SnC 114 – Wed 23 Apr 2008


Back into the saddle a little more this week, with some great music from around the planet: Luxembourg, Australia, New York, Michigan, London and Boston.IntroHappy – Jimmie Bratcherwww.jimmiebratcher.comOn with the show – Manny (Luxembourg)Brand new album Sideshow from Manny arrived this morning, of which this is the first track. Recorded at Chez Manny by Luxembourg resident Scotsman Gordon Furguson aka Manny. That first track really appealed. Quietly understated as suits the song.www.sideshowmanny.comSir, your fashion has the cold heart of a killer – The Beautiful Girls (Sydney, Australia)"Music is a weird thing," says frontman and creative powerhouse Mat McHugh. "If you’re doing it right, you’re only trying to respect the spirit of it, but it seems that every step in making it is a compromise of ego and industry. Maybe you never actually get there."I suppose we benefit from their trying.They are currently on tour in the USA with The Virginia Coalition whose track Sing along I played on 109 (so that’ll be about a month ago). Find their details at dates for current US tour answering machine mix – Cassettes Won’t Listen (New York, USA)Cassettes Won’t Listen is the brainchild of New York-based, multi-instrumentalist and producer Jason Drake and is the latest in a heap of musical monikers he has realized over the years.Cassettes Won’t Listen was initially just a bedroom affair; in 2004, he picked up the microphone for the first time in years and sang over a new track he had recently written. The result…future fan favorite and eventual single, "Cutting Balloons", He sent the track out to a few friends and never expected anything more. He soon saw the mp3 appearing on influential blogs. You can download a free EP "One alternative" from his site don’t bring the noise – Little Plastic Stars (Clinton Township, Michigan, USA)From the album, Anthems for Riots. Little Plastic Stars is a one-man band with a lot of heart and soul in the words. "Music is my world and piano is my vessel."Every Wednesday a new track/idea is posted! Has given up on MySpace for posting the new tracks and has now moved over to Podshow where you can search for "little plastic stars". Other information on MySpace in from Peter: Are you awroyt?I grew up in Suffolk and am very fond of the place. I am listening to your latest podcast now and enjoying it very much. I manage my podcast subscriptions in Rythmbox, a linux mediaplayer and so don’t want to use an aggregator like Juice or itunes. Could I suggest that you make your rss feed a little more prominent on your website?I really like Triplexity. I got the flac download of the album. SaGreMa was helpful and charming. I’m going to seek him out in your archived podcasts. Have you given Ruth Theodore a listen? She’s my biggest Jamendo find. Tom Waits style instrumentation, Tori Amos like voice but with a wit that Amos never showed. Cheeky folk punk with a city feeling. I was playing it last night in my taxi and it got a lot of response: very few albums do that.I was sorry to read of your recent loss. You are in my prayers.My regards, Peter, DanceswithcatsNothing on – Ruth Theodore (London, UK)From her 2007 Wormfood album (available from A singer/songwriter like no other. With words as dangerous as her guitar playing, Ruth Theodore reminds us why songwriting is important in the first place. Refreshingly original and relentlessly imaginative. – River Rat to Peter and the many others who very kindly been in touch. You know who you are and I am both touched and heartened by your concern. Thanks you so much.cheesy link was sponsored by Grumbling Dragon Finest English Cheddar normally available from on – Threefifty duo (New York, USA)Guitarists Brett Parnell and Geremy Schulick (both Yale School of Music graduates) decided to team up and take on the world of music with a fury. Fast fingers and a keen evolution between classical and rock playing make for a "wickedly talented" group. dough baker – The Racky Thomas Band (Massachusetts, USA)The Racky Thomas Band formed in 1995 and has been performing throughout
the northeast to enthusiastic audiences, steadily gaining a devoted
following ever since. The band got a great boost in 1997 by winning
Boston’s prestigious Battle of the Blues would like to thank Pete Cogle for his thoughts and music at the end of PC Podcast 213. We may disagree about the fate that awaits us at the end of this "mortal coil" but I the meantime Mel, Eve, Jessie and I want to say how much we appreciated your thoughts.  High hopes to be able to produce a show in the wild next week – providing internet connection is OK. If not it’ll be an enforced 2 week break!






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