SnC 095 – Wed 12 Dec 2007


It is becoming increasingly difficult to tip-toe through the Podsafe Music Network avoiding all the so-called "holiday" music. Most of which, I have to say, is utterly dire. How many more times do you want to hear a country/punk/metal/sugar laden sweet or novelty version of Jingle Bells?Happily the show is (and will remain) a mercifully sane oasis of real music, so, if you find yourself getting just a little bit oppressed by all the nonsense, you’ll be very, very welcome in here. You’ve got 95 shows to choose from and I promise not to throw another log on the fire for you.We’ve been getting into winter here in Suffolk in the last few days. Last night’s sunset (right) was a good indicator of the frozen chicken drinkers this morning.More rushing around this week with another two day in London – I’m off again as soon as I’ve finished recording the show. Back on Friday then to London again on Monday for another couple of days. Another (cheaper) hotel but I bet we’ll be in a basement again! Sorry. Getting tetchy – not been to a live gig for weeks.IntroHappy – Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA)www.jimmiebratcher.comCool. Collected. Calm. – one:day:life (UK)Max Shelley (vocals/bass), Dan Probert (guitar) and Kev Abbott (drums) make up the UK three-piece pop-punk band one:day:life.It wasn’t until I was doing the shownotes that I realised that this band originates from within a few miles of The Barn. For more information please check out – Kyoshi (UK)Kyoshi: a band as comfortable getting you dancing as they are getting you thinking. Classy indie-rock backbeats provide the canvas for vocalist Leanne King’s half-sang, half-rapped tales of the modern Guitarra – pedromonteiro.musica (Portugal)Pedro Jorge Monteiro , 1973 , ParedeNo web site given but if you can have a poke around and see what you can find, please let me know or put a comment in at the end of this show’s notes.Kimo’s email – single genreCloser – Dice (New York, USA)Coming of age in Eastern Long Island, New York, BEAU Taylor was instilled both with homespun values and a punk-rock mentality. With knuckles bruised and blistered from a Catholic school education, Beau has always been the fiendishly debonair type. Drawn to music since he could remember.  Sorry I didn’t give the link in the show. A shame as it is such a good one!! Gomi Ge – Axue (South Africa)A wealthy and varied musical trip that mixes ballads, afro-reggae, soul-jazz, traditional music and hip-hop. The new generation brings fresh flavours and different musical cultures together. Created by Alpha Blondi’s producer and guitarist, it features Ras Sheehama and more… – Paul Haig (UK)In the past Paul Haig has collaborated with-mantronik, lil louis, billy mackenzie, alan rankine, bernard sumner, donald johnson, justin robertson, cabaret voltaire, isabelle antena, fini tribe, bernie worrell, anton fier, alex sadkin, passage – Tracy Jane Comer (Madison, Wisconsin, USA)What a diverse talent Tracy Jane Comer is – just looking at her upcoming gigs, she’s playing three shows in three day this week with three different side projets.Tracy Jane Comer is a multi-instrumentalist and award-winning singer/songwriter, presenting multi-flavored acoustic originals. She earned nominations for both BEST ACOUSTIC ARTIST and BEST ACOUSTIC ALBUM by Madison Area Music Awards in 2004 and few weeks ago, as I may have mentioned, I (and 25 other people) stayed at a ridiculously expensive hotel in central London which was paid for by the long suffering British tax-payer. The final bill was, frankly, eye-watering, despite the fact that a couple of weeks before, I had opted out of the promised "lovely big dinner with lots of lovely wine". The sheer waste of money and the obvious self-indulgence of the government agency that had booked it got we really mad. Last night I stumbled upon a music video that I’ve not seen in quite a time. Sarah McLachlan’s World on Fire and realised why I got so mad. Take a look at and see how you feel. It seems to be a win-win situation. Let me know how you feel about it. Could we do something? I know it’s a hell, of an ask but let’s at least start the conversation. Leave a comment here on the shownotes (just click Comments at the bottom of this week’s notes), use the MyChingo voicemail or just an email to peter (at) suffolkandcool.comGlobale Erwaermung – Arschpopeng (Aachen, Germany)Arschpopeng (OK, so how would you pronounce it?) is a band from the German city of Aachen. "We play mainly during the local "Karneval". Our songs are happy music songs and all the band members are close friends. We do not take our music too serious."






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