SnC 124 – Wed 02 Jul 2008


IntroHappy – Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA) amazing light on the sea at Aldeburgh.At the salon – The Mome Raths (Illinois, USA)Daniel Rath – Guitar & VocalsTracey Rath – Bass & VocalsSister Rath – Vocals & styleBoss Rath – Drums & HandclapsThe Mome Raths play raw, poppy, fast, catchy, garage punk rock that you can bust a move to, or at least we try. We like to sing about pretty random stuff. We’re not the best musicians in the world but we make up for it in some way or another. We like to have fun and not take ourselves too serious cause if you ask us the music scene already has enough self obsessed overblown egos to go makes it overnight – The Alice Project (New York, USA)NY-based band that specializes in melodic, hooky, tuneful pop/rock. … Alice Leon is a singer and songwriter who’s been creating smart appealing songs for one million years. ALICE WANTS TO THANK THE "POD PEOPLE" for beaming in from outerspace and creating GOOD radio for earthlings. Baker was listening to Radio 4 in his car this week when, as he says, "There was an item about The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, six guys and two girls who play ukuleles of various sizes. I’ve just Googled them and there are several of their videos there – Wuthering Heights, Orange Blossom, Life on Mars, etc.. Though you might like to listen to something different." Yes, they were indeed on Radio 4 last weekend and I have a request in for a track or two to play on the show. The only potential problem is that they tend to play "covers" of popular songs and so copyright clearance could be a nightmare (and expensive) but I’m working on it. When I say "covers" I’m using the term in its loosest sense. I’m particularly fond of Should I stay or should I go? and Teenage Kicks – transformed into something quite else. Definitely "loose covers" Spill – Annie Goliath (London, UK)The engaging music of Annie Goliath is urban poetry unravelling. Based in London, this vocalist/ musician has teamed up with the experimental artist known as Digital Freakswing. The result is alternative electronica soundscapes with deep undercurrents of rock and dance pulsing through…ELECTRIC! – Tour de France (Los Angeles, USA))Tour De France is the songwriting team of Bernadette Colomine and Samuel H Collin. Based in Los Angeles, California, Tour De France composes original songs in French. Sam and Bernadette share a mutual passion for writing hook driven sounds as though Paul "The Grumbler” over at Music and Mumblngs ( has a great time at the Yael Naim gig in San Francicsco last week. Just as I would have expected. Dance – Nikila (France)Passion pour la montagne et l’art sous toutes formesFrom the album #1 (Jamendo) Cowboy – BourlandBourland is from Austin, Texas formerly of The Texas Philistines, he now has his own band featuring DJ Buffalo Phil, Buster Gutbucket, Sick and Mojo playing a disctinctive brand of Hillbilly Hick Hop.What is Hillbilly Hick Hop, you say? Pseudo country music with hip hop beats and a DJ scratching. Add a washtub bass and your on your way! Basically, I like DJ music, drum loops, country music, bluegrass and punk rock. I like bands like Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The Beastie Boys, The Sex Pistols, Scott H. Biram, The Weary Boys, Beck, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Ray Wylie Hubbard etc… prices in the USA. Bourland reports that Opal Devine"s venues around Austin are suspending music for the summer. Distances? really feeling the pinch? Have you noticed any changes to gigs? Blue Blue – Serpentone (Oregon, USA)Played Get Free from the "studio" in Porto de Soller back in early May (SnC 116).Band formed in 2004, with the longest standing members being Erika (vox/songwriting/guitar-playing/diva-bitch), Cyrus (original drummer, who has done fill-in work since 2005), and most recently, the adorable multitasking almost-sober chick-magnet bassist known as Skot. Somehow, these three managed to eke out time on Sundays during 2007 to record an album of sorts at Marty Vincelli’s "Big House." Which is a house, that is big. Many amazing musicians have supported this band by filling the rhythm slots for live shows, including Carl Keil, Morgan Grace, Sam Henry, Tom Drama, Tim Flanary, Carl Keil, nolan void, and Susan"When I play a note on my guitar and it sustains just right – for a few seconds. I have everything I need for this world."Preacher – Rick Fowler (Georgia, USA)Rick Fowler’s musical honesty creates an unsurpassed morphic resonance between him and his listeners. With a raw soul reminiscent of early Johnny Winter and aural suspense akin to Trower, Fowler delivers the energy, joy, anger and torment found in the very best of blues-rock. Preacher is from his album Back on my good foot available direct from his site or from CD Baby. Credit due to all musicians on the album: BASS: Michael C. SteeleDRUMS: Gerry Hansen,Bill BerryB3: Tim White,Randall Bramblett2ND GUITAR: Jonathan DorseyRESONATOR: Michael C. SteeleBG VOCS: Sherry Joyce, Michael C. Steele






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