SnC 088 – Wed 24 Oct 2007


Intro Happy – Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA)www.jimmiebratcher.comFabulous moon rise last night (right). Mustang Daddy – Jinx Titanic (Chicago, Illinois, USA)Former front-man and song-writer for the legendary Chicago based Super 8 Cum Shot, Jinx Titanic is known for his "whip-smart lyrics, straight-ahead style, and raucous live shows, JINX TITANIC supplies the world with 100% XXX Pure Nutbustin’ Magic."The website was down today but the MySpace gives a good idea of what this guy is Place – The Moot (Huddersfield, UK)The Moot came third at the Battle of the Bands at Covent Garden in London in the summer. It seems they won 365 bottles of Freedom Beer which was all gone by the time they mentioned in their blog. They declare it hangover-free beer and you can get it from the Freedom Beer website at www.freedombeer.comThe Moot’s new acoustic mini-album was released a few days ago and is available for £4 at gigs and £5 on-line (inc postage). this week in Norwich over the next couple of weeks with both the Winelight Club on Nov 7th and Grapevine on 14th Tricia McTeague features at the Grapevine gig. I last saw her at the Winelight months ago and was most impressed. Her day-job is session and backing singing with some huge names. Take a look at Tricia’s MySpace ( and see her blow Ronan Keating off the stage in their duet of Stay.Artist-7 – jag (California, USA)Hopefully I will be part of a band some day…. ☺Save your own skin – Away with the Fairys (Liverpool, UK)Away With The Fairys is singer songwriter Murphy. Although he has worked with many musicians over the years from all over the world most recordings that you will find available was recorded with himself playing all instruments, unless otherwise stated."He first played with a band back in Liverpool at the age of fifteen, playing copy rock music from bands such as Deep Purple, Boston,Toto and so on. This all came to an end when a bass player joined the band and changed the song keys to ones that he could sing and Murphy could not as he didn’t play any instruments at that time."My, how times have exciting news for anyone who likes a good time and lives in East Anglia. For once this is not necessarily a problem!Los Campesinos are coming to town – I’ll be seeing them at the Colchester Arts Centre tomorrow and they are playing the Norwich Arts Centre on Friday. Please don’t tell me to do the maths – Los Campesinos (Cardiff, Wales)The band are really doing well and are touring in the UK right now, then are in Holland, Belgium, Germany and France early in November before heading off for dates in LA where they are playing one of my old haunts, The Troubadour (just a coincidence that I now hang out a bit at The Troubadour in London), San Francisco, New York, Boston and up into Canada before heading back via a gig in Tokyo. I"m not sure how that all fits in with being students at University in Cardiff but perhaps that’s all finished now. Full gig details are on their MySpace and Blanc – Smoking after (Paris, France)Smoking After have been around since 2001 when they formed as a fairly trip-hop sound. Ocean Blanc is taken from their first album Impasse, (Le Regard Sonore, 2004). A literal translation from the band"s space on Jamendo suggest that their philosophy is "like two directions of the same path: reassuring or distressing route, where one can see the different one or cross it, but whose choice respectively makes it possible to flee reality or to face it.? Aren’t thses translations wonderful? I still like the music though! Album is available for free download from Navires de Ble  – Great Big Sea (St John’s Newfoundland, Canada)Grat Big Sea have really been around for quite a while, in fact since the release of their self-titled debut album in 1993. They are really flying now with their latest album "The hard and the easy" going gold in only its second week. No gigs st the moment but they are in the studio working on the nest album.www.greatbigsea.comUpdate: I just went down to The Three Horseshoes in Charsfield for a restorative bite to eat (a full two minutes before Emma closed the kitchen) and a pint (or so) of excellent beer and discovered that they are hosting another of the totally amazing Suffolk nights this Friday so the hammer dulcimers, squeeze boxes and step-dancing will be echoing around the houses again. More on that and the Los Campesinos gig tomorrow on next week’s show.






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