SnC 080 – Wed 29 Aug 2007


A formidable selection of music this week from New York, Hawaii, France, Italy and Australia. First, Lame Duck from Finland. OK so the viral cough is retreating a bit so hopefully back to normal soon. A few fairly appropriate song titles may help: Rolling with the punches, Pieces of me and Eucalyptus! Rolling with the punches – Lame Duck (Finland)Lame Duck was formed at the end of 2003 by the current members: Antti (guitar/vocals), Mika (bass) & Pete (drums). The band has released two EPs: Bad Hair Life (2004) & Chaos Theory (2006). So far Lame Duck has played a few dozen shows and their music can be heard on some skate/snowboarding films. If the name is familiar, I played Lame Duck’s track Chaos Theory after this intervention on Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code last of Me – Eileen Meyer (Hawaii, USA)Another artist I’ve played before.Eileen Meyer is currently recording her 3rd Album. Her cutting-edge musical, mystical poetry has been licensed by Oprah’s Oxygen Network as well as featured on the CBS Morning News. She has shared the stage with artists such as Dar Williams, Mick Fleetwood, and Producer/Guitarist Larry Mitchell.Ten tracks recorded at Santa Fe so I’d say it was time for some new music for us to enjoy! listen to the vocals in …J.E.T. Apostrophe A.I.M.E. – Both ( Metz, France)Metz is right up in the top right of France near the borders with Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany.Track from their 2004 album Simple Exercise – another album from last year is also available either on CD from the band’s site or by download from Jamendo. A six piece band featuring vocals from David and the quite stunning voice of Christine I’ll leave the rest in French as it’s pretty simple to get around!Le groupe Both s’est formé en Mars 2004, il est composé de 6 membres :2 chants leads (David et Christine)un guitariste (Franck)un bassiste (Fred)un batteur (Yann)un clavier (Clémentine) Man project out in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada this week. Of course it’s unlikely that anyone who is there will hear this immediately but if you have been, and came across Ellie C-H and can get a word to her, I met up again with her mum Gillian in Suffolk at the weekend – and I rather got the sense that she’s so proud of you for getting up and doing it! Should be interesting with 89 Fahrenheit (30 plus centigrade) and only 11% humidity. They hardly need to set fire to the man at the end of the week do they!Here it’s in the mid-teens centigrade (mid-50s Fahrenheit) but you know, we’re very patient and are still waiting for summer to settle into a pattern  of decent warm sonneurs de reves – Kapadnoms (Rosny Sous Bois & Paris, France)Just one track from their album Les Sonneurs de reves. It’s an album of really quite varied styles,  I just got it from Jamendo and I’d say that it certainly warrants more than one listen. Although not particularly evident in that track, it does have quite a strong hip-hop influence in some tracks. They have no website but you too can, of course, get the album from the Jamendo site and leave a donation or at least a comment for Joni Mitchell album (I think it was Court and Spark) was playing in the house earlier when I went over and in common with this album it almost demands that one participate in some interesting clapping!Diamond Caverns – Reflections (New York, USA)   PMN FIRST PLAY This is the solo debut record by Clint Newsom. Clint was the singer/guitarist in the critically acclaimed band Rythm of Black Lines. On the Doghouse imprint label, Civil Defense League. (don’t forget the extra "s" if keying the address!)Miscuote  … mincanta – Il Maniscalco Maldestro (Volterra, Italy)From their 2005 eponymous album. The story starts with one small citizen in the heart of Tuscany – the marionette Maldestra. The distinctive appearance of this thin blacksmith character with the long red nose is Maniscalco Maldestro …Again this is quite a varied album with some great sounds and again it is available from news:5th September – The Winelight Club at The Wine Press18th September – Foy Vance returns to The Nortich Arts Centre21 September – Holly Lerski at The Wine PressEucalyptus – The Deadly Syndrome (New York, or Los Angeles, USA)The LA Times said of The Deadly Syndrome: "… unbridled euphoria — and wry touches such as onstage cutouts of ghosts — helped the Deadly Syndrome go from zero to signed in a few short months. Well, that and explosive, unaffected songs right out of the Arcade Fire/Modest Mouse/Wolf Parade playbook."They have a new album Ortolan out on September 11th and they are playing The Roxy on Sunset in LA on Thursday this week and The Echo, in Echo Park for the album release party on Saturday week (8th September) picked up on the PMN a couple of weeks ago:Caccamawatoo – The Molting Vultures (Australia)The Molting Vultures have supported Radio Birdman, Mach Pelican (three times) and Guitar Wolf and have released 2 albums: This won’t hurt a BIT (2006) and GET A GRIP (2007 / Psycho Dog Records). Both have been number 1 on the 3D Radio Charts in Adelaide and have been played internationally. And now, it’s being played via Podshow in San Francisco from Suffolk in the UK (right on the other side of the planet) and back round again to Mike Sefang in Adelaide who co-presents the excellent, Extraordinary Everyday Lives Show ( which I listen to back here in Suffolk. This podcasting business really is different!






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