SnC 117 – Wed 14 May 2008


A mix of artists new to Suffolk and Cool and some seasoned favourites. Back in the studio in Suffolk this week after a hugely enjoyable and productive 11 days in Mallorca. Including a few days (right) advising music sheep on the finer points of cowbell technique.Test of concept for "digital nomadity" and it worked! Only had a couple fo half days off but, you know, it’s really quite pleasant to be working in the shade of a lemon tree! Hit the weather just right though. No control – Pepper (Hawaii, USA)From their album "No Shame". The spirit of aloha is alive and well, and currently residing in sunny Southern California.Meet Pepper; Bret Bollinger (Vocals/Bass), Kaleo Wassman (Vocals/Guitar), and Yesod Williams (Drums); the three young innovative minds from the Hawaiian Islands.Pepper’s summer tour has finally been announced! On this tailgate party, by popular demand Pepper will be joining Slightly Stoopid and will also serve up a treat for all by sharing the stage with dub masters, the legendary Sly& Robbie!! As a theme of this summer-time party, we are encouraging all our friends to make Tailgate 2008 the ultimate party experience! Loads of dates in Europe through to early next month then back to the west coast. Check the venues on their main be loved – Joan as Policewoman (New York, USA)"Joan Wasser is the best champagne in the world. A voice so wonderous
and moving that it makes everyone else’s seem ordinary and mundane, the
indie generation’s Dusty Springfield. The Ride is the most hypnotic and
majestic sad song ever and so good it will make you shiver." [Record Of
The Week]From her album "To Survive" Joan’s time seems to be split between Europe and the USA with loads of live shows coming up. Tonight is last date in USA for a little while as she works her way through Europe:14 May 2008      The Mercury Lounge, New York,9 Jun 2008         Volksbuhne, Berlin10 Jun 2008       Classic Grand, Glasgow,11 Jun 2008       Glee Club, Birmingham12 Jun 2008       Scala     London13 Jun 2008       Concorde 2     Brighton14 Jun 2008       The Music In My Head (main stage), Den Haag15 Jun 2008       Melkweg (old hall),     Amsterdam16 Jun 2008       Nouveau Casino, Paris18 Jun 2008       Beursschouwburg     Bruxelles20 Jun 2008       Sala Heineken, Madrid23 Jun 2008       Tripod, Dublin24 Jun 2008       Hard Rock Cafe, Dub – Lion of Joppa Sound System (Edinburgh, Scotland)All it says about LOJSS on the PMN is "Ali – all sounds and noises.” There’s a load more to the guy than that and he very promptly came to my rescue with an issue I was having with the ReggaeDubWise site.  A good egg, I’d say. Lots of tracks on the you’ll find a magnificent 14 tracks to play on his page at: Flowers for Mel – Lawn Jockey (Illinois and Oklahoma, USA)Tom Henry and Scott Stokes. Taken from their 2000 album Jethro"s Revenge which Tom kindly sent over from The States. An album that really celebrates the acoustic guitar and the fabulous sounds it is capable of making. Some of the songs have vocals but the emphasis is always on the guitar and a few other stringed instruments. The duo actually split after the album was released but have now reformed to collaborate on a new album. The new release will contain elements of Folk, Psycho-Bluegrass, and Celtic flavoured originals, and will be aptly titled Out By The Cement Pond.Recording of the new release will occur in the coming months, and an internet release is slated for early 2009.Find out more and hear more at: – Bad Rriles (Cadiz, Spain)Andres (guitar), Miguel (bass), Juan (drums) and Pepe (vocals)The Codger played another Bad Rriles track, which I had been planning to play so this is just another for you listening pleasure.You can download (for free) our new cd "PUNKANDROLL" at following link (direct download – rapidshare): tracks from their of The Codge, I expect he’ll be getting a few early nights in this week and ensuring a good night’s sleep with a milky drink and taking out his hearing aids before bedtime. Why, ‘cos it is The Great Escape Festival in Brighton this weekend and I gather that his care in the community worker The Grumbler is taking him out to a few of the early evening gigs.Am I crazy? – Little Fish (Oxford, UK)Gabor Kovacs is another of the podcasters loosely described as UK
based. He played the next track on his Electrical Language show a
couple of weeks ago and I was immediately captivated by the sheer
audacity of combining vocal, a guitar and drums (no bass or keyboards),
which I know both places more demands on each to make the sound
complete and also means that each is very, very exposed because there’s
no majority momentum to hide behind.Juju on Guitar & VocalsNez on Percussion & VocalsJu Ju comments of the sheer terror of playing in such a small band on their MySpace. If you want to check out the smell of fear – catch them at a small gig while you can – I have every intention of doing so as soon as possible.14 May 2008     Oxford Punt – Thirst Lodge, Oxford16 May 2008     Firegathering Festival – Main Stage, North of Horsham17 May 2008     The Great Escape Festival… The Hope, Brighton19 May 2008     The Dublin Castle – Headline, London22 May 2008     Little Johnny Russells, Portsmouth29 May 2008     The Carling-Academy, Oxford31 May 2008     Play It By Ear @ The Monarch, London04 Jun 2008       Pump Aid @ the Port Mahon (Juju solo), Oxford15 Jun 2008       Isle Of White Festival! (Details TBC) Answering Machine mix – Cassettes won’t listen (New York, USA)Another small excerpt from this much longer track. Cassettes Won’t Listen is the brainchild of New York-based, multi-instrumentalist and producer Jason Drake and is the latest in a heap of musical monikers he has realized over the years.Cassettes Won’t Listen was initially just a bedroom affair; in 2004, he picked up the microphone for the first time in years and sang over a new track he had recently written. The result … future fan favorite and eventual single, "Cutting Balloons". He sent the track out to a few friends and never expected anything more. He soon saw the mp3 appearing on influential blogs. You can download a free EP "One alternative" from his site – Neal Fox (Ft Lauderdale, Florida, USA)An artist for whom I have huge respect. I played his track Swank-ay way back on Suffolk ‘n’ Cool 046 back in December 06 I have no idea why it had taken so long to fit another track in. But I was prompted by Neal being featured artist of the week at Ariel Publicity.At age 20 Neal had his first record deal. Three contracts, one music production company and 40 years later he is still producing great music. Only now, he’s doing it on his own terms and his own label. His sixth release Now it’s personal is coming June 3.Take a look at his myspace for loads of fascinating information and links to the guy’s incredible range of creative






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