SnC 084 – Wed 26 Sep 2007


A right old mix of music from California, New Jersey, New York and British Columbia then across the Atlantic for a couple of tracks from good old Blighty. By the skin of our teeth we just managed to avoid a session on the spoons from my chum Rob Martin who just popped up on Skype showing off his new iMac. Perhaps I should get him to play along with a track sometime … then we’ll need a voting system too so we can ensure that it never happens again!Fortunately there has been yet more real music happening this week after the Foy Vance show at the Arts Centre in Norwich on Tuesday we had another trip for Nordgarden and others at a new venue, Grapevine at the Bedford, also in Norwich. Nordgarden came back here and stayed over after the gig. What a great guy to have around the place. Musical all the way through, he woke up singing and we recorded a session here in the barn on Thursday morning before heading off (right) for the London train to make his way to Stansted airport and back to Oslo. He’s due back in the UK in a couple of weeks so I’ll let you know about dates and we’ll play something from the session then.I’ve been in London since Monday heady a mix of meeting up with friends and some fairly high-pressure work so probably not a lot from me this time but plenty of interesting music.IntroHappy – Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA)www.jimmiebratcher.comDear John – Moxie (California, USA)It’s really very simple…guitars, bass & drums w/ vocals. A collective gathering of musicians who want to escape the hype of MTV bands and Corporate Radio. We know that we can’t change the world, but at least we can create something we like & hope that you enjoy it as at a hardcore show – Sarah Donner (New Jersey, USA)Silly, surprising, and sometimes profound Sarah Donner is a rockstar catlady kind of girl. With quirky lyrics about hardcore punk moshing and feral feline population, Sarah’s songs draw the attention of her audience. She works the stage with an rhythmic guitar style, a fresh melodic line, and a candid stage it U Jah –  AShunDa (Maryland, USA)Not a lot I can tell other than that AShunDa was born in Barbados. The link wasn’t working when I did the shownotes. Give it a try I am is breath – Jessie Kilguss (New York, USA)Jessie Kilguss co-wrote her debut album Exotic Bird with Gold Record winning producers Super Buddha ( Blondie, Rufus Wainwright, Scissor Sisters). She’s a classically trained actress and an avid that ain’t love – Johnny Ferreira (British Columbia, Canada)Johnny is an award winning saxophonist, international touring & recording artist that writes and performs his own brand of R&B, swing jazz, and rock & roll. Backed by his 8 piece band with horn section, rockin guitar, boogie piano and his screamin Crash – Koopa (Essex, UK)First band to make the top 40 uk charts and the second, now aiming to become the third without the aid of a label – totally DIY really sucks – The Junktones (Germany)An extra short track ‘cos I couldn’t resist it. The Junktones are a true Rock’n’Roll Punkband founded in late 2005 and completely reformed in late 2006.Playing shows for as many fans as possible is the main goal of the band because this is what Rock’n’Roll is all about: Live music! Rugare – Nyasha Munangwa (UK)Nyasha has been played by both PC Podcast and Suffolk n Cool – we each played different tracks and we are the only podcasts to play him … What does that say!Born in Zimbabwe and based in the UK,   Music is available on or






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