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SnC 103 – Wed 06 Feb 2008

A really quirky collection this week, perhaps reflecting the nature of the week. I’ll not bring you down with it but, take my word for it, it’s been interesting again!Still got my head above water – just.Rats ass – The Norfolk Rats (Virginia, USA)Snake Oil Records artists The Norfolk Rats play real rock the way it was meant to be played. From Norfolk, VA.Matt Bastard – Drums Nasty Nestor – Guitar Vox Jeffrey Drop – Bass Vox Mark Fuzz – Guitarwww.myspace.com/thenorfolkratsKeyboard Cave – Catgut (UK)Had word from Owen that he’d released more Catgut tracks. In fact a whole 7 track EP which you can download from his site free. He describes himself as producing low-tech Voice, Guitar and Keyboard based tunes.While you are on the very attractive site, take a look at the video page, rather fine.www.metacomment.com/catgut/Noson – Poxfil (France)From the Jamendo album (with a delicious cover) Who is on my sofa?www.poxfil.netPaul Snelling (The Grumbler) was one of the prime degenerates on the Podcrawl 08 extravaganza a few weeks ago. I don’t know if someone said something about his presence when he was a but a simple blogger rather than a podcaster but having seen us in action he must understandably have thought that if we could do it so could he. Have a listen at:http://mumu.grumbling-dragon.com you may be mildly amused..Will you still be in love with me next year? – Hot Club de Paris (Liverpool, UK)Hot Club de Paris are Al (drums, vocals) Matthew (guitar, vocals) and Paul (bass, lead vocals). Al has a mortage, Matthew lives with his folks and Paul gets by.www.hotclubdeparis.com/We believe in something unusual – Amplifico (Edinburgh, Scotland)Donna Maciocia (that’s Ma-cho-cha) is a young Scottish singer/songwriter in her mid-twenties with Italian roots, the frontperson and driving force behind Scottish band Amplifico.Donna’s co-writers and two best mates from school (Balwearie High in Fife), Dave Brunton and Ross Kilgour on drums and guitar, respectively.Playing together in bands since age of 13, Amplifico formed early ’04 in Edinburgh, Scotland. They have since independently released 2 EPs to critical acclaim of national press + supported high profile artists like KT Tunstall, Regina Spektor+Nizlopi. Next gig is at Club Ego in Edinburgh on 1st MarchCheck website for lots more mp3s.www.amplifico.netwww.myspace.com/amplificoTake the plane – Trick Seventeen (Germany)From the self titled album from German pop/punk, melodic emo rockers Trick Seventeen. The album MAY be called Might as Well but it makes not a jot of difference. You can get it free from Jamendo at the click of a mouse from :www.jamendo.com/album/4903?refuid=117934www.myspace.com/trickseventeenFollow me home – Breanna Paletta (Oregon, USA)OK, I played a track by Oregon artist Breanna Paletta last week and I can’t resist the temptation to play out with another track from her album We Endeavour.With poignant, piercing honesty and bittersweet reflection, Paletta’s lyrics speak to the joys and pain of every day life that can"t be captured in every day expression.http://breannapaletta.com/Sorry about the rather sparse show this week. No excuse other than highly stressed and rather a lot of demands on my time. All being well, I’ll be back next week, hopefully in better shape. Thanks for your patience, understanding and messages of support. All are very much appreciated.

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