SnC 091 – Wed 14 Nov 2007


I’ve allowed myself a refreshing dive into the delicious waters of Jamendo again this week so we have a particularly interesting mix of music from Canada, France, and Argentina(actually Argentina got put back to next week – probably), before flying off to the exotic delights of Exeter in the south west of England for a couple of days. It all sounds a bit tame really. I’m hoping for good wireless connection at my hotel this week as I’ll have  at least one morning to crack on with some work or perhaps continue the quest to bring you more of the finest new music you’ve never heard. Update: Now in Exeter very near this wildly exotic click tower.Breakdown shakedown – Jake Lear (New York, USA)Some great rim shots on there. Jake performs his own original music along with traditional blues standards, which he delivers with an unmistakable distinct sound. He is a consummate live performer who plays astounding guitar and easily moves from instrumentals to shuffles, boogies, and hard rocking tunes.Friday, December 7th, Stephen Talkhouse, Amagansett NY Price: $10 just about 5:30 this evening and we’ve just been for a walk around the block before it gets dark. Living in the country this can mean any distance at all in this case about 5 miles. Caught by a the edge of a shower not glowing nicely "Rude health". But you know how it is you can turn from full of energy to semi-comatose in just a few minutes. Shotgun Jimmy describes it well.Warbler song – Shotgun Jimmy (New Brunswick, Canade)A warm soul with a knack for a melodic hook, Shotgun Jimmie first found his way into our speakers as the co-chair of the legendary Shotgun and Jaybird. His solo album, The Onlys delivers thirteen songs that glow, hum and destroy. Has been touring it this – Dazibao (Auxerre, France)Groupe Auxerrois composé de 7 musiciens, fondé en 2004.La rencontre se fait en 2004. Après une période de deux ans de composition, ils montent sur scène pour partager leur bonne humeur et leur détermination.Issus de différents styles musicaux, ils se retrouvent autour du Reggae et du Ska, apportant ainsi à leur musique des sonorités diverses et variées.www.dazibao-land.comSaikou – Dragon Ritual Drummers (Ontario, Canada)The Dragon Ritual Drummers are a drumming troupe, consisting of members of the Niagara Pagan Men’s circle. The group began as a way for us to express the wonderful magik that we routinely share. We chose the DRD name for the dragon spirit that resides in and around the brink of Niagara Moviemento – Daddy-G (France)Je m’appel Diego, mon nom d’artiste est Daddy-G, j’ai 16 ans et je fais de la musique le genre: reggaeton, dancehall, latin hip hop et rap, je voudrais bien reussir à signer un contrat avec une maison de disque si possible bien sur, je sais que rien n’est facil mais je perds jamais l’espoir.No website given at Jamendo but you’ll find his music there, campfire, Kimbala (15 tines) – SaReGaMa (Mount Carmel, Holy Land)"In Indian music Sa, Re, Ga and Ma are the fist 4 notes of Saptak – an octave of seven notes. I guess I picked the nick SaReGaMa because I’m really fond of Indian classical music, which in my humble opinion is the most profound and sophisticated music in the world.You can learn a lot about a person by knowing his musical preferences. Well, I can listen almost to everything, except Pop, Rock and Trance (funny I began with Electronic music making Trance). In Electronic music among the favorites are : Steve Roach, Alio Die, Mercan Dede, Jairamji, Nitin Sawhney, Prem Joshua, Ishq, FSOL, Union Jack, Thievery Corporation etc.?Music is more than just a combination of notes, rhythms and beats. It’s a form of language or communication that accesses the mind and emotions directly, without the intermediation of words and rational thought. Both harmful and beneficial effects of music have been recognized from ancient times by many civilizations. Modern scientific researches have proved that music has measurable physiological and psychological effects on organisms, even on plants. Music is sound. As every form of sound it has certain frequency. Two frequencies tend to synchronize each other, it’s known as frequency following response (FFR). Thus when you’re listening to music it synchronizes your brainwaves to specific frequencies. juerga estado puro  – El Nino del Parking (Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz, Spain)El niño del parking, es un grupo joven que nace en Jerez de la Frontera, ciudad de flamenco,buscamos la fusión de nuestars raices flamencas con otros estilos musicales, inspirados en las bohemias playas y noches de Los Caños de Meca. En 2004, ganamos el premio a la mejor letra en el Festival de Alama de Granada.Actualmente seguimos trabajando en diferentes locales (discotecas, pubs…) así como actuaciones para los ayuntamientos, es decir aprovechamos todas las actuaciones posibles donde nos contraten.Estamos terminando de grabar uno de nuestros temas estrella, producido por Diego del Morao, y con colaboraciones de artistas in a time of war – Soja (USA)Jacob Hemphill – Lead Vocals, GuitarBobby Lee – Lead Vocals, BassKenny Bongos – PercussionRyan Berty – DrumsPatrick O’Shea – KeyboardsSoja have just been over to Europe with a string of dates throughout France and down into Portugal. Now back in the USA, they have shows coming up in Falls Church, Virginia; Philadelphia; New York City; Boston MA, etc.You can get that track for free from  






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