SNC 079 – Wed 22 Aug 2007


I’m afrad the virus is still doing it’s best to screw things up – still, at least it’s affecting me rather than the computer and I should be fine (self-cured) in a another week or two.Summer Rain – Steffen Coonan & Kate Power (Clonmel, Ireland)Steffen ia a producer of all genres and always open for remixes and production of any artist. DJing 12 years and producing 4. Born in Clonmel in – probably the less said the better.The Love I never had – Christabel (London, UK) FIRST PLAYChristabel is a singer/songwriter from Brighton, via London. She has worked with many different bands, funk, soul, jazz, blues, dance and disco, both covers and original material. She is now in the process of writing and recording her first – Avec (Maryland, USA)AVEC formed in 2003 and hail from Baltimore, MD. AVEC has consistently amazed show goers with their energetically emotive performances. The vocals duel between Shawna Potter’s whisper to roar and Brooks Harlan"s honest tenor melodies. On Doghouse imprint label Civil Defense League.The vocal quality sounded to me just a little like Chou Ching  Black Heart Soft Center Mix – MoShang (Taiwan)MoShang is a sound jeweller who blends downtempo electronica with Chinese instruments and sounds from the streets of Taiwan.Get comfortable…Discography:Made in Taiwan (2004) [CD Baby, iTunes, etc.]Chill Dynasty (2006) [] Track sample from Kimo Waiata of Bob Marley by Ruia & RaneaThe Cutting Mix – DJOC (Oregon, USA)A band of One. Oregon Chad lives and breathes in Oregon, U.S. Highly reclusive, he doesn’t even water his lawn. B good 2 us and we’ll b good 2 u. in from Martin Baker about the Creole Harp that I mentioned last week. He’s done a bit of a search and tells me that it is also known as Arpa Criolla and seems to originate as a South American instrument. (not French). A search of You Tube actually has someone playing the thing.J.S. Bach – Prelude in E Major on harpsichord – Mario Ajero (Texas USA) Mario Ajero is Coordinator of Class Piano and Pedagogy at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, TX. He also hosts The Piano Podcast found on iTunes and http://marioajero.blogspot.comRahe Rahe – Tarak (California, USA)That’s all I know – and half of that may be untrue!Great sound though!Sorry about the voice again.






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