SnC 089 – Wed 31 Oct 2007


Suddenly there’s a great rush of really good new music on the PMN and here’s the best of it interspersed with a few independent gems on Suffolk ‘n’ Cool.I dashed up to Manchester after the show so here’s a picture of a very dull late afternoon looking over the Salford Quays from my 7th floor hotel room.IntroductionHappy – Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA)www.jimmiebratcher.comLondon Calling – Radio Nowhere (California, USA) FIRST PLAYRadio Nowhere is a rock/pop band from Oakland, California, in the United States. A friend told them that they sound like Pete Townsend produced by Prince, and that sums it up pretty’re almost spoilt for choice this week with some old favourites coming up with new tracks and some really quirky stuff from a couple of artists. There’s an alarming bunch of Suffolk ‘n’ Cool first plays in the mix but that could just mean that nobody else likes them. :-)All that, on top of a particularly interesting live music week.You’ll remember – Patty Griffin (Texas, USA) FIRST PLAYOver the years, Patty Griffin has created an ever-widening circle of fans with her distinctive voice. Rolling Stone called it "an amazing instrument." Her recordings have been included in films and television and most recently appeared on the soundtracks for Cameron Crowe’s film "Elizabethtown." my Way – Run, Run, Run (California, USA)After developing their unique indie-rock sound and hypnotic lo-fi light show, releasing two EPs and opening for bands like the STROKES, IMA ROBOT, PSYCHEDELIC FURS and MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, Los Angeles quartet Run Run Run caught the attention of Billboard Magazine. Billboard promptly organized a showcase for the band in Fall of 2005. This performance and a residency at Silverlake’s renowned Club Spaceland landed them a deal for their first record, "Endless Winter." Monkey – Dan Elson (UK) FIRST PLAY"Monkey obsessed, beard loving, musical monster Dan Elson " – Generation Live Magazine.Dan Elson has a little too much time and too much access to expensive musical equipment. He doesn’t fancy writing gloomy serious songs, so he writes cheery songs about llamas, beards, monkeys & Los Campesinos and You say Party, We say Die at Colchester on Friday – both were really good but the quality of the PA let everything down. Not sure if it was a touring PA or the house system. The sound was trashy, painfully noisy and a bizarre mix which put kick base and snare at the very front of the sound with vocals in a poor second place and bass almost absent. Nevertheless, a very enthusiastic crowd persisted although for any lesser band, I would have been off for the early bath.The silver lining to the rainbow was that the excellent drumming from Devon Clifford in You Say Party’s set which came through pretty well. So tight and driving, excellent. What is it with these Canadian Bands? I hope to have a track from them for next week I’ve stumbled upon what I think is a fantastic talent with an incredibly versatile voice singing some damned powerful songs.Mieka Pauley started singing as a child and studied classical voice and piano. In high school she sang in alt rock garage bands and Motown funk bands and in jazz, classical and church choirs. In high school she taught herself guitar on an uncle’s old acoustic, then cut her teeth in college playing on the street corners of Harvard Square.That Golden Room – Mieka Pauley (Massachusetts, USA) FIRST PLAYHer immediate ability to captivate audiences quickly made her a favourite of Boston’s best clubs including the Paradise Lounge, House of Blues, Club Passim, and Kendall Café – next at New York’s renowned Bitter End, Living Room, Makor, Knitting Factory and Village Underground – and then at the best clubs and festivals throughout the I get born – The Alrights (Minnesota, USA)Toby Churchill’s kick-ass and creative music and lyrics are the creative soul of this Minnesota band. Danny Cosgrove plays a mean bass and sings a sweet harmony. Drummer Chad "Chavo" Amborn knows when to hold back and when to bring down the I mentioned last week I first saw Tricia McTeague last year at The Winelight Club in Norwich. She’s travelled thousands of miles since working with some huge names.Beer stained coaster – Tricia McTeague (Merseyside, UK)Thats most certainly not a Suffolk ‘n’ Cool first-play because I heard Graham Holland play that track on the It’s a frog’s Life Acoustic Podcast a couple of weeks ago.If you haven’t checked out the video of Tricia’s duet with Ronan Keating (on her MySpace) now’s a good time to do so.  Then if you fancy a treat get down to Grapevine in Norwich on 14th November and see her Slade got in touch via the artists page of the Suffolk ‘n’ Cool MySpace presence at to say that he’s hooked up with Terje Nordgarden who had in turn passed on information about the show, so thanks to both of them. If you’ve not checked out the SnC MySpaces do take a look. The artists page is a great resource if you’ve heard anything you like on the show, I try to get links with all the artists that are played so that it becomes a veritable cornucopia of great music. is also a special lounge for listeners where you can hook up with your fellow listeners around the globe. That’s at OK there aren’t many listeners in there right now but we can fix that can"t we. You’ll find links to the various MySpaces om the main site at www.suffolkandcool.comAnyway, Than got in touch, pointed me to his MySpace and I liked what I heard. The CD arrived in this morning’s post and here it is in your ears, wherever you are on the surface of this funny old planet.Heart Music Soul Music – Than (UK) Just about got time to fit in a very short and quirky track.Zebrahead – Plastic Fuzz (Leeds, UK) FIRST PLAYPlastic Fuzz make alternative pop music and come from Leeds, England. "Dots" is the 100-song album and is available from:www.plasticfuzz.comOff to Manchester now where I’ll upload the show and do these notes.






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