SnC 113 – Wed 16 Apr 2008


What a treat –  a new album Ouvrez les Persiennes from Deskaya posted on Jamendo just today. J’ai peur – Deskaya (Feurs, France)Quite a variety of styles and sounds on this six track album. Some quite restrained, others quirky some heading for traditional rock.I suppose there is a risk in producing an album for everyone which no-one actually likes but all is performed well enough and with enough passion that  it is fine.When I looked at the Jamendo stats it seems that only I had found it! – Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri,USA) the SnC themewww.jimmiebratcher.comSuffolk ‘n’ Cool as usual (but not as expected) from the barn here in the countryside of eastern England. A bit of an odd week and most likely an odd and rather short show. Certainly a week the likes of which I’ll never have again.Butterfly – Katie Herzig (Nashville, USA)OK, I hold my hands up to weakening sufficiently to play another Katie
Herzig track – never mind, we’re running out! This one is a bit more
off the wall. It has a fabulous Tintinabulle – Les BoNoBoS (Toulouse, France)I just love the way the track gradually seems to be heading off the rails then just pulls itself back in time.Groupuscule festif fondé en 2003 à Toulouse (Haute-Garonne), Les BoNoBoS aiment le ska cuivré, le reggae bien roots et le rock qui dépote. Nourri de ces influences, leur son est un cocktail festif et détonnant. Un ska bien pulsé, à coup de cuivres et d’envolées cordées, alimenté par une belle énergie saturée!Another brand new release – just today from was odd about this week? If you"ve been listening for a while, you’ll know that my mum has been suffering with Alzhiemer"s disease for quite a while and that her situation has been getting gradually worse. On Saturday lunchtime Pat Clitheroe, my mum died, mercifully peacefully.This has triggered a strange dual reaction in me. I’m both sad and concerned for my elderly father and yet, almost elated that the years of awful pain and indignity are finally over.This week has been spent getting cause of death certificates, registering her death, arranging the funeral and contacting friends and family. The funeral is on Monday.So, I’m not in the Mediterranean where there is an empty apartment with my name on it and there was an empty seat on Monday’s flight to Palma de Mallorca. A bit of hasty re-booking and good luck has secured new flights and the same apartment at the end of the month so, all being well, I’ll be able to get away then. Will I be ready for it!Last track one that I’m sure Pat would have liked – she had a pretty eclectic taste in music herself was into interesting jazz and in particular music for dance. Afro blue – Triplexity (various locations)An interesting collaboration between SaReGaMa who has been on the show before and two artists that are new to me, Nikila, and Hamelin Bérengnier.The word Triplexity is a portmanteau of triplex and complexity. Triplexity is a virtual band, its members never met each other face to face, all collaborations came to life thru the Internet. It would be difficult to define Triplexity’s musical style inasmuch it’s extremely varied and versatile, there are no two tracks sounding alike. One time it may be jazzy, another time harsh and electronic, sometimes ethnic and organic and sometimes abstract and ambient. There are some qualities though that always persist in Triplexity’s music : uniqueness, complexity, intelligence and threefold talent of the trio members. Every member has different musical background, together they blend their knowledge and inspiration and give life to the magnificent music.






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