SnC 109 – Wed 19 Mar 2008


California, Nashville, Italy, Virginia, New York and Sweden are all represented on Suffolk ‘n’ Cool 109. I’ve even found space to squeeze in another track from Katie Herzig (right).Natural Disaster – The Excitals (California, USA)Billy Vondrasek: Vocals, Richard Dawson: Guitar, Mitch Salisbury: Bass, Dave Beck: Chaplin – Katie Herzig (Nashville TN)Played another track by Katie (Sweeter than this) a couple of weeks ago.Shows coming up in Nashville (inc. a few in Colorado in late March and early April) Maggio – Men in Route (Padova, Italy)From their demo album ‘Ndemo!’Ndemo!
is a demo (now, really?? …ok, in Venetian dialect it means "Let’s
go!"…Men in Route, Let’s go…get it?) recorded in 2007. It contains four
songs, similar to each other but each with its own particularity, sounded really good. Next year?Sing Along –  Virginia Coalition (Alexandria, Virginia)Virginia
Coalition is a band that has made its reputation with the blazing
energy of its live shows and ability to play almost any style of music.
Home This Year sees the band
moving in a new direction. They’ve blended their diverse influences
into a sound all their own with a maturity and attention to detail that
shines on every thing – David Yazbek (New York, NY)Yazbek
is a long-time cult favorite – a recording artist, vocalist and pianist
known for his thrilling live performances and irreverent style. He is a
two-time Tony Award Nominee, whose shows ‘The Full Monty’ and ‘Dirty
Rotten Scoundrels’ have played in over 20 countries. His first album
‘The Laughing Man’ won the N.A.I.R.D. Award for Best Pop Album of the
Year. He is a Grammy-nominated record producer, and an Emmy-Award
winning TV writer (for Late Night with David Letterman) me up – Arianna Solare (Malibu, CA)Arianna Solare has created a timeless sound in her debut EP, Book of Us,
that resonates with the classic recordings of the 60"s and 70’s yet is
unique to the contemporary music of today. Created in the City of
Angels, Arianna"s birthplace, Book of Us was recorded at Los Angeles’
Blue Forest Studios; featuring guitarist Angelo Vermuelen, drummer
Chris Steele and bass player Henrik Linde, as well as appearances by
cellist Brent Arnold and pianist Dan Trollinger. from Los PodonkOs – band members’ blogs are at: and
Angel Lee – Patric Carlson & Bluebirds (Sweden)The Cajun vibe is a bit of a surprise from Sweden but non-the-less welcome for that.Bio information and web link are allegedly on their way.






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