SnC 085 – Wed 03 Oct 2007


Suffolk ‘n’ Cool takes a rather-more-laid-back-than-normal turn this week – probably in the wake of too much excellent beer at The Three Horseshoes last night! I must admit that some of the tracks featured may not have normally been selected but in a way that’s for the best as it gives us something else to listen to that we might otherwise not have heard. And that’s what it is all about.Therapy – Winzenried aka Hollywood Drunks (California, USA)Found the band and requested a play. Reply: "Thanks for the interest in our music. I’d be honored to have Therapy played on Suffolk ‘n’ Cool. I really dug your mission statement on your myspace page. Thanks for supporting indie music and connecting us to the people. Keep up the great work. Thanks again and peace, Eric"Therapy is from their album Hooray!! And tells the charming story of a crystal meth smoking ex-girlfriend as an example of Winzenried’s lyrical style. I’d say "quirky and good". Catch them live on Saturday, October 13, 2007 9:00 pm at the Universal Bar and Grill, 4093 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, California. Only $5. Across the Street from Universal Studios. Free Parking Lot!! – Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA)www.jimmiebratcher.comDon’t leave – Angelica Tucker (Georgia, USA) FIRST PLAYDescribed as easy-listening which I always associate with nothing music and tunes for people that don’t really like music.Experience something new and different in Angelica’s newest album, I Spread My Wings…, in which she blossoms as an up and coming young artist, combining her dual talents as both vocalist and lyricist with the beautiful melodies of composer Eric Price and the arranging skills of her father Haywood Tucker who owns Haywood’s Recording Studios in’s no place like home – Lalaland (New York, USA)Lalaland was created back in 1991 when guitarist Phil Marshall, long standing guitarist with the Colorblind James Experience, needed a vehicle for his original songs. Rock, C&W, polka, blues and jazz all find their way into the world of Lalaland. You can get their album Nude from CD Baby at for Pete Cogle who has recently admitted to a penchant for the xylophone. Magic GB Jazz – ajt (Bordeaux, France)A tune from Album de Alain. He’s a 37 year old French man living near Bordeaux. That’s it … but you can see more of him at his links:Main SnC MySpace for artists that have been on the show:’ Lounge: SnC Music Network:  Needles and Pins – Pity the Fool (Suffolk, UK)In a style that they describe as "Folk, reggae, angst". Pity the Fool are a three piece theatrical jazz inspired ensemble. Piano, cello and vocals.Their orginal songs are composed by Amy Room – Two Loons for Tea (Seattle, USA)Two Loons for Tea are Sarah Scott and Jonathan Kochmer. They return after a five year recording pause with their album Nine Lucid Dreams which was released at the end of August.Recorded in part at Willie Nelson’s Pedernales Studio in Texas with such friends as drummer Matt Chamberlain (Pearl Jam, Tori Amos), keyboard master Patrick Warren (Michael Penn, Fiona Apple) and strings wizard Eyvind Kang (John Zorn, Blonde Redhead) helping out, Nine Lucid Dreams brings the alchemy of Sarah’s hauntingly beautiful vocals and colourfully imaginative lyrics combined with Jonathan"s vivid musical vision to full fruition.His background is academia and technology, with experience in biostatistics, human genetics, climate change studies, evolutionary biology, Internet development and such, combined with an incurable entrepreneurial bug, is manifested most recently in the expanding operations of Sarathan Records. Sarah, in contrast, was raised by a free-spirited single mom, living in such locales as San Francisco’s Haight-Asbury, next to a nudist colony in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and Spokane Washington, with Sarah carrying the bohemian lifestyle into adulthood. Lots more in a fascinating bio on their site.Playing on Saturday night (6 Oct) at Arlene’s Grocery in New Yorkwww.twoloons.comNordgarden is back in the UK with dates in London tonight and then tomorrow at the legendary Troubadour, then Birmingham, The Jericho Tavern in Oxford on Saturday, back in London on Sunday, Eastbourne on Monday and three dates in Glossop, then he’s over to Ireland for a couple of gigs before a series of 6 dates across Poland, back to Norway then an 11 date tour of Holland and back to Norway again – all that before then end of November. All his dates are on his MySapce at: and more of him at www.nordgarden.infoThe session is just about mixed and edited and I’ll probably put it up as a separate "special" later this week it takers the form of an extended interview with a clutch of excellent live performances of some great songs. Good things die – Nordgarden (Oslo, Norway)More from Nordgarden later in the week.If you’ve enjoyed this show, it would be great if you could be a pal and help spread the word. Do you think you could send a link or tell just three friends? With the push to get Sessions at the Barn up and running we need to build our community and help get the music out to folks. That way we can attract the top musicians to the Barn and maybe find a way of getting some financial support to make it viable. I’d rather not go down the traditional advertising in the show route – that feels so "old-school". 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