SnC 125 – Wed 09 Jul 2008


A focus on some fine acoustic music (along with some great electric rock) this week as an equipment failure and lots of changes in the set-up create a rather different sound, I think. One of the most powerful rainbows I’ve seen over the house last night – when there was sun as well as rain. Tonight. Just rain, and lots of it for the past 15 hours and counting. Enjoy the music!Same ol’ bend – Sheila Sondergärd (California, USA)From her album Spoke too loud.Picking up the trumpet at the age of 9 and the guitar at 11 cannon-balled Sheila Sondergärd into something she couldn’t wait to ‘tap’. Having been inspired by each of her diverse and contrasting homes and drenched in exotic cultures her style has evolved as a copasetic [Copacetic: in excellent order – early 20th century of unknown origin. So now we know!] melting-pot of genres such as: Classical, Reggae, Folk, Rock n Roll, Punk, and many others. Sheila is not only a musician, but she holds down three jobs and in her spare time, she works on cars, & professionally trains horses. This seemingly lends to a common sense in Sheila’s lyrics and music that both men and women can relate to. Becoming a staple of the SD music scene over the past 5 years, Sheila has had the opportunity to play aside many amazingly, talented artists at many great and diverse venues. She also hosts one of San Diego"s most popular and longest running open mics for 10-12 local musicians every week. Sheila is ready to bring her music to the world, and we hope you can help to be a vessel in which that is possible! And as always, thank you for supporting independent View from the N16 – Peter Miller (Queensland, Australia)Hailing from Australia, fingerstyle guitarist Peter Miller is a player that has been inspired by the styles of Phil Keaggy, Bruce Cockburn and many of the players like Michael Hedges from the Windham Hill label that brought us such greats as Will Ackerman and many more…"It’s very flattering that reviewers can pick up that I’m inspired by such players I owe a lot to those sort of players." says Peter.His playing has a tasteful use of space, without being underplayed.His live performances are a mixture of solo and layered guitar pieces using a loopstation (JamMan) to build the multiple guitar parts.Peter has received great responses from fellow musicians and reviewersfor his 2007 release  "From A Distant Shore" sauvage – Abakuya (France)The musical project Abakuya was born with the meeting of two musicians, Jimi Sofo (Australia) and François Essindi (Cameroon), and took place in 2006 thanks to an exchange travel organized by the Akiba Association in Cameroon. Other musicians came in turn and decided to travel together… Frog and the Princess – Brent Lewis (Joshua Tree, California, USA)Journey of Souls is Brent Lewis’ newest CD. Master melodic drummer, Brent Lewis has created a new dimension in music. He uses his one and only melodic drums as the lead instrument surrounded by beautiful counter point melodies and harmonies.Brent’s life is his music, and the study of tribal rhythms. His education has been intense and in-depth studying with drum masters in different parts of the world. His experience studying with the master professor Mr. Kwasi Badu of Ghana, Africa, was profound and very meaningful. Brent has travelled throughout Africa to study the roots of African music, tribal ceremonies and rhythms. His music takes ancestral rhythms from all over the world and combines them for a unique world minutes – Mal Fry (Suffolk, UK)I am a Singer songwriter from Suffolk, England and have been playing guitar for 8 years and writing songs for 7 years. Started playing live Sep 1999 (nerve wracking or what!) now have regular gigs in the local area.Well after 10 years of trying finally a modicum of success. A Dutch TV show called Hello Goodbye about Schiphol airport has used 2 of my songs "You Were There" and "In Your Arms" on 3 episodes so it just goes to show it’s worth – Ruth Theodore (London, UK)A singer/songwriter like no other. With words as dangerous as her guitar playing, Ruth Theodore reminds us why songwriting is important in the first place. Refreshingly original and relentlessly imaginative. – River Rat Records Debut album Worm Food. 13 tracks of beautifully twisted, political and personal mayhem. River Rat Records supports Creative Commons. If you like what you hear, please consider buying a CD. Their releases are packaged beautifully and manufactured using 100% recycled card. £9.99www.ruththeodore.comBees and flowers / Joe Smallwood’s Reel – Duane Andrews (Newfoundland, Canada) Heavily influenced by the brilliance of early twentieth century French Gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt, Duane Andrews’ unique blend of jazz and traditional Newfoundland folk music is consistently recognized by both industry and fans with awards and accolades. A couple of duo performance with Icelandic guitarist Bjorn Thoroddsen are coming up.14 July Atlantic Jazz Festival, Halifax, Nova Scotia19 July The Evergreen Theatre, East Margaretsville, Nova






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