SnC 099 – Wed 09 Jan 2008


Another hand-picked if not to say improbable selection, largely culled this week from the Podsafe Music Network and Jamendo bringing you the finest new music that you’ve never heard. Music also, that you’ll be unlikely to catch on mainstream radio.This wonderful old cigarette vending machine (right) is in Ruislip station. 2 x 10p coins for a pack. I don’t think it has been working for a while!Don’t say – SubCity Dwellers (Winnepeg, Manitoba) – via PMNWinnipeg’s own SubCity Dwellers first formed in 2002 and have climbed out of the back alleys, maturing to the cutting edge sound we now hear. They truly are a well-rounded, high energy dance band with a party in their back You find me arriving back from a session on the London oil-rig (I got back a couple of hours ago). It’s been a really heavy few days since Sunday in London with a load of tasks that demanded huge amounts of concentration and stamina.  I was staying at a deliciously quirky hotel in Ruislip (north-west London). Every modern convenience, mini-bar, sumptuous furnishing, TV in the shower, more and dimmer switches than you can imagine … but no reading light by the bed. As my friend Eddy pointed out it"s the sort of hotel that footballers wives would love. I wonder how he knows and if he’s mentioned it to Anna yet!Freedom – Dazibao (Auxerre, France) JamendoA Reggae-ska music band from Auxerre that deserves to be famous. On their site, you will hear their two-track CD "Dazibao". The two tracks "Dazibao" & "Freedom" can be downloaded from the site, "in order for us to be discovered widely. Feel free to contact us or to leave your input about our songs and site, any feedback is good to know. & if you loved it, feel free to share it out…"www.dazibao-land.comNot an enjoyable drive home – about three hours in the rush hour. Such a relief to get back here to the house, grab a bite to eat then walk over to the Barn in the fresh air and dark with such a sky-full of stars. Lifeline – Nick Cook (UK) via PMNNote from Nick Cook – "Hi Peter, I’ve just finished a new album and was thinking about getting it up onto a podcast." This must be pretty much Nick’s annual release! I played his excellent track Mistaken on SnC back in January last year.Nick is a solo performer gathering a good audience. Singer/songwriter based around the guitar and sometimes piano. Well crafted songs. The new album ‘Nick Cook – Uncooked’ is out very soon with a new collection of songs, recorded live over xmas di Gomma e Proiettili d’Argento – Insula Dulcamara (Napoli, Italy) via JamendoPrecisazioniL’Insula Dulcamara fa musica. Lo fa continuamente e lo fa da tempo.L’Insula Dulcamara se’ la scrive e se’ la canta.L’Insula Dulcamara utilizza vecchi suoni con nuove attitudini e vecchie attitudini con nuovi suoni.L’Insula Dulcamara crede nelle autoproduzioni e nelle autorganizzazioni.L’Insula Dulcamara crede nella libera circolazione della musica e dei saperi.Chi avesse intenzione di avvicinarvisi, e’ pregato di farlo come lo farebbe con un collage: divertito ma non troppo.Poi il resto non va spiegato…se abbiamo orecchie per ascoltare, questo basta.In ultimo, il perche’ di questo nome:"non deve spaventare il fatto che non si inserisca solo cio’che e’semplice, noi vogliamo sempre sperare che il difficile rimanga in equilibrio con le altre forze. In tal modo la vita e’ sicuramente piu’ avvincente..[…].E ognuno prenda da entrambi i piatti, a suo piacimento, il dolce e l’amaro: con attenzione e saggezza non si subiranno grandi delusioni." Paul Klee spiega cosi’ il proprio quadro"Insula Dulcamara".Noi sottoscriviamo ed omaggiamowww.insuladulcamara.itThe week was lightened considerably by an evening off yesterday with Angie in a pretty real pub down right by the River Thames at the deliciously named Strand on the Green. Libertad pa ti – Santiago Louvet (Buenos Aires, Argentina) via JamendoAmbiances chaude et sexy, fusions des différents styles de musiques latines. He seems to be in Italy right now but catch more music at or download his full-length album Manos Unidas from Jamendo at Sonate#1 – Prelude part 3 – Yvalain (Blagnac, France) via JamendoFrom The Baroc Works – Orchestral versions on JamendoSomething a bit unusual for – Khumbula (South Africa) via PMNGauteng group Khumbula broke into the South African music scene with their smash debut album Bayakhuluma (this is the title track) & followed it up with their equally successful second album, Kheta. The group is Skipper Shabalala, Andile Nqubezelo, Msizi "Chunky" Mashiyane & Bheki, I forgot to mention the information from Insisevus which he left as a comment to last week’s show. Please feel very welcome to comment yourself or get in touch by email to






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