SnC 116 – Wed 07 May 2008


Again from Port de Soller, Mallorca. I’ve moved the entire studio, well, the MacBook, to he other side of the building for SnC 116.Expecting quite a difference, swifts instead of sparrows plus whatever goes on in the street below.No Me Sigas – Freddy Nois (Barcelona, Spain)Just a hundred miles or so off-shore is Spain and about the closest point is Barcelona. XTN (acrónimo de Cristian) es un músico y compositor residente en Barcelona. En los ochenta formó parte como guitarrista compositor y vocalista de grupos como VALIUM 10 , FRANCIS TERGAL Y LOS POLYESTER , TEDDY NOIS (Single Voy a atracar un Burguer / Nena, Nena Vis-Distrimusic fleet arrived in the port last night and I was delighted to spot Scouser Pete, who was my watch leader on one of their big boats (The Stavros) a few years ago on a voyage from London Docks to Great Yarmouth it took 3 days and night continuous sailing but I lost count of how many times we crossed the North Sea. A highly recommended  and life-changing I Chara – Mediterra Musica (Hamburg, Germany)An oud from Iraq, a violin from Morocco, drums from the mountains of Greece and Albania, a flamenco guitar, a jazz double bass, shepherd flutes from the Balkans, a trans-cultural saxophone, a neo-classical piano and – last but not least – prudently used electronics – they all accompany a voice of Greek-German origin. A flexible yet authentic voice that paints with all the tonal colours of the mediterranean: Greek or Turkish, Sephardic and Spanish or Italian, but also Portugese and Algerian and even from Cuban overseas, as the mediterranean went there and came back with music."Like A Nomad" Mediterra Musica wanders through the variety of music styles without excluding the media of modern today. In times of globalisation Mediterra Musica builds a musical bridge between orient and occident, between then and now. They use the mediterranean as a platform to bring themselves into oriental trance, Balkan euphoria or judeo-hispanic melancholy.Not only with their culturally shaped personalities, but above all by their skills they create a very special universe of sound and music, a universe that knows no time or space, but only is one thing: Mediterra Musica.Stella Tsianios – vocalsRamón Lazzaroni – flutes, vocals, electronicsMatthias Clasen – saxophones, fluteOliver Baumgarten – piano, guitarAli Shibly – oudOliver Karstens – double bass, electronicsIlias Oikonomou – the dune – Double six (Italy)Already in the early 1990s, Andrea Soru & Luca Ascari were collaborating together on a musical project called "Seguira Coisa": an interesting and original mix of Samba, Latin, Reggae and Rock music.Double six aims at making their music as interesting, fascinating and pleasant as drinking fresh water in the middle of the desert. They can sometimes deliver an unpredictable blow to the stomach but overall their tunes catapult all of your senses onto the alert mode so you really feel the music with your mind, body, ears and Free – Serpentone (Oregon, USA)Band formed in 2004, with the longest standing members being Erika (vox/songwriting/guitar-playing/diva-bitch), Cyrus (original drummer, who has done fill-in work since 2005), and most recently, the adorable multitasking almost-sober chick-magnet bassist known as Skot. Somehow, these three managed to eke out time on Sundays during 2007 to record an album of sorts at Marty Vincelli’s "Big House." Which is a house, that is big. Many amazing musicians have supported this band by filling the rhythm slots for live shows, including Carl Keil, Morgan Grace, Sam Henry, Tom Drama, Tim Flanary, Carl Keil, nolan void, and Susan upon music in the Placa Constitucio, SollerLa Balanguera – Barcelona and SollerThe Dub Zone cracking stuff Mr Cogle we come – Screamin’ Tubes (Marseille, France)From their Jamendo album Do you reggae? Damn silly question really eh? y Esteban – Nex2012 & DJ "H" (Rodez, France)Amateur de salsa galactique, de piano sidéral, de rythmes ensoleillés "on the rocks" comme disent les inuits, de percussions co(s)miques, de guitares hispaniques chauffées à blanc !Cet album est pour vous!!!Quittez vos fringues, vos combinaisons spatiales et enfilez un short, des moufles et des après ski!!!ça va déchirer grave sur la banquise!!!From the album Rhythm of the frozen sun yet again, on Jamendo. I told you it was a complicaed link although it translates easily enough into English as Secret Reality.http://realitesecrete.chez-alice.frAu bout du rouleau – Les Amis de Safi (France)From the sampler album Va voir là-bas si j’y suis ! by Artistes d’Origine (in)Contrôlée on Jamendo, of Mix 01 – Steven ShepherdFrom the Jamendo album Philistinism & Debauchery, which consists of just two quirky tracks. No links, no nuffin’. Of course it may just be a straight ad, and quite franky, I don’t care; it’s daft enough for me to play! Check Jamendo on






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