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SnC 100 – Wed 16 Jan 2008

Recovering from a day of eight solid hours of intensive music and new media networking in London yesterday with some of the stuff that floats on the top of the cream of music podcasting. You’ve heard of Podcamp and PodcastCon well now we have Podcrawl 08 which in an unprecedented gesture of defiance was held in direct competition with Steve Job’s MacWorld keynote presentation.OK, so it was (L-R) Rowley Cutler from Dark Compass, Colin Gazeley from Ourobouros Podcast, Pete Cogle from PC Podcast and I along with Paul Snelling the barb-tongued blogger of Blighty (behind the camera flash).The picture was taken after only the first of three protracted visits to public houses in central London. You really don’t want to see any of the later pictures but inevitably, you may. Indeed just as I’d finished recording this show up pop’s Paul’s much anticipated blog – a brilliant read and it captures the essence of the day perfectly. Have a chuckle at: http://grumbling-dragon.blogspot.com/2008/01/wail-of-time.htmlThis morning was spent counting the cost in terms of lost brain cells and the sensation (as Blackadder described a hang-over) "akin to the sensation of having a Frenchman inside your head."Despite all this it was a great get-together, even without the silly hats.All the talk of independent music taking over the world was briefly interrupted when we saw, on a TV screen, the news that at a staff conference no more than 3 miles away, EMI was announcing that a third of it’s workforce are to lose their jobs. This is not to gloat, clearly it is a personal disaster when anyone loses their job but it is perhaps indicative of an industry structure which seems to be in terminal decline.Intro: Happy – Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA)www.jimmiebratcher.comAudio and murder – The Frantic (Illinois, USA)Title track from The Frantic’s new album.Kyle Dee: Lead Vocals/GuitarsChris Farnesi: Bass/VocalsIan Farnesi: GuitarsBrett Hartwell: Drums/Vocals"As the entire music industry scrambles to redefine what it means to be a band in the 21st century when its not as much about record labels throwing money around and radio spinning a tune to a mass audience who will in turn run out and buy the albums, as it is about finding an audience the old DIY way of playing."Quite a few shows coming up including on on Saturday at The Klinic Bar in Madison, Wisconsin and a whole load in the second half of February, right up to the 28th. Why not 29th, it’s a leap year!Album available from Best Buy, Virgin and f.y.e and online from Interpunk, Smartpunk, amazon, iTunes and SisterMuse. Links to all those from the band’s MySpacehttp://www.myspace.com/thefranticSugarite – Abra Moore (Austin, Texas, USA)Although born in California, Abra Moore’s family soon moved to Hawaii where she remembers growing up immersed in creativity and surrounded by music. Her older brother was an accomplished jazz musician and her father was a painter. The house was always filled with music.www.abramoore.comwww.myspace.com/abramooreSex in the morning – Soul of the River (Riverside, California)Making listeners slap themselves black and blue out of pure eargasmic joy since your momma was born. They seem to be giving their music away as a prodigious rate, both from their MySpace and their main site.www.souloftheriver.comwww.myspace.com/souloftheriverMessage from Steve Zvonek (O Sweet Static – SnC098)"Hey, just wanted to say thanks for playing our tune! Very cool. Especially loved the Keith Moon singing analogy. I’d say it’s more like Bowie on crack, but either works…! Great podcast you got … rock on."Morning – Sasha Ponkratov (Moscow, Russia)From his album Kaleidescope which is the most downloaded netlabel release on archive.org This link should take you straight to it. www.archive.org/compress/puls02 and this will link to janendo www.blue.jamendo.com/en/album/15983 or go via his MySpace at:www.myspace.com/ponkratovsashaWrecking Ball – Katie Schutt (Ontario, Canada)Kate’s first guitar teacher made her play jazz standards when she was eleven years old, even though what she liked to listen to was Tina Turner and Rickie Lee Jones. Kate’s newest album, No Love Lost, reflects these early days. She has written new jazz standards that flirt with pop gestures and attitudes.Kate plays a Novax 8-string, the instrument made legit by Charlie Hunter. The Novax has five guitar and three bass strings. She is a shy child of Pennsylvania, a Harvard graduate and Berklee alum, and since 2005 a resident of the Guelph, Ontario, outside of Toronto.www.kateschutt.comGreat how instant it can be. I got a MySpace friend request from a band this morning. Took a look, which isn’t something that I always do, by any means. Liked what I heard and sent a message to ask for a track to play. Gio was on the case immediately and sent me this MP3 which goes straight to air.Got to speak up for you – Rocky Horror Fuckin’ Shit (Foggia, Italy)"From nu-metal the more classic, not scorning to experimentations and new musical solutions"Giovanni Placido – voceAntonio Racioppa – chitarreAntonio D’Antuono – bassoPaolo Damato – batteriawww.rhfs.itwww.myspace.com/rockyhorrorfuckinshitAndy Fidler in Derby, UK  emailed me via peter@suffolkandcool.com to let me know that he was recently catching up on shows and came across mention of "talking into the future" Thanks for taking the trouble Andy. It’s always good to hear from folks. By email or by posting a comment onto the show notes as insisevus did as well as saying that he’s enjoying the show he has some interesting background on South African music. Just click on the "Comments" link at the bottom of each show’s shownotes.This is just how I’d hope that the comments section would be used. If anyone else has any information or opinions to add, particularly about the music, it would be great to see them posted here. Links would be good too so that we can perhaps hear music which I’m not allowed to play on the show e.g. on other artists’ sites.Pier – Reggae Far East (Japan)The pier was deserted. The souvenir shops were opening. But, there was no guest. I went outside. And, I walked in a long passage. The sea was seen. Workers were working at the quay. Forklifts were moving about. The sea was a blackish color. I walked toward the edge. The wind was strong.My name is H. Kobayashi. I was born in 1958. I am a worker. In my house, Yokohama, Japan. I like reggae. I make it. My music is Orient-like and danceable. It is very individual. Listen to my music.http://feeds.feedburner.jp/ReggaeFarEastAlso had a message from Kimo saying thanks for another great show – Kimo, you are always most welcome.Phone message from Pete "Codger" CogleSound Scientist – Bill (California, USA)The first track I played on Suffolk ‘n’ Cool in show 001.Formed in the fall of 2003 when band members and long time friends Curtis Hartling (guitar, vocals, drums), Jonathan Coyle (drums, vocals, keys, guitars) and Dave Marciano (bass, sax, vocals) wanted to do something new in San Diego.From their album Birthday Suit which it seems that you can still get from their site for $5 although all else looks to have gone ominously quiet.www.billmusic.netThanks for being with me. If you’re enjoying the show and you’d like to post a review of Suffolk ‘n’ Cool on iTunes it would be greatly appreciated.

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