SnC 087 – Wed 17 Oct 2007


Aren’t you dead yet? – Denada (Plymouth, UK)two guitars, a bass, some drums and some – Happy – Jimmie Bratcherwww.jimmiebratcher.comGimme this Life – Cara Robinson (Leeds, UK)Keeper Lit is Cara’s impressive debut album, which she wrote and produced with keyboard player Joe Tatton. The closeness of the band has been established over years of working together and is audible in the tightness of the grooves and subtleties of the tunThe collaborative work ignores all musical boundaries and acknowledges all that is good about blues, folk, alt-country and rock, giving more than a nod of gratitude to Cara’s roots in Northern Ireland.Playing a whole string of shows on Belfast this week. the PMN …The opening – David Beard (UK)www.davidbeardmusic.comwithMK Borderline – ABQAO (New Mexico)www.4dmusic.blogspot.comFirst Riddim – Tribuman and the Jammin’ Orchestra (from Jamendo)This was on Jamendo when I  downloaded it! Then, with a bit of help from Pete Cogle, it reappeared, just as I was finishing the show. bhi juch majburiyan – Tarak (California, USA)Not sure about this one. It’s on the PMN but virtually no information is available, and Suffolk ‘n" Cool is the only show to have played the artist! No web links.Smoking is ugly – Carl Creighton (New York, USA)Carl Creighton lived in Prior Lake, MN for the first 21 years of his life. Then, a little bored by the slow pace of the place, Carl decided (like so many people on this site, I’m sure) to come to New York. Enjoy his unique blend of rural sound and urban themes. He is an urban you on Sunday – Estelle Kokot (South Africa)UK born South African singer, composer and pianist Estelle Kokot has performed her music from the jazz clubs of South Africa to the Barbican and the Royal Festival Hall in London as well as various European Jazz festivals.21 Oct 2007  Special appearance with Lola Perrin, London4 Nov 2007     Jazz Nights at The Bell     Clare, Suffolk13 Nov 2007     The Drill Hall / Blow the Fuse evening, London6 Dec 2007     Lauderdale House, London30 Dec 2007     Solo at the Vortex Jazz Club, – The Zydepunks (New Orleans, USA)A wonderful New Orleans, Cajun, Irish, Breton, Klezmer, Slavic, Zydeco band which we heard about from Pete Dub – Lion of Joppa Sound System (Edinburgh, Scotland)Pete played this some time ago and now it has popped up on the PMN. Loved it then, love it now. Ali produces "all sounds and noises?






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