SnC 120 – Wed 04 Jun 2008


Some people have suggested that the show is eclectic. Listening to this week’s selection, I think they could be right. Music from Canada, Texas, London, Germany, New York and Norway.Les fantômes – David Jalbert (Canada)Auteur-compositeur-interprète.David Jalbert naît le 5 mai 1980 à Rivière des Prairies et passe la majeure partie de sa vie à Mascouche dans Lanaudière. Dès sa tendre enfance, la musique est omniprésente au foyer; son père, un guitariste passionné, Walks On Water – Love = Action (Texas, USA)Love = Action is the current solo project of singer/songwriter Jacoby Jennings. The sound of the music is a collision of organic and electronic instruments but the constant is the honesty that flows through every song. Rather reminds me of The Blue Nile. and On –  Naama Hillman (London, UK)Naama Hillman played the Winelight Club in Norwich on Friday – a very
subtle, restrained, acoustic and moving set for which I offer my
thanks. Nominated for an Indie Music Award recentlyOn and On is from her 2004 album Living room. She has a new five track acoustic EP (In Between the Lights)  available right now for free download from her site and a new album on the way. That’s something to look forward to.  www.naamahillman.comMusik Macht – akustikfilm (Germany)From nature’s sample board to urban voices and echoes. akustikfilm collects soundscapes on this planet and transforms them into musical film. All music by akustikfilm is licensed under creative commons (by-nc-nd) Note from Erika of Serpentone whose song Get Free I played a couple of weeks ago "thank you for that exposure on your wonderfully eclectic podcast! Much appreciated."   ‘Ere who you calling eclectic?"Quit Quittin’  – Andy Mullen (New York, USA)Acoustic singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Andy Mullen is here to put the "song" back in "songwriter," the "blue" back in "bluegrass," and the "alcohol" back in "alcoholic."His new album, "The Toenail Jar" is available for a free digital download at his website. note from Mune of Butumbaba (Sin Capitan on last week’s show) pointing out my inability to read the bleedin’ obvious. Of course MAJIKONVINAZION (which I even mis-spelt on the SnC shownotes isn’t unpronoucable at all! It means “magical combination” yes, of course it does! Bumber Sticker Song – Last November (Georgia, US)They released their debut album, All the Gory Details, with Atlanta’s Southern Tracks Records, founded by the late, legendary music publisher Bill Lowery. For years, the Label has developed a solid reputation of discovering and developing new talent. The album is a compilation of honest, thought-provoking lyrics that echo passionately through the voice of lead singer Luke Pilgrim. Last November’s 2nd album Over the Top or Under the Weather is produced by Steven Haigler at the renowned Southern Tracks Studio in Atlanta, home to such artists as Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Train, The Bravery, and Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band (who recorded their 2007 milestone CD, Magic, at the studio) and mastered by Rodney Mills.www.lastnovember.comFrom CorrientesHi Peter 🙂 Thanks for playing A Big Dose of Ideas and Vibe :)It was very cool that you reversed the vocals in Vibe to see what I was saying! lol…  We actually are playing out about once or twice a month in NYC, Brooklyn, and Long Island. Hope you enjoy the rest of the week! ttysoon, -IvetteOh Brother – Nordgarden (Hamar, Norway)From his current album The Path of Love. Live Session at the Barn with Nordgarden will probably go up onto this feed at the weekend.Benefit of subscribing – you get it as soon as it is Simon – Jonny Dongel (New York, USA)Jonny Dongel was born in Bristol England in 1973 to an English mother
and Irish father. He lived in Bristol until his late teens. After "Sodding Up" his A-levels and any chance at a proper future he moved
to London where he spent a decade as a working class hero in nearly
every pub and restaurant. From his album The fifth of nowhere






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