SnC 102 – Wed 30 Jan 2008


IntroHappy – Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA)www.jimmiebratcher.comJane – The Loved Ones (California, USA)To be memorable a band must live the fight, believing that their record—front to back, first song to last—could be it, their one chance to truly move people and make a connection.Enter THE LOVED few minutes of relative sanity and certainly a seriously effective distraction from all the stuff of life.Like a speeding car – Breanna Paletta (Oregon, USA)With poignant, piercing honesty and bittersweet reflection, Paletta’s lyrics speak to the joys and pain of every day life that can’t be captured in every day expression.Breanna is a native of Portland whose planned EP grew into a full-length album with a backing band made up of a group of friends and some quirky instrumentation.Tomorrow she’s playing Imbibe in Portland with her birthday show a week later on 7th Feb. An acoustic tour kicks off on 15th Feb and blasts around most of the NW of the USA including states of Washington, Oregon, Montana and Idaho and even over the border into Canada with a date to Vancouver with a date at Lugz Coffee. Details and some great tunes on her website. club updateFrom among the ranks of artistes from all over the world coming to play for us we are delighted to announce that on Friday 7th March we will be staging no less than one of Australia’s finest singer/songwriters – MELANIE HORSNELL. Melanie will be dropping into The Winelight Club as a part of her UK tour and we are delighted (if not astonished) to have attracted an artiste of her calibre to our humble club. This really is a show not to miss as also appearing that night will be ANDREA GLASS (just back from Nashville having recorded her latest album there) and HEATHER McVEY.  Bookings now being taken at The Wine Press on 01603 622134. £’s OK – GK and The Renegades (Liverpool, UK)ren·e·gade [ren-i-geyd] – adjective1. an energetic, good-humoured, fun-filled experience. (i.e. "Last night was so renegade!")A charismatic, melody-driven band, Liverpool-based GK & The Renegades continue to impress fans and critics alike with their energy and ambition.The band is looking to extend their range outside NW England so if you have a venue and can offer them a gig or even if you are a band and fancy a swap, get in touch with the lads via their site or give me a shout and I’ll pass on the word.They have another track on the PMN which has some less than complimentary things to say about Girls from Birkenhead. I may just dare to play in it in a future from Terje Nordgarden (session in show 85a) who is just back into Norway from a series of dates in Italy, to say that he’s over in the UK in March. He has a few dates set up and may be able to fit a few more in. Workaholic.If you have any suggestions or even a venue of your own, get in touch. We are hoping to set up another Session at the Barn with Terje and I’d be happy to publicise any gigs we can set up.Marietta – Two Loons for Tea (Seattle,USA)Jonathan Kochmer (Guitars, Bass, Effects, Composition, Production) and Sarah Scott (Vocals, Lyrics, Composition) are Two Loons for Tea. Sarah, besides having an extra rib, was raised by a free-spirited single mom in such exotic locales as the Haight-Ashbury neighbourhood of San Francisco, near a nudist colony in the Mountains of Santa Cruz, and in metropolitan New York City. She has integrated the bohemian lifestyle into her own personal take on life, channelling it into her soulful singing.Jonathan came to music from a different scene: although a life-long musician, he’s been academician working in evolutionary biology, climatology, human genetics, Internet development and biostatistics, where he nurtured his attention for detail and a passion for invention.They make organic, lush, rich, and innovative music that defies genres and expectations. They break free from the norm while being a pleasure to simply listen to.When are you guys going to come over to the UK? It would be great to do a Session at the Barn! Plastic Bags – Malcolm Middleton (Glasgow, Scotland)Formerly one-half of Glaswegian indie band Arab Strap, Malcolm Middleton has been a solo artist well before said band split in Dec 2006. Malcolm has produced three darkly beautiful albums: ‘5:14 fluoxytine seagull alcohol john nicotine’ , ‘Into The Woods’ and 2007’s ‘A Brighter Beat’. It is with the most sincere respect that I acknowledge the fact that Pete (The Codger) Cogle had Malcolm’s track We’re all going to die as a Codgercast Firstplay way back in December last’ve been leant on by Codger to join AMP so applied 2 weeks ago just to see what it is all about.. I think, I applied – no acknowledgement or quick note to say thanks we’re checking you out. Oh well, we’ll see.Postcard – Pär Hagström & Cirkus  Transmopol (Sweden) FIRST PLAY PÄR HAGSTRÖM – piano, vocals KARL PERSSON – bass guitar, vocals OLA JOHANSSON – electric guitars, mandolin, vocals JENNY ROOS – vocals, percussions GUSTAV HORNEMAN – drums/percussions JONATHAN LARSSON – accordion KARIN WIBERG – violin KARIN KRANTZ – tromboneNot a lot more I can tell you but I get the impression from their site that they have a new album December Rose in Strawberry Records coming out in March – at least I think that"s what "Nytt album ute 5 mars! "December rose" släpps på Strawberry records.? Might mean! playing between tracks this week is from Nick and Gerald who’s track Clear Air Turbulence I played in SnC 055 last March.  The bed track is called Fracture and there"s a particular reason for listening to it. Fracture – Nick and Gerald (London and New York)Nick+Gerald are Nick Gaiger and Gerald Berliner. They originally hail from West London, first meeting at school in Ealing (Ealing Green) and have remained friends ever since. In 1993 Gerald left London to take up residence in New York where he now lives. Nick remained in London. Not letting a mere 3000 miles get in the way, they forged a transatlantic collaboration to continue their shared passion for making music, only this time from either side of the Atlantic.Nick+Gerald specialize in soundtrack composition for Film, TV, Documentary, Web and Electronic/Video Gaming.www.nickandgerald.comMessage from Dan TharpHey Peter!Sorry to pester you but I thought I’d let you know that I’ve completed my first album, "Face Down in a Pool of Dreams" (available on iTunes and various other places) and have started working on my next album, "Second Thought".I haven’t actually written in a while (‘been recording old pieces) but I just wrote a new piece today (last last night) and posted it to my website and thought you might like it.It’s called "Delays Delays"
 A piece called "Fracture" by Nick and Gerald  inspired me to write this piece.
 Believe it or not, there’s only a single classical guitar on this track.  Using a heavy "delays" effect, it sounds like there are two or more layers, but in fact there’s just one. 
I could even play this "live" and it would sound just like this…(assuming I ever muster the courage to play live!)If you have a second, take a listen and let me know what you think.
 Take care!
 Dan week of extremes – almost in balance! Monday working up a new website. Tuesday in London. Wednesday in Norfolk to be with parents and talk with the doctors looking after my mum. Thursday looks likely to be home-based and maybe back into London on Friday for a lunch meeting. However, it is anybody’s call at the moment as my mum"s life is expected be come to a close in hours/days rather than weeks. We’ll see.You bring me down – Blood Red Shoes (Brighton, UK)Hotly tipped Brighton two-piece Blood Red Shoes are Laura-Mary Carter  and Steven ANsell. They release their debut album Box of Secrets in April 2008. They don’t like being called an indie band.The band are on the road pretty solidly tonight they"re in Edinburgh, tomorrow Sheffield, then London, Cardiff, Wolverhampton, Southampton, Aldershot and London before going over to the mainland for gigs in Belgium, Germany, Austria and France then a couple of nights in Japan later in March. You bring me down released next Monday (4th). Busy then!A two-piece band!






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