SnC 118 – Wed 21 May 2008


A lot of music and quite a bit of it fairly downbeat and folky this week. To be honest, I’ve no idea why that should be and I sincerely hope you find the selection to be of interest.The Polka – The Gin Riots (UK)Named after the longest and hardest drinking session in living memory, The Gin Riots are a disparate bunch of boys who came together to get drunk and make music to get drunk to …12 Jun 2008  NXNE Festival – Toronto, Canada13 Jun 2008  NXNE Festival @ Rancho Relaxo –  Toronto, Canada14 Jun 2008  NXNE Festival – Toronto, Canada15 Jun 2008  NXNE Festival – Toronto, Canada21 Jun 2008  The Gin Riots’ Gin Palace Party @ The Windmill, Brixton, London. Line up escape or ill-advised socialisation therapy?Ocean Liner – Jennifer Greer (Cambridge, MA)Jennifer Greer is a self-taught, detail-obsessed singer/songwriter/pianist who has been singing since she was a little girl. Growing up in a suburb near New York City, poetry was her first love and artistic medium. At 25 she began to write music, being drawn to the piano like a magnet. She has since gone on to write about 5 albums worth of material, only 2 of which have been recorded. Jennifer’s distinctive voice which soars from earthy and sensual to sweetly lush is show-cased in her last album The Apiary, which critics have called stunning. She is a Winner for Best Adult Alternative CD 2005 from the Muses Muse."The compelling reason to be in the unsigned issue is my band is trying to push boundaries of pop. We blend bits of jazz, funk and in classical what would be called a "tone poem". The songs deal with lots of subject matter from stuff in the news, characters from books, as well as personal experience. We work hard on being exciting and refreshing. we spend tons of attention to detail. Also, I co-run a music series in Cambridge that I founded, called IMC. So I am trying to make community happen and not just be into my career."This track recorded live, a couple of weeks ago.www.jennifergreer.comwww.artsomerville.orgGraffiti from Aliens – Kou Chou Ching (Taiwan)Hi,We’re a HipHop band from Taiwan. Our music is inspired by Taiwan traditional music elements. We bring samples of Taiwanese folk songs and traditional music elements and mix them in HipHop to create a very unique sound. Through our music, you can hear the voices of Dance – Laurie Lester (Colerado, USA)Placed first in the California State VOCE competition, placed in Long Beach Mozart Festival, Southern California Rotary Club International "Singer of the Year." Performs Elizabethan music/operaInnkeeper by day at Day – Gold Box Kingdom (featuring AMY B) (California, USA)San Francisco based adult alternative pop/rock duo Gold Box Kingdom, featuring Amy Bruckmeier (aka Amy B), creates songs that range from confessional folk pop to cathartic trip hop. Songs are confident and provocative or bittersweet and brooding with unforgettable hooks. Produced by Jim – Catgut (UK)From the album Brought to you by the letter Z.Latest bio notes on the PMN simple say: "I’m getting too old for this." I sincerely hope not. The site is well worth a one is going to help you – Little Plastic Stars (Clinton Township, Michigan, USA)From the album, Anthems for Riots. Little Plastic Stars is a one-man band with a lot of heart and soul in the words. "Music is my world and piano is my vessel."Every Wednesday a new track/idea is posted! Has given up on MySpace for posting the new tracks and has now moved over to Podshow where you can search for "little plastic stars". Other information on MySpaceI played "They don"t bring the noise" on SnC 114 Just got to fit another track in. Trouble is that with a new track every Wednesday, I’ll never catch up! Big Dose of Ideas – Corrientes (New Yourk, USA)From the Jamendo album This Warm Saturday. There I was wondering why I was running out of energy.Corrientes is an original four piece band from NY. All Corrientes music is recorded, mixed, and produced by Ivette Torres in a home studio. Ivette is a Cuban-American, born in NY. Corrientes songs are in both English and Spanish. Check out the Corrientes’ website for more 






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