SnC 101 – Wed 23 Jan 2008


Sorry, a short and rather different show because of my mum’s serious ill-health.I’m expecting to be going up to Norfolk after I call the hospital this morning. I’ve just selected a few tracks that I’m damn sure Pat would have enjoyed. Thanks for your tolerance. Hopefully SnC will be back to normal next week. Meanwhile thanks for listening.PeterSign o’ the time – Maido Project (Paris, France)Mix of electronic music (electronic sounds, loops, samples), vocal and acoustic instruments (Rhodes, saxophone, lute, flutes, percussions,…) Music is lively, positive and colorful. Hall Straw – George Hrab (Pennsylvania, USA)George Hrab is a multi-instrumentalist philosopher skeptic who writes, produces & performs original material. He also has a besutifully crafted podcast at for the sun – Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA)Jimmie plays SnC theme (Happy)






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