SnC 112 – Wed 09 Apr 2008


The world seems to be behaving very strangely here in Suffolk. A couple of days ago I was watching a bee taking nectar from blossom on the trees outside the barn window as it was being brushed by falling snow. Now a heap of dead frogs has appeared in the garden. Perhaps we are in for a bit of a plague. Maybe it’s the guys at Cern in Switzerland who are messing about with a bit of very expensive kit that crashes molecules into each other at great speed. It seems that some pretty fundamental particle could be created … or a black hole.I’m your generator – The Brandals (Jakata, Indonesia) PMNFormed in 2001, done drugs, drunk intoxicated liquid, done the chitlin’ circuit, bleedin and dying, released 3 studio albums. Now we’re gona chew you up and spit you down, you low life mentioned Twitter on last week’s show, well, I’ve set up Suffolk ‘n’ Cool up with an account of its own so that’s the place where you’ll see anything music or podcast related.’Amanite – Delph’ sans les pattes (Strasbourg, France) JamendoHer weblink from Jamendo doesn’t work so I can’t tell you much but I see that Gabor Kovacs played a couple of tracks by Delp’ on the excellent Electrical Language podcast at’s link is published as but it doesn’t seem to work. I’ll update when/if I see that it is fixed.Here’s a busy band.Top Drawer – Man Man (Philadelphia, USA) PMNMan Man are an astonishingly original quintet who have found the perfect berth for their gypsy-swamp-rock-carny-soul-Viking-vaude ville-punk collective. A musical contagion waiting to happen.Their next three shows at The Bowery Ballroom on Thursday, Brooklyn Masonic Temple on Friday and The Paradise Rock Club in Boston on Saturday are all sold out, so sorry if that’s where you are but they have a seriously busy tour on the go taking in dates in Montreal, Toronto, Columbus, Chicago, Madison, Minneapolis, Omaha, Denver, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Indio, Phoenix, Dallas and Austin all before the end of the month! In May they’ll be over in the UK and much of’m actually finding Twitter to be quite useful as a really quick and casual means of keeping in touch with a bunch of folks. A bit like a cross between blogging and SMS. There are a few really neat little desktop applications with enable you
to follow without having to keep your web-browser open. I’m using
Twitterrific and Twirl on my Mac systems. Twhirl actually runs on Windows but let me know what else is good on
Windows and we’ll pass the word on.      I gotta stay downtown – After Son (Huizen, Noord-Holland, Holland) PMNFirst played them way back in February last year (show 51) You can listen again in player. Versatility is the word.After Son is a vision transformed to a universal rock experience. The music tells the story from the perception of the eyes fixed in a experimental sound. The sound that was created is better know as the movie for your Foret de Shellwood – Deskaya (Feurs, France) JamendoDeskaya est un jeune groupe qui a vu le jour en octobre 2003 à l’initiative de Bertrand, ex-guitariste maintenant devenu chanteur.Aujourd’hui notre groupe est formé de 7 musiciens âgés de 15 à 18 ans, cependant nous n’avons pas toujours été 7…A ses débuts le groupe était composé de Bertrand et Léa à la guitare, Florent à la basse, Adrien au saxophone et au chant, et David à la batterie…Laurine a ensuite été recrutée pour placer sa voix sur le bordel pseudo musical fournit par les membres du groupe.Après quelques temps, c’est Gaspard, le petit frère de David, qui s’est plus ou moins « incrusté »  ( puis il est finalement resté car on l’aime bien, même si ça reste un petit frère, et il faut dire qu’il se débrouille plutôt bien !! ). Il a commencé au synthétiseur, puis à la guitare à partir de septembre 2004 où il prit la place de Léa qui a décidé de quitter le groupe… long – Yael Naim (New York)Played her song New Soul a couple of weeks ago. Yael Naim and David Donatien interview: or: have to be vague about next week. I’ll try very hard to get a show up but life is pretty chaotic and sad right now. Peter






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