SnC 078 – Wed 15 Aug 2007


A change of format this week following a conversation yesterday.Il passo del caciurdo – Talco (Marghera, Italy)The track is taken from their 2006 album Combat Circus on Kob Records. Both that and an earlier album Tutti Assolti are available for download from where you can leave a message and the all important voluntary donation for your download.One gig on their calendar for this month. 26 agosto 2007 Festa di Liberazione, Erbaria, – Jimmie Bratcher (Missouri, USA)www.jimmiebratcher.comApart from the cough, the rough throat, the car not running right, the puncture on my bicycle and the screwed up computer it’s been good week so far (on average) because of a meet-up yesterday with Pete Cogle. What I – Noush Skaugan (California, USA)Three Time Los Angeles Music Awards nominee Noush Skaugen is rocking the Los Angeles music scene since 2005 with her solo performances and raising hell with her full-band performances. If you think her studio recordings are rocking, her live performances will make you feel like you’re on fire! and excellent food was consumed and a good time had by all yesterday.We met up in Southwold again where it was blowing a gale and throwing rain horizontally. It did dry up later, at which point the beach surface was migrating north in the southerly wind and at great speed, effectively sand-blasting anyone foolish enough to be down by the sea (yes, we were that foolish).Less talking from me this week.Great music from California, Canada, France, Norway Italy and Charsfield.Aujourd’hui il pleut – JibHaine (Rennes, France)From the 6 track EP Nomad Butterfly which features tracks composed between 2001 and 2003. We are asked to forgive the poor technical quality of this bedroom recording. I think the song comes right on music at the Three Horseshoes this week.Left to stain – Paula Toledo (Vancouver, Canada)It’s a while since I’ve played Paula and there has been nothing new from her on the PMN for a while. One of my favourite artists, her voice haunts its way in and does lovely things with very thoughtful things die – Nordgarden (Oslo, Norway)I had an email from Terje Nordgarden a few weeks ago. He was trying to set up a UK solo tour. It seems he’s succeeded and has dates in Coventry, Glossop, Liverpool, St. Leonards-on-Sea, London, Brighton, Birmingham, Oxford and Eastbourne before heading off to Poland.I’ll certainly try to get to one of the gigs. I’d advise you to do the same but be aware that this is a solo tour. He has a great voice and I just love the combination of acoustic guitar and Claire – Elfes (Montpellier, France)Founded in 2002 the keyboard (Fabrice) and voice (Elsa) duo is very much in the tradition of French chanson, the track is from their Jamendo album Vénus en a marre.http://elfes.tvLinstru – Systylé (Grenoble, France)From their debut 5 track maxi Lion d’en naitre. The nine-piece band certainly create an impressive sound to carry a very varied tune. In this pretty epic track, I love the switching between genres particularly the heavy guitar a minute or so in tempered by the horns.www.systyle.orgYou’ll also find it on:






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