overtones – Brian Eno and David ByrneA departure from the usual policy of not playing established artists. These guys are interesting enough to deserve an exception. Their first collaboration since the pair’s My Life in the Bush of Ghosts (1981). There’s a free download track available now – just go to and follow the links and instructions.From David’s blog:"Today, a free track is available from the upcoming record that I did with Brian Eno.  I’m hoping that folks will be pleasantly surprised at the direction we’ve taken and the final result. Since it’s only one song, it may give a skewed taste of the record, but many told me it’s their favorite track — I guess we’ll see.I’m also wondering whether the web-curious will allow news of the album to spread more or less by itself. In the past, I might have undertaken all kinds of expensive marketing plans to prepare for a record release: there would be a teaser, live shows, posters, magazine ads, interviews, and advance CDs sent to writers and reviewers. We’ve done a few interviews, but that’s about it. It will be interesting to see if audiences find out about this song — and the record — without all those marketing techniques, and solely through Internet word-of-mouth."’high – Oooh !!! (Niort, France)Decidedly avant-garde dub. In existence since : 03.2003From the gloriously titled first album Deep inside the hooka sleep free honeybees available on Jamendo as is the more recent eponymous Oooh !!!Here is what I"ve found out about Oooh !!!:un Ouf Out, Ose le Hasard !!! d’Ores et d’Orgeat Out Hélas !!! Ostinato d’Origine Opaque, Hue !!! Os d’Oisif On Hamac !!! Ô Oisif Obstiné, Hic !!! Onde Oblongue Onirique Homogène !!! Onde Onirique Orbitale Hallucinée !!! Oncle Ouille et Ostinati Hyperboliques !!! Oasis d’Orchidées, Orangeraie, Hot !!! s’Oindre l’Oeil d’Ocres, Holà !!! Ouïr Obus, Ondes et Hoquets !!! Orange O.K., Orgeat, Hoquets !!! On Ose Ouïr, Houra !!! s’Oindre l’Ogive d’Orties, Houlà !!! Olé Olé Ou Hurluberlu !!!  Ouïe Oïl Oc Hou !!! Ouïe, Ouate, Onde, Hiatus !!! Odyssée Onirique, Osmose, Hasard !!! Orgeat Ouais, Opium Han !!!  Olibrius Oued Ouate Humm !!! Ovni en Orbite, Oxydé et Hirsute !!! Opter pour Orgies et Or, Hop !!! Onde Ohm Ouï Hiatus OuillOuillOuille, Houra !!!  Oho Ohé Ouou Hep !!! Obsession Onirique d’un Olibrius Hirsute !!!Actually, it is FRANCK CADET : guitare ordi samplers synthé effets loopersIf you do nothing else please check out the website at: dyrygent – Samplastik (Wrocław, Poland)Samplastik jest sztuką walki stworzoną przez Mistrza Z. jako metoda obrony przed słabą muzyką bez użycia broni. Dawniej dla tej sztuki używano różnych nazw : rybne ciosy, bitne cymbały lub Okinawa-te. Co ważne jednak – nazwa Samplastik została zatwierdzona dopiero w 2006 roku – roku psa dodajmy.In existence since : Come to this – Kelly’s Lot (LA, CA, USA)Kelly’s Lot is a 4-7 piece Roadhouse Rock, Blues and Folk band that is based in Los Angeles, CA. They are known for their fun and energetic style at festivals and marathons. They tour a couple times a year and play for lots of charities. With a variety of styles it’s hard to categorize this band.Watch a Kelly’s Lot video at their MySpace and an upcoming gig:August 12 noon-2pm Pershing Square, Downtown Los Angeles, much fun – Deni Bonet (New York)There are a lot of ways you could describe an artist as talented and versatile as Deni Bonet. But the simplest way is best: Just imagine your favorite singer-songwriter – with a violin and a better sense of irony.A classically-trained musician who"s performed or recorded with some of the classic names in rock and pop – R.E.M., Saran McLachlan, Daniel Lanois and the late Warren Zevon, to name just a few – and who recently toured the world with Cyndi Lauper, Bonet is now stepping into the solo spotlight with her second album, Last Girl On Earth.






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