SnC 122 – Wed 18 Jun 2008


A frantic week since … er… last week’s show with the summer Podcrawl in London on Friday, being social at the weekend and a crazy but necessary trip to Glasgow (pictured) yesterday, it’s no wonder that I feel a bit more "odd" than usual. Glasgow seemed to me to be changing … into  a showcase for innovative architecture but at the cost of losing its distinctive look and feel. In a few years every major city will have copied the styles of buildings and at that point they will look fresh and Glasgow will look tired with none of its traditional buildings remaining to save the day. Depressing.No use for hate – Trick Seventeen (Germany)From the self titled album from German pop/punk, melodic emo rockers Trick Seventeen. The album MAY be called Might as Well but it makes not a jot of difference. You can get it free from Jamendo at the click of a mouse from past quite a few hours have been strange and exhausting. I did something that I argue fiercely against yesterday. One of the projects I am working on at the moment is not making the progress that it should be so I went on a day trip for a meeting with someone who may well be able to help. The only problem is that Kate was scheduled to be in Glasgow, Scotland from her base in Inverness, almost 200 miles of tortuous Scottish roads away. I’m in Suffolk, another 450 miles and 7 hours driving away. I’m reluctant to admit that I did the obvious thing, drove over to Stansted Airport and caught a one hour flight to Glasgow horribly early in the morning and came back in the evening. 21 hours non-stop travel and work with two climbs to 36,000 feet and the descents have taken their toll. (Bedding track – Peter Greenstone Somewhere over Greenland)Broken Symmetries – Peter Greenstone (Texas, USA)Peter Greenstone is an independent musician, a singer/songwriter producing his own sound from his home studio in Austin, Texas. Freely stepping across and often defying genres, Peter mixes acoustic and synthetic sounds and tones to create an atmosphere in his music that is sometimes surreal, sometimes haunting, sometimes whimsical, but always personal. You can buy his album of the same name (Broken Symmetries) or any individual track through his site. – Triplexity (mostly France, I think!)Triplexity is Nikila, SaReGaMa and Hamelin Bérengnier.The word Triplexity is combined of two words: triplex and complexity. Triplexity is a virtual band, its members never met each other face to face, all the collaborations came to live thru the Internet. Every member comes from a different musical background, together, they blend their knowledge and inspiration and give life to their unique music with a fresh new sound. quality in MP3 recordings like SnCBenefit of getting better quality originals such as the FLAC files that Triplexity are producing. Much better form of compression. Explained by Saregama at: Les Soldats – Tribuman and the Jammin’ Orchestra (from Jamendo)I played their track First Riddim’ back in October last year high time for another. The electric piano through the wah-wah pedal reminds me rather strongly of one of the bands I worked with. While it’s nice to hear a familiar sound and these days it triggers a smile, I’m, even more pleased that it quickly turns into something quite different and presents and worthwhile challenge to Pass the Schnapps – Copper Box (Wisconsin, USA)I played "Need a little squeeze” from Copper Box a couple of weeks ago and suggested that we needed to hear another track soon. This is the one I was thinking of. (From the PMN) – Manny (Luxembourg)From Manny’s Sideshow album. Recorded at Chez Manny by Luxembourg resident Scotsman Gordon Furguson aka Manny.www.sideshowmanny.comCome Clean – The Mexicolas (Birmingham, UK)Been played by both Pete Cogle at PC Podcast and now by Colin Gazeley over at The Ourobourous Podcast and now at long last, here. They are:Jamie Evans – Vocals / Guitars / Keyboards Tim Trotter – Drums / Percussion Del Carter – from The Grumbler and New Song – Yael NaimBimbo’s 365, San Francisco, next Tuesday






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