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SnC 092 – Wed 21 Nov 2007

A pretty lively selection of the best new music from the Podsafe Music Network and Jamendo this week. I think I’m recovering from the hectic schedule of the last couple of weeks.I did enjoy the sign (right). So that’s how they deal with spots on their hands in Brighton!Lägger Äse – Stromble Fix (Essen, Germany)Since their reformation in 2002 STROMBLE FIX have released two CDs which cover a wide range of dark independent guitar music. Both albums are under cc licence and available for free . Mixing together punk rock, new wave, and grunge with a psychedelic beat STROMBLE FIX are just a great live experience.Only gig I could see: 19.04.2008 Duisburg, Parkhaus.     Both of their albums are available for free download from Jamendo:www.jamendo.com/album/6432/www.jamendo.com/album/5464/www.stromblefix.de/www.myspace.com/stromblefixDeliciously bitchy text exchange with Tony from the Winelight Club …Tony: "On the off-chance that you are in London tonight I have a spare pass for the Met Bar. Jimmy Golding is playing."Peter: "As it happens I am in town but fighting my way home. Thanks for the offer."Tony: "Lightweight ☺"Peter: "I think a fourth consecutive night after 3 AM might be my last.Tony: "Still doesn’t wash ☺ if I can manage it after Bristol Monday, Manchester Tuesday and Wednesday and Winelight tomorrow and at my age!!!" Peter: "Ooooh Tone. I"ll admit that I have to take my slippers off to you. You’re SO rock and roll."J’appelle des mots – Féenose (Burkina Faso/Germany)Féenose, a singer from Burkina Faso in West Africa. Her musical style is a mixture of hip hop, rnb and soul. the debut album Da Wou Wô released in early 2007 is available on the internet exclusively so far. At the end of the year Féenose will probably present her album to the public in Burkina Faso on CD and cassette. She is currently residing in Germany.http://feenose.com/Galitsianer tensl – Manguina (Paris, France)From their album Ot Azoi which is available on Jamendo.Manguina (qui signifie « mélodie » en hébreu), est un ensemble composé de cinq musiciens : violoniste, chanteur, guitariste, contrebassiste et percussionniste. Ces musiciens français, originaires de l’Europe de l"est (Russie, Pologne) et du pourtour méditerranéen (Espagne, Algérie), s’approprient aussi bien la musique klezmer que les mélopées arabo-andalouses et réactualisent ainsi les chansons de nos ancêtres. Par leurs compositions et leur talent, ils contribuent à l"évolution d’un patrimoine d"une grande richesse et permettent à la musique traditionnelle juive de vivre encore aujourd’hui.www.manguina.net/Sweeny’s Polka / Carrolls – Caledonix (Göppingen, Germany)Die vier Herren in Kilts inklusive Power-Lady an der Bodhran Perry, Andi,  Clemens,  Gabi,  Axel founded in 1998Several performances on TV and Radio, Festivals, Highland GamesNext gig appears to be on Friday this week when they are playing the "Scottish meets Irish" night at the Festungskeller in Russelsheim www.caledonix.de/Woza – Amaryoni (South Africa)Amaryoni has become one of South Africa’s finest Mbube vocal groups. The group"s music is strongly influenced by the Is’cathamiya style, but Amaryoni also arrived at their special and unique sound by adding plenty of township vibes, along with some "Bandit? music and strong Gospel influences.All the closely-knit members fully understand and appreciate their important roles as singers in a nation that tends to sing about almost anything that happens, or has happened, to its people.They have a couple of albums:The Lions and Aza’Pella both available from their sitewww.africancreammusic.com/web/content/view/17/31/March Out  – Fort Pastor (Florida, USA)In Fort Pastor’s new release Beautiful Imperfection, and they are not bashful about their stand for social reform. Blending their Australian and American roots, Fort Pastor’s signature organic mixture of acoustic rock has garnered the praise of critics and fans alike. Their album is available from their site:www.fortpastor.com/www.myspace.com/fortpastorSemi Precious Weapons – Semi Precious Weapons (New York, USA)Voted NYC’s Best Band by The Village Voice Readers Poll. Named "the next big thing" by Perez Hilton. "I have been waiting for this band for 20 years!" – Tony Visconti (Bowie, Morrissey) "Our favorite new band!" – The NY Dolls "The most important band in America!" – Alan McGee29 Nov 2007  SPW We Love You Tour @ Ravari Room, Columbus30 Nov 2007  SPW We Love You Tour @ Cicero’s, St Louis, Missouri1 Dec 2007    SPW We Love You Tour @ Double Door, Chicago, Illinois7 Dec 2007    Glamour @ Rebel NYC, New York, New York12 Dec 2007  The Double Down Saloon, Las Vegas, Nevada13 Dec 2007  Safari Sams w/ My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult!! LA18 Dec 2007  The Key Club     Los Angeles, California12 Jan 2008   Happy Endings @ Paradise Lounge, Bostonwww.semipreciousweapons.com/Muppet Show Theme – Piter (Toruń, Poland)One of four creators (Mr Smok, Kenny, Nerious and Piter) of band called Endorphine. "Sometimes I feel calling to compose some faster, more ethnic or folk with stronger beat music. So – alone or with Kenny – we bring to life sounds like that."From the album EAMARTHEE which you can get by free download from Jamendo.http://piter.neart.pl/

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