SnC 110 – Wed 26 Mar 2008


By total coincidence, the show includes three tracks from Oregon and  another track from the amazing voice that is Sahib Radio (seen right, checking the spelling of his name).We’ve also got news of a very rare UK performance by a legendary artist and more cowbells than you can shake a stick at. IntroHappy – Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA)www.jimmiebratcher.comUndress you down – Justin Hopkins and the Guilt (Oregon, USA)Justin Hopkins is one of the most prolific singer/songwriters and gifted multi-instrumentalists A&R Worldwide has come across in many years. His global appeal is just one of his many attributes. After the CD release party last Saturday at café Boogaloo, Hermosa Beach, CA. Justin and the band are playing this Saturday at The Libertine in LA then a series of dates from April 15th in Portland Oregon, Seattle, Las Vegas, down the California coast  and across to Arizona so catch them if you Have More Cowbell – Rob’s USteam TV channel. It’s really rather fun. I get alerts to broadcasts through twitter (the micro-blog service). If you want to find out as soon as I do, join up to Twitter (free) at and find me, I’m clithers then when I post to Twitter it will pop up on your screen and we can all consider ourselves members of the Crazy Canadian Cowbell Club of Saskatchewan. Oh the joy of social networking. Someone else you really should check out on Twitter is Ze Frank – you may know him from The Show which ran as a daily video show for a year and was marbled through with sheer brilliance. Well Ze is now playing with Twitter and it is simply"New York City’s best kept singer-songwriter secret." – Amplifier Magazine, March 2008Right Here, Right Now – Sheri Miller (New York, USA)Sheri Miller is an authentic artist whose deep emotional honesty is unmistakable in her soulful music. Influenced by the legendary John Lennon, Etta James, Billie Holiday and The Beatles, Sheri has passionately created her own beautiful yet edgy sensual soundscape that has been on display at high-profile NYC gigs in venues like Joe"s Pub, The Canal Room, The Living Room and Bowery Ballroom. With her new debut EP, Mantra, a bit of magic was created, that has the power to extend around the the Leaves DJOC mix – DJOC (Oregon, USA)Also titled "Sous la Feuillée". A band of One. ®regon Chad lives and breathes in Oregon, U.S. Most of my experience is with electronic music making. For the past 7 years, I’ve been working with loop music (i.e. AcidLoops, Mixcraft); sometimes conventional, usually tongue-in-cheek. http://oregonchad.comBicycle – Strangers die every day (Oregon, USA)Equal parts Bernard Herrmann, John Zorn and Jim O’Rourke, Strangers Die Every Day makes cinematic, esoteric chamber punk that never forgets to Reid at the Norwich Playhouse 7th May 01603 598598 or for a long lost lover – Dan Elson (UK)I played the excellent Pocket Monkey a while back now Dan is back with this heart felt track.Dan Elson has a little too much time and too much access to expensive musical equipment. He doesn’t fancy writing gloomy serious songs, so he writes cheery songs about llamas, beards, monkeys & me in Tombstone – Sahib Radio (North Carolina, USA)If you’re looking for some super smooth, over produced, pretty pop tunes, or love songs then keep on looking. You won"t find it here. Sahib Radio’s music is raw, rough around the edges, gritty, and doesn"t really fit into any specific genre. Subject matter is usually controversial, and percenter – Williamson (location unknown)From his solidly excellent Jamendo album A few things to hear before we all blow upGrant Williamson writes about his music: "Here is what you need to know about me and my music. I make what I think of as craftsman music. By craftsman I mean those people who before life was fully corporatized, did personal work for people based on their unique skill. They built houses, they made clothes, they honed their craft and they made it their own. The things that people got from a craftsman was unique, it was personal, it was theirs. That is the way that I make music and the way that I would hope for people to enjoy it. This album wasn’t made in order to get famous or land a record deal. I made it because this is the way my ear wants music to sound and I wanted to share that with my friends and anyone else that cares to listen. I will forgo a description of the style and leave it to you to listen and see what you think." in Love – Pornophonique (Darmstadt, Germany)On Jamendo: eine gitarre. ein gameboy. ein c64. zwei typen. space invaders samples. lagerfeuergeschrabbel. gameboygedudel. auch gesang mit dabei. lowtech. lo-fi. micro. porn. From the album 8-bit






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