SnC 119 – Wed 28 May 2008


A bit thin on the PMN this week but fortunately Jamendo is looking really good these days. Tracks from USA, Australia, Argentina and France. Getting set up this week with my chum Jeremy Gugenheim for another Session at the Barn. (Looks about right!)Lordy Lord – Davis Coen (Tennessee, USA)Blues circuit guitarist/singer Davis Coen’s most recent accomplishments have included original music on the DVD release of Martin Scorsese`s PBS special ‘The Blues’; backup work on the last release by Jesse Mae Hemphill, entitled ‘Dare You To Do It Again’ OK, so I played Davis Coen on SnC 115 a month or so ago. He’s simply very, very good. Mar – The Beautiful Girls (Sydney, Australia)"Music is a weird thing," says frontman and creative powerhouse Mat McHugh. "If you’re doing it right, you’re only trying to respect the spirit of it, but it seems that every step in making it is a compromise of ego and industry. Maybe you never actually get there."I suppose we benefit from their trying. Had this on my PMN playlist for a few weeks.Find their details storm last night.Sin Capitan – Butumbaba (Santa Fe, Argentina)Found on Jamendo which proved itself to be a wonderful melting pot of styles and genres. Desde su formación en 1993 en la ciudad de Santa Fe, Argentina, Butumbaba es una banda que se ha dedicado a la investigación y experimentación de los ritmos derivados y afines al Ska y al Reggae. A lo largo de estos años, en un trabajo constante, la banda va sufriendo. Their latest album Majiukakonvinazion is available at a few outlets in Santa Fe (Compactos, Musitop, X-Bomb, Zero extreme shop, Visual, Margat, Ropa & Roll and Magaforce) plus a whole load in and around Buenos Aires. If that’s not quite where you are, there are quite a few on-line stores listed on the band’s website and a pretty good video at: – Corrientes (New York, USA)All Corrientes music is recorded, mixed, and produced by Ivette Torres in a home studio. Ivette is a Cuban-American, born in NY “I sang something and then reversed it and ended up liking how it sounded backwardsso I kept it like that.I don¹t even remember what I was saying forward.I have to find the sample one of these days and reverse it backto figure out what I had originally meant to say.”One temptation too far! I-ve reversed the track in the final 10 seconds or so to reveal the original song. On Jamendo.www.corrientesmusic.comLes femmes nues – Luc Blanvillain (Orlaix, France)Can tell you very little except that this is the third track on the album Luc et les immigrés, also on Jamendo.Notes from Amy B from Gold Box Kingdom in San Francisco whose track I played last week In the shownotes but check: Catgut whose quirky and excellent Spiders also got into last week’s show tells me that he’s got an new EP in preparation and should have it done over the summer. Definitely something to look forward to. If you can’t wait you’ll find good stuff at:www.littlecatgut.comLes champs de roses – Danakil (France)Formed in 2000 by 8 students from around Paris they have crept up to be a nine piece band:Chant : BalikSax : Das (le coach)Trompette : Tom-TomTrombone : Big keuj’Basse : Massif-BorisBatterie : Titi (le Duc)Guitare : Papa DusGuitare : Fab’Claviers : SmartiesAfter a while gigging they self-produced their 2006 debut album Microclimat. The new 12 track album Dialogue de sourds which is available as CD or MP3 download from their site where you can hear the other tracks before you buy. Also on a little squeeze – Copper Box (Wisconsin, USA)A younger, more bluesy & jazzy version of the Texas Tornados fronted by a husband/wife duo Danny and Michelle Jerabek – the music is described as "polka-rock-Zydeco". There is another track that I’m tempted to slip in soon. (From the PMN)






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