SnC 082 – Wed 12 Sep 2007


Quite a bit of unashamed pop in this week’s mix along with a few other tunes that I wouldn’t really expect to hear on my show. But that’s what about, listening with fresh ears. Sometimes it’s very new music which we need to focus on and sometimes it’s music in styles that we’d normally dismiss but it’s interesting to really listen again and see what’s in there.Summer continues in it’s predictable grey fashion (right) here on teh eastern edge of England, but there’s lots happening to keep our minds off it.This week we’ll get to hear music from Spain, The USA, France, The UK,   Brazil and Sweden. Where else would you find a mix like that?Intro: Happy by Jimmie BratcherThe Principality of Asturias is on the north coast of Spain between the Picos Europa mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. It rather defies the stereotype image of Spain as being dry and dusty. It has strong cultural links with the Celtic lands of western Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Bittany in north west France. You can hear that Celtic culture in their music.Lliendes – Xera (Asturias, Spain)Xera is an Asturian electronic folk music group.Their sound is an integration of electronic and traditional Asturian music, mixing live instruments with samplers, industrial percussion… with a symphonic treatment that result in a very wide spectrum of sensations.They have published their first full work, Lliendes, under a Creative Commons License. to the future.Crave – Edie (Nashville, USA)Crave is from Edie’s 2004 album Nu.Edith Pijpers grew up in Holland, started travelling the world. "At 19 I came to Los Angeles, picked up a guitar and started writing songs. Since I released 3 albums independently and now live in Nashville. My song Waves was recently featured on NPR." UK last weekend in Birmingham, UK. Had a great time meeting up with a bunch of really creative content producers over the two day unconference. Met up with a bunch of people including Graham Holland (It’s a Frog’s Life Acoustic Podcast),  Pete Cogle who came up for Saturday and Gary Dring (Clever Little Pod). Also had some fascinating conversations about the state of radio, podcasting and the future of new media with the likes of Neil Dixon of Podshow Inc. Particularly enjoyed meeting Jason Jarrett of A Buddhist Podcast. All the sessions were video streamed using Blog TV and viewers were commenting back into the sessions from all around the world. You can see recordings at Blog TV (just search using "PodcampUK") Mainstream radio and TV could do that sort of stuff and I’m sure they’ll pretend to but you can be sure that it will all have to be so safe and moderated. The most certain conclusions I came to were that:the term podcast is unhelpful even though the BBC and others promote it for us on every channel every hour of the day (it implies that you need and iPod and that it is broadcast just once) we are only scratching the surface of the possibilities of the technologies, audiences and ways of interacting with media; all of which is advancing every day. Pretty much anything is possible.

Very generous sponsors meant that the Podcamp was free. Bar tab. We even had live music on Saturday night from Esteban. Not a great venue for them and an audience who mostly wanted to talk with each other in the bar. However, their music is now on the PMN so hopefully they’ll get a few plays. I was impressed by each of the band members and I think it comes together pretty well in this track. I particularly like the bass which is on a rolling boil here.Say it loud – Esteban (Midlands, UK)Esteban are playing lots of gigs throughout the English midlands with occasional ventures out to London. Catch them if you can.Their MySpace site includes a video by Richard Azia based on that song and shot at 1 Dub – King Dubby (Angers, France)A track from King  Dubby’s 2006 album First Dubs released through Jamendo which, of course, means that you can go over to Jamendo and download It. The website is pretty empty but his Jamendo pages tell you a bit. Pega Ningum – Rosi mds (Brazil)Oh dear how can I admit it? Pete Cogle got in first with this track, he sneaked it in while we were at Podcamp!So  far, he and I are the only podcasts to play it – perhaps it says something about our eclectic taste. You really should check the website, more glitter than you can shake a stick at. I do like a bit of kitsch now and again although I couldn’t find much about the music. Let’s – Cyathus (Florida, USA)I just found this track on the PMN. "Mostly… Silly little songs about girls. A few are deep and meaningful… But sometimes simplicity is the best part of life."Do check his MySpace, the About Cyathus notes are a delight to Setzer has made a career of bucking trends, going against the grain, ignoring popular culture, discarding rational thought, and, all the while, blowing people away. Not least as a member of the Stray Cats. This however is something different.One more night – Brian Setzer Orchestra (California, USA)This track is taken from his new album "Wolfgang’s big night out" which will be released on September contact this week from Sweden.Imagine a badly lit backstreet a few blocks from Wonderland. In the distance you can hear music and laughter.Addicted – Strangers in Wonderland (Stockholm, Sweden)A duo based in Stockholm, Sweden. Who write and produce their own songs and have been doing that since the spring of 2006.www.strangersinwonderland.comMusic this week with Nordgarden in London on Tuesday and (possibly) Brian Wilson at the Royal Festival Hall on Wednesday, then a radio guest slot on Future Radio next Monday, Daytona Lights (poss) in the evening and Foy Vance on Tuesday. It really is a great life if you can keep up the pace!






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