SnC 107 – Wed 5 Mar 2008


Feeling really good about this week’s selection of music from USA, UK, France and Argentina – there now, that gives you fair warning of what to expect. Then when I tell you to brace yourself for a show that features not one but two magnificently different orchestras, one of which is playing "Something completely different" you’ll know that it’s going to be Suffolk ‘n’ Cool.IntroHappy – Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA)www.jimmiebratcher.comWhy can’t we be friends – Trash Fashion (UK)Trash Fashion continue their path to world domination with the release their new EP Why can’t we be friends? on 10 March 2008UK and Germany tours & SXSW appearance detailed on their sat down to dinner on Saturday night to the dulcet tones of Pete Cogle and his A la carte podcast. Mmm nice! Actually I really can recommend it – it provoked all sorts of interesting conversation over the meal about music, genres and tastes. www.pcpodcast.blogsome.comRubber eyeballs – The Kazoo Funk Orchestra (Glasgow / Toronto / Tijuana, United Kingdom)The Kazoo Funk Orchestra are an alternative indie pop collective from Glasgow, Scotland. Formed in 2005 during a finger painting session attended by chief songwriters Little Beard and Big Beard. Taking inspiration from various artists and genres, they created a unique mesh of indie, pop, rock and hip-hop. Within a couple weeks, the duo formed the backbone of the band with a few friends and had already begun recording tracks for the debut album Midnight Finger Painter. They have a new album Adventures in Fuzzy Felt Land out on Jamendo too.www.kazoofunkorchestra.comwww.jamendo.comHad a fun Twitter conversation with Rob Wall and Dave Cormier in Canada while prepping the show on Sunday about the definitive cowbell song. My vote goes to Free"s "All Right Now?. The live versions on YouTube (without cowbell) are perfect for serious air cowbell.Beautiful Imperfection – Fort Pastor (Florida, USA)Fort Pastor’s new release Beautiful Imperfection. They are not bashful about their stand for social reform. Blending their Australian and American roots, Fort Pastor’s signature organic mixture of acoustic rock has garnered the praise of critics and fans you’ve wanted to get the hang of playing the didgeridoo Colin Goring has posted some superb videos on Howcast. Seriously, take a look, they are just Academy Awards: "and the best original song is … podsafe!" Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard and Markete Irglova (who also star in the film). The film also won the Sundance Film Festival World Cinema Audience Award.Glen Hansard left school at the age of thirteen to begin performing on Dublin streets. He secured a record deal with Island Records and subsequently formed The Frames in 1990. Hansard first came to wider public attention as guitar player Outspan Foster in the Alan Parker film THE COMMITMENTS. He gradually established himself as one of Irish music’s most popular talents. In April 2006, Hansard released his first solo album, The Swell Season, in collaboration with his co-star in ONCE, Marketa Irglova.Written and directed by John Carney (On the Edge, Bachelors Walk), ONCE is a nod to the classic musicals of the past, while it is also grounded in the bohemian world of struggling young Dubliners that he knew from his days as a young musician. I believe he was also bass player in The Frames for a Machine – Sahib Radio (North Carolina, USA)If you’re looking for some super smooth, over produced, pretty pop tunes, or love songs, then keep on looking. You won’t find it here. Sahib Radio"s music is raw, rough around the edges, gritty, and doesn’t really fit into any specific genre. Subject matter is usually controversial, and Me A Squeeze celebrates its second birthday on Friday 7th March at Tabernacle in Tabernacle Street in the City of London. I have to admit that my daughter Jessie is largely responsible for Do Me a Squeeze and very proud of her I am too. "At DMAS we are always interested in promoting new talent, if you are a budding DJ and are interested in coming and playing for us then please email for information." Chip off the old block? :Happy birthday Boum-Boum-Affrica-China – Les Oreilles en Ballades (Arles, France)= Ears in Ballads.Mélange de styles musicaux où nos oreilles se promènent d’un univers à l’autre… surprenant. Direct rt=translation is again quite poetic: Mix musical styles where our ears walk of one universe to the other… surprising. week off to the north west of England in fact I think I’ve engineered a morning free in the English Lake District. The first time I’ve been up there in quite a few years and I have to say that, tinged with a personal sadness as it will be, I’m really looking forward to getting up onto a mountain on Thursday morning. Even if, as usual, it is raining. Let’s face it, it has to or the Lake District would be called the "Valley District".Festa – feat. Negro (La Cruda) – Butumbaba (Santa Fe, Argentina)Desde su formación en 1993 en la ciudad de Santa Fe, Argentina, Butumbaba es una banda que se ha dedicado a la investigación y experimentación de los ritmos derivados y afines al Ska y al Reggae. A lo largo de estos años, en un trabajo constante, la banda va sufriendo. Direct = From its formation in 1993 in the city of Santa Fe, Argentina, Butumbaba are a band that has dedicated to the investigation and experimentation of the rates derived and compatible to the Ska and the Reggae. Throughout these years, in a constant work, the band is for Suffolk ‘n’ Cool to have been featured as The Editors Pick on Podcast Nation this week. An email arrived out of the blue on Thursday to say "Thank you for all of your podcasts, your work is stunning, both in its quality and its consistency?. A friend has the signs of the zodiac on her kitchen wall with a couple of paras on the characteristics of each sign. I’m a Capricorn. It just said "Most prison warders are Capricorns? There"s the consistency element then! The quality of the content is down to the all the wonderful artists who are prepared to take the risk of making their music available for podcasting and to you the listener who makes it worth their creating the music and me just passing it along.Liberty Bell (Monty Python) – The Hampshire Guitar Orchestra (UK)Formed in 1999, we play 4 sizes of Classical Guitar – alto, prime, bass and contra, with regular concerts in aid of local charities. Come along and let us change your perception of Classical






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