SnC 123 – Wed 25 Jun 2008


A rather/even more quirky selection than usual this week. I’ve been exploring a few genres that I’m not really that familiar with. Really listening opens up whole new landscapes of music to explore. Artois woke up briefly (See photo) to have some food but otherwise has slept soundly since 08:30 yesterday Wed) morning!Weekend Tongue – Donora (Pennsylvania, USA)Jake H. met Casey a few hours after she was born. He was disappointed she was a girl and cried. Eighteen years later he got over it, and they started a band with another Jake that played bass. They became Donora and together they make melodic, dance-worthy, garage High Road – Sharon Robinson (California, USA)Singer/songwriter/producer Sharon Robinson releases her debut solo album "Everybody Knows" on August 19, 2008. The long-time collaborator of Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famer Leonard Cohen won a GRAMMY in 1985 for "New Attitude" by Patti Bay – Ambiguous Dreams (UK)AD, is a two piece ambient instrumental project, from England (UK). The project began in late 05, when AD’s music was produced through a college controlled version of Cubase 1.  Taking influence from the sounds of Akira Yamaoka’s Silent Hill creations and Random Juxtaposition AD’s audio output is a a maelstrom of genres, including; Ambient, NU Age, Drum & Bass, Metal and bought song for a dollar – The Go Ahead And (Vermont, USA)Seriously funny music about non-serious, frequently geeky topics, such as foot fetishes, boring people, and forbidden love on the Death Star.The Go Ahead And is a comedy pop band who masquerades as a group of rascally young hooligans; however, all of the wacky musical hijinks perpetrated by The Go Ahead And are actually the product of just one person: Joel Abbott. Joel Abbott’s story as a musician begins a few months after he was born, when his parents took him to a stoned fortuneteller at a hippie art fair in Boulder, Colorado, and the fortuneteller said "when this baby grows up he will use music to express himself." True Song – Jen Lowe (Georgia, USA)Jen Lowe is a sincere songwriter who writes straight from the heart.  Her lyrics are direct and thoughtful, as she wastes no time getting the heart of the matter.  Having been a full time touring percussionist and drummer with many national acts,  Jen’s sense of the song writing process is strong.  She comes to you from Atlanta, GA where she has played and been influenced by great artists such as Angie Aparo, Keni Thomas, Jason Mraz, and Tristan Prettyman.  Her stage presence is larger than life as she engages the audience in a story, a witty comment, or just her keen ability to entertain.  Jen is pleased to bring to her audience her first record entitled "From The End Of This Hallway."  Produced by Tim Acres and mixed by Steve Rizzo, this album will take you in from the first note.  Whether on the stage or in the studio, Jen takes you on her journey that will leave remembering her sentiments for a long time. is alive – Dr Kananga From the two track album (what is an album these days) Post-apocolyptic merry melodiesDr Kananga, conspirateur au sein des Space Jahourt vous a préparé une cuisine électro qui sent bon le old school à base de hip hop, trip hop et un soupson de Jungle. Comme dirait l’autre on ne fait pas de la nouvelle cuisine et même si certaines plages peuvent sembler lounge c’est pour mieux rebondir après. Les beats sont lourds, les samples de cuivres et de violons sont jazzy et les synthés fleurent bon la fin des 70s. Le tout est accompagné de ses transitions -Entremets à base de zapping télé improbable.Beginner’s Luck – Lindalou and Michael Ryge (California, USA)From the album Beginner’s Luck which was originally released in 2003. They finally got around to releasing it on Jamendo in April 2008.Wild spirited teenagers surprise themselves decades later with this CD of close harmonies, true stories and adventures reflecting their love for life and each other.They’ve made old men cry, and young women laugh, and vice versa. Their music, while almost all acoustic, is diverse in styles, from instrumental to A cappella, from story songs and love ballads to quirky autobiographical tales.






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