SnC 126 – Wed 16 Jul 2008


A quirky selection from around the globe again. Finding the tracks is certainly enjoyable; I just need another day a week to do it!  Skamótxalo – Vagos Permanentes (Alcalá de Henares, Spain)In existence since :"Ouvrez grand vos oreilles” – Jamendo. What a great slogan.Honestly – Nancy Moran (Tennessee, USA)The Richmond (VA) Times-Dispatch called Moran "nothing short of a [modern-day] Joni Mitchell" and "a major creative force to be reckoned with." Dirty Linen says Nancy has "a powerful, expressive voice…stunning." Something Old, Something New is her 4th solo release and can be yours for $14.97 from CD Baby via her Dog – Mister tba aka Boo Boo Davis (Illinois, USA)just three guysi play sing and play harmonicaone plays drumsone plays guitaryou don’t know my name……I am a survivor and belong to one of the last generations of musicians that write and play the blues based on first hand experience of a hard life in the Mississippi Delta. In the early sixties I went north to St Louis and was around during the heyday of the St Louis music scene (Albert King, Ike Turner, Chuck Berry and many others).During my childhood there was no time or money for me to go to school so I never learned to read and write. (Yes I have some help with this !!). However that did not prevent me to travel all over the world. Following my guiding spirit (Dave) I have found a way to deal with modern society. The blues helps me to keep my spirit high and survive day-to-day in late May I played a track by Jennifer Greer called Ocean Liner. Today I heard that Triplexity had released a new album, Live in Triplex City which included a track that is based on Invited one of the other tracks on Jennifer’s album. It features Jennifer’s vocals beautifully meshed with characteristically restrained, almost sparse layered components in Triplexity"s music.Invited – Triplexity (France?)(With Jennifer Greer)Triplexity is Nikila, SaReGaMa and Hamelin Bérengnier.The word Triplexity is combined of two words: triplex and complexity. Triplexity is a virtual band, its members never met each other face to face, all the collaborations came to live thru the Internet. Every member comes from a different musical background, together, they blend their knowledge and inspiration and give life to their unique music with a fresh new sound. from Pete Miller – loops? What loops? (Australia)Animals will hurt you – Control Escape (Ithaca, NY, USA)Control Escape are releasing their debut LP Generation of Waste, today, July 16, 2008 on Weasel Land Records.Full of double meaning and self-deprecation Generation of Waste comments on the young American experience.  From the addled addict, "It ain’t like I wanted it.  It ain’t like I’m good…. I’m back on the drugs," (Back on the Drugs) to the homesick soldier, "Sittin’ in Iraq with an MRE/ yeah, Big Mac/ when I get back," (Iraq) the songs portray a generation coping with their inherited future.In support of their upcoming release Control Escape has been performing on local and college radio including Cornell University’s WVBR.  Erased, an early release from the album, is getting frequent play on internet radio.Their quirky music video for track 2 Kenny’s Big Adventure has been picked up by and CGN7 in Portland, Oregon. Political ballad Iraq is available for free download on berceuse afro – Myriam "Jah B" Matoussi (Tunisia)from her album In Trees, one of quite a few on Jamendo. Chanteuse tunisienne amoureuse de la nature née dans les montagnes en 1982 près de Byzerte, sa voix douce et envoutante nous emporte dans un voyage vers des pays inconnus et lointains, toujours mystérieux; avec coeur émotions et ressenti; dans un ensemble de plages hétéroclites.Le métissage de ses musiques donne une colorité musicale dont le nuancier n’a pas de limites.Ces albums regroupent l’ensemble de ses influences musicales, liées par l’électronique.Le jazz, le classique et les musiques du monde constituent la matière première d’un travail de collage (cut-up) non coformiste, impressioniste et transformiste à l’huile d’Olive. Dans sa réalistation, Dreadd y insere des ambiances, ses propres sons , une atmosphere orientale ornée de culture jungle qui se marient parfaitement bien avec la maitrise de la composition musicale de Sir Giwo aka Gywonimo qui permet d’y inserer des petites choses déglinguées, voir déjantées.If you found it interesting get over to Jamendo and take a listen, the tracks are very varied in style, origin and 2003 – THC-X (Namysłów, Poland)From their album Muzykanci (Jamendo) with my brother – Entire Cities (Ontario, Canada)Entire Cities are riding high on the success of their latest album, Deep River, the product of ten musicians using banjos, violins, flutes, pianos, minimoogs, singing saws, trombones, whatever else they saw fit to bring their work to life. The result is a heady mix of country, indie, gospel and rock.SIMON BORER -Guitar, Vox, RUHEE DEWJI -Flute, Horns, Vox, TAMARA LINDEMAN -Banjo, Vox, BRENDAN HOWLETT -Bass, Trumpet, PAUL McCRADY -Vox, Keys, Glock and PAUL WEADICK -Drums, VoxLong distance members:JOSH LYON -Keys, Accordion, Vox, STEFANIE BRUCE -Singins Saw, Autoharp and DAVID MISSIO -GuitarAvailable now at Soundscapes in Toronto, Brian’s Record Option and Made 4 You in Kingston and online at






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